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SCCM Solution Template


I’m I the middle of doing a justification for Power BI in my company.  The SCCM Solution Template would be a big help in this.  I have been trying to get it configured, but keep running into the same problem.  I connect to the source, no issue, I connect to the Azure SQL database, the tool runs and the tables are crete in the target DB, Azure SQL.  Then I receive this error

“Scheduled task exited with code 2 --- Action Failed Microsoft-GetDataPullStatus --- Error IDSmiley Saddur2b9r7wl5l8fr)Navigate here to view logs: C:\ProgramData\Business Platform Solution Templates\Microsoft-SCCMTemplate”

An image of the og file is attached.  


The log has the following error:

azurebcp.exe Error: 0 : System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Invalid column name 'antivirussignatureage'.




I have connected to the Azure SQL database using SQL studio, so I know that I have rights and access

I validated the DB in azure as well, it is running and healthy

I also connected to the SCCM database and validated that I have rights



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Re: SCCM Solution Template

Thank you for adding the log information (we don't store that in telemetry), we fixed this issue a while ago. Please uninstall and try the latest installer.