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PowerPoint Export Issue

Hello Team,


We are trying to use the Export to PowerPoint option. It is really looking good after exporting the Reports to PowerPoint. But there are few graphics which are getting ignored while exporting.


1. The Back ground color from Original Reports Page is not exported to PowerPoint. So its showing as White background and loosing the look and feel of the report.

2. The slicer options created in reports are not working in PowerPoint.

3. Custom Visuals are not currently exported to PowerPoint.



Srinivas P.

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Re: PowerPoint Export Issue



We have a similar problem. When we trying export report to pptx - all images export like white blank elelment. But in PowerBI it is a normal image.


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Re: PowerPoint Export Issue



These are limitations for Export reports from Power BI to PowerPoint (Preview). Please refer to the limitations section of this document.


  • Custom visuals, and R visuals, are not currently supported. Any such visuals are exported as a blank image into PowerPoint.
  • Background images will be cropped with the chart's bounding area. It's highly recommended that you remove background images before exporting to PowerPoint.
  • In-session interactivity such as highlighting and filtering, drill-down, and so on, are not yet supported when exporting to PowerPoint. The exported PowerPoint shows the original visuals as they were saved in the report.


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Re: PowerPoint Export Issue

Hi @v-haibl-msft!


I can't understand what's mean "chart's bounding area". I tryed export pptx with image in chart's area and outside chart's area - always blank slides instead of images. 

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Re: PowerPoint Export Issue

I am having an issue as well. It appears when you export to Powerpoint now the background image is no longer included in the "charts bounding area". Up until about two weeks ago it seemed to work as described. Now it just shows the chart or visual not the background in that area.