Map with connecting lines

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Map with connecting lines


This visual uses Maps package and Geosphere package to draw a map of Australia and dots on that map finally connecting them with lines. Using sample migration statistics data from different cities within Australia to the city of Melbourne, R visual shows the trend of migration by color coding the lines and shading higher count cities on top of the lower ones.


Prerequisites (The sample .pbix files won't work without installing the following)

1. Install R Engine

Power BI does not include the R engine.  Therefore, a seperate installation is required to install R on your local computer.  


Required R Packages




Tested on

MRO 3.3.1, CRAN 3.3.1

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Re: Map with connecting lines

this is so cool Ankit!

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Re: Map with connecting lines

Hi Ankit,


This visual is very impressive. If you consider to convert this or some of your other R-visuals to R-powered-custom visuals, out team will be happy to assist you. 


The visibility of R-powered custom visuals is greater and it is not limited for R-users.