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Been trying to get Cortana hooked into Power BI for some time now and just can't get it working. I have followed instructions for:

  • Created a "Cortana Answer Page" report page, enabled it for Q&A on Page Information, and set Type to Corana on Page Size.
  • Enabling the dataset for Q&A and Cortana

NOTE: I see that after designing the report page in Power BI Desktop, then deploying to Power BI Service, that the Page Size switches to "Custom" as the type when it was "Cortana". So I switch it back, and save it in Power BI service. Hmmm.


  • I go to and type in the name of the Cortana Answer Page, or one of the aliases set up and get "No interpretations found"

Why? What is going on? What am I missing. One page suggested I needed too 'wake it up' by typing it in again, which I did. Still no results.


VERY Frustrated.

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Re: showing no interpretations



I haven't encountered your issue. My answer page works properly when typing question in Cortana.








Please follow the steps in document and try again.


Use Power BI to create a custom Answer Page for Cortana

Introduction to Cortana for Power BI



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Re: showing no interpretations

Turns out is was that ONE specific page on that ONE specific report. Every time id published the report and checked the page properties on Power BI Service, it would be found as "Custom". No amount of resetting the Type to "Cortana" helped. Other pages on other reports, other pages on the same report worked just fine.

I was just testing with a bad report page. Probably one in a million chance on that.