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Make table visualization longer.

I am trying to show a table visualization, but there is only a finite length that the table visualization can go, so it cuts off the data at the bottom. Is there a way to allow the visual to become even longer so that I sho everything?


Ex: My table is 45 rows long. It is being shown on digital sinage for people in our center to be able to read, so I have made the font 24 so that it is easier to read. When I add the visual to the dashboard, it will only stretch down far enough to show 20 rows. Is there a way to allow that to stretch to show all rows?


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Make table visualization longer.

Hi @byarian,


In this scenario, you can try pinning the live page to your dashboard. In this way, you can scroll on the table to show all rows if needed.


In addition, I would suggest you submit this requirement on Power BI Ideas to improve Power BI on this feature.Smiley Happy