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Ask a Partner Guidelines

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In order to get the best value out of this hour, are some guidelines for etiquette.


  • The video instructor will be on hand to answer questions about the tutorial.
  • At the scheduled kick off time, an announcement will be made notifying group members that the event has started.
  • Please read through the threads before posting. Your question may have been answered already.
  • Be patient. Our instructor will answer to every question, but some questions may go unanswered by the end of the hour.
  • Please be polite and follow normal Community Etiquette (see the Community Guidelines the Welcome to the Community section). Any personal attacks, inappropriate language, or promotional content will be deleted.
  • Please stay on topic. Discussions pertaining to other topics, products, or services belong in the appropriate group.
  • When the Q&A period is over, the board will remain open so people can review the content and view replies, but do not expect a prompt reply.
  • Have fun! Smiley Happy


  • Use the "Reply" function to reply to an individual comment. This will make the thread much easier to follow.
  • Read the thread before posting to be aware of the context.
  • If you are receiving too many emails or notifications, you can change your settings by going to Edit Profile > My Subscriptions.