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Selling PowerBI Dashboard access

Hi guys!


I'm not really sure if this kind of post fits this forum Smiley Tongue

I work for a small company and we are currently trying to figure out if we could sell PowerBI dashboard access to our customers.


We are currently developing dashboards for different customers and we need to move to a cloud platform, our main idea is to create a common portal where they can access and only be able to view their data (Maybe assigning security by group)...

I'm not really sure if this could be possible with PowerBI as fas I know you create the PowerBI access for your company and you can add users under your domain, not really sure if you could add users from different domains and pay for their access.

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Re: Selling PowerBI Dashboard access

Did you find a solution Jimm? I guess with Azure you could manage access? Or if you run an app on a subdomain you could probably set a username/password with .htaccess ?

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Re: Selling PowerBI Dashboard access

This is also one of our goals and we are wondering the answer for the same question.

What steps should we take to sell our Power BI reports?

Any suggestion?

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Re: Selling PowerBI Dashboard access

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Hi @Jimm


Depending on how you provide access to these users you could embed the report into a webpage then depending on who is accessing the data apply a parameter onto the end of your embeded URL e.g.


?filter=Store/Territory eq 'NC'


The above example would filter your embeded report by "Store/Territory. Here is a link to embedding reports using Power Bi and Power Bi Report Server.


If you're using Sharepoint you could create an iFrame to embed this Smiley Happy 


Hope this helps,