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Re: Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

I am very surprised that interactivity did not rate. What we need is reports that can be customised in PPT and then have the data updated or filtered straight into the report based on an updated PBI file. Static reports deliver limited functionality for us and I was expecting a lot more.
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Re: Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback



I have created custom visuals for a client. There is a requirement to export dashboards along with the custom visuals to powerpoint. I am aware that custom visuals currently cannot be exported to excel.


When can we expect this feature to be included.



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Re: Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

Passing on client feedback as I think you'll find it relevant. The general scenario is for time savings in creating these PPTX decks so much of their feedback focuses on that aspect. The clients are typically business centric users, not techies. They are posting to a central location, emailing to vendors, etc.


Assume the final recipient of the deck has zero connectivity to the data source. The user wants to control what the final recipient sees so interactivity is not valuable.


First, they want the ability to select the reports in a data model to download. Otherwise, their next workflow step is to go through the download and delete what they don't want.


A pop-up would suffice for now, though long term, the ability to create multiple download profiles for a data model would be great. Any reports that are sized for Cortana should be excluded automatically for download. I can see filters being part of the download profiles as an enhancement. 


Second, as branding is huge for many clients, they need the ability to download into a designated PPTX template. Otherwise, they have to copy/paste the download to an approved PPTX template. Some use 4:3, some use 16:9 so there's that aspect to consider as well. 


Overall, it's been very well received.


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Re: Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

Good first step towards bridging the web dashboards with the offline world, but ultimately not useful until the session interactivity is captured in the export.

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Re: Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

I'm glad to see things are moving in the right direction with a highly requested update. Unfortunately this isn't quite useful yet. It would be great to have the whole interactivity but that isn’t the problem. The core ability of Power BI is to filter and drill down into the data. Right now since the export to PowerPoint doesn't consider any of the filters you've put in; the data you want to show doesn’t translate to the PowerPoint file. Basically you would have to create a new report for each filter which doesn't make any sense. Fixing this would make it a useful new tool. Interactivity can come later please.

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Re: Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

Dear Microsoft Power BI Team,


I really really like Power BI, and I REALLY hope you make the PPT export function work properly. Currently it has a lot of small detailed issues that make using it pretty much useless. Just make it print out what I see in Power BI as is, static pictures are just fine. Currently it is not possible and make working with it extremenly frustrating. Here is a list of issues I've encoutered:


-If a graph's edege (the stupid large white box surrounding every graph that makes placing stuff at edges impossible!) is on top of another graph the export does not function properly. Once you move one of those images in PPT you notice part of the graph is actually part of the other picture, I'll send an image to the email address you provided in the previous post.

-If a graph does not have a background the export picture should also not have a background. Why? Because I want to use in PPT slide master to finish the visual look, as visual functionalities are very limited in Power BI. Currently this is not possible, as imported pictures to PPT have background.

-Some exported graphs with background leave small white lines, I'll send an image to the provided email address

-Category label text are cut off in the PPT export even though they are not in Power BI, will also send an email of the issue

-Custom page size is not supported. The exported pictures are all over the PPT slide, not even hitting the actual slide. They are outside the PPT slide! Why I use custom page size? Well, because the graph visual editing functionalities are limited and I need to get more room to avoid the freaking scrolling bar inside a bar graph or table. Please fix that also!

-exported text is not aligned as defined in Power BI, text somehow always get centered in the export

-if text on top of a box -> everything get just messed up in the export and makes it totally useless

-text boxes sometimes duplicated twice

-using background image makes the export useless (this has come up in the forum quite a lot and thank you for fixing it in the future)

-Only 15 pages, I create project reports for customers and the reports are long, support at least 50 pages


Thanks! Will update the list as I encouter bugs.


Please, pretty please, fix this stuff! Would help a lot in creating reports faster


Kind regards,


Ilkka M.

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Re: Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

The content looks good, but the View in PowerBI link doesn't work well.  I am logged into PowerBI via a 365 account, but when I click the link it takes me to the log in to PowerBI page even though I am already logged in.  When I log in a second time, it takes me to my default workspace, and not the one in the powerpoint.  Even if I click the link again it takes me to the default page.


I'm hoping that the interactions work, but hard to tell as they just take me to the login page again.

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Re: Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

Clearly what people want is split into two seperate areas:

  • Interactive PowerPoints
  • The ability to have a print out of a report that mirrors the online version

As @Ikeumlaut said "Just make it print out what I see in Power BI as is, static pictures are just fine." This is the side that I think is important and in my opinion if the print function of reports actually worked this would solve this.


In IE there is no preview option for printing, in Chrome there is a preview but the reports are still not an exact replica of the report (visuals/lines cut off etc) and also the fact that images that are in reports dont print out is a big issue.


In an ideal world people would meet around a screen and discuss visuals etc but a lot of the time people want a print out to go with these meetings and at the moment its a painful screenshot and stitch these together in paint process.


I hope this feedback is useful.

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Re: Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback



now I cant even export anything: I just get an error message:


Activity ID30d0f967-8bd5-4130-b8e2-76fa1f9d6536

Request ID9700c246-cc15-00ef-f0c6-d997665e9308
Correlation ID97adf181-1e62-219d-606b-e0153ea61163
Status code500
TimeMon Oct 24 2016 15:27:08 GMT+0300 (FLE Standard Time)



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Re: Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

I agree with @jcarville. The print options are very buggy for each browser and in the end don't work. Static images should be the most important item first and if they don't get to Power Point in the format you see as well with the filters you've added it makes both the print function and export to power point not usefulunfortunately.