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How to create line chart with dual scaled Y axis


I need to create a line chart with a dual-Y axis. Currently, the secondary Y axis is available in Combo chart. 

I did not see any open source code for combo chart or line chart available on github. 

Can you share any references? 


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Re: How to create line chart with dual scaled Y axis

Yes, great question. Microsoft shared all their source code for custom visuals when they wer using the old model but I do not know of where we can get at the source code for visuals made using the old model.


I also suspect quite a few of the older, popular out-of-the-box visuals in Power BI are still in the older format as they work fine in backwards compatibility model.


You should also note that there is a custom utility for creating a custom axis at this url


If you learn to use the ChartUtils, that can assist you with creating axes in a Power BI visual.