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Schedule refresh ODATA and Excel

Hi, everybody


I have a PowerBI Desktop File with two tables from ODATA Feed and another from csv file that is not in sharepoint neither onedrive.


I publish PowerBI Desktop File into Power BI and I want to schedule refresh data.


As I can see, I don't need gateaways to refresh data from ODATA Feed.. But Desktop File has another source (csv file).


In this case, Do I need gateaways to refresh?. 


I have read I must enter credentials for ODATA but I don't see the option in datasource where I introduce credentials.


Can you help me, please?









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Re: Schedule refresh ODATA and Excel
And where is this CSV file stored?
If it is stored on-premises, e.g. on local drive or network drive, you need a gateway.
And of you will use gateway, you will not able to schedule refresh without Power BI pro. Smiley Sad

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Re: Schedule refresh ODATA and Excel


Actually, you can schedule refresh with a free license, but limited to once per day.



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Re: Schedule refresh ODATA and Excel
So, It seems I must use Power Bi pro if i want to access local file or schedule data refresh more than once perr day.

What about the other cuestión?. I have published power bi file deskop in power bi. In order to refresh data, I have read i need to introduce credentials for odata feed in the dataset. I don't see the option to do that. Does anyone know if i must be power bi admin to see it?.

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Re: Schedule refresh ODATA and Excel

Hi there,


Odata feed in web data source so it's don't need a gateway.

If you use onpremise data in a local storage you need to have deployed a onpremise gateway wich need a powerbi pro licence.


I'm not sure but Odata feed work with Oauth2 authentification system ?

Normaly it's avaible in powerbi service in settings >> data tab >> select your dataset