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How to be a Power BI Community Champion

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Power BI Wants You to be a Community Champion!






The Power BI Community is visited by tens thousands of your peers every day. It's a place that brings together experts and new users, industry professionals, and people who just love cutting edge technology. Your audience is your colleagues, visionaries in your field, and us here at Microsoft, and everyone is eager to hear what you have to say!


We're looking for Community Champions to contribute the following:


* Submissions to the Power BI Data Stories Gallery
From optimized business reports to informative data journalism, we want to share your Power BI work on our platform using the "publish to web" feature. Submit your Power BI report now, or learn more about the process.

* Community blog posts on what's got you excited about Power BI

Send a message to me, @Jessica, with a title and 1-2 sentence summary of your post, and you can start your draft in our private blog staging forum. If you're already blogging on your own site, let me know about a great post and I'll excerpt it on the Community blog.

* Short video tips and tricks for new users of Power BI
Share your knowledge of Power BI, R, custom visuals, and more with short video tips. Email us at with a short video file or a link to your YouTube URL.


Contributing means you'll be recognized in the community, it gives you a platform to share your expertise, and it can open the door for future opportunities such as presentations and webinars.