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Editing and reading mode

Hi All,

I am very new to Power BI and I am looking for a certain kind of role in Power BI.
I came across 2 modes (Reading and editing). 

I was looking for something like drag and drop from datasets and apply filters and save. He shouldnt be able to edit existing datasets or remove.


In Reading mode, I can get most of the things, however not able to drag and drop.

In Edit mode, I can delete and edit datasets.


I am looking for a mixture of both


Any suggestions are highly appreciated.



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Re: Editing and reading mode

So you would like to:

Create new visuals on existing datasets

Create new filters and interact with the visuals


And you do not want to: edit or delete the datasets themselves..


Is that accurate?


Such a mode does not explicityly exist in Power BI.. you can acheive it using organizational contnet packs, but I would discourage it as we are moving away from them over the longer term.


We have a backlog item to enable you to share datasets, where others can only create visuals/filters without editing the dataset. I do not have a firm timeline yet.

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