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Power BI Solution Template - Twitter - Not Real Time

I downloaded the solution template and setup the Logic App to pull data from twitter every 3 minutes interval.  So, this is "real time".


However, in the actual published dashboard on Power BI online, I can only refresh "hourly".  Am I missing something here?  Can I refresh to match what Logic App is pulling, i.e. every 3 minutes?


I'm not sure I understand why we setup the Logic App to pull "real time", but the Dashboard published is not really "real time".  




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Re: Power BI Solution Template - Twitter - Not Real Time

Hi Paulc,


Yeah - I'd have to grant your point that once published that an hourly refresh isn't really realtime (but close Smiley Happy ). There are some things we could do (more on this below) but I'd like to get your perspective as well. How much more compelling would you find this solution were it real-time (and I'd appreciate anyone else to jump in and comment)?


As to what we could do:

- Move to Direct Query. DQ gives us the capability to bind to the data that's refreshed every 3 minutes. 

- Move to streaming datasets. Sirui wrote a great blog post a little while back here.


One thing you could do right now is to copy the report file (or pbix file) but using directquery. This is simple (but tedious and painful as power bi doesn't provide a means to convert from import to DQ).


Hope this helps - and look forward to your response.



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Re: Power BI Solution Template - Twitter - Not Real Time

Hi Richard,


Thank you for your reply and solution suggestions.  I appreciate it. 


I think there will be a real value add to have the Solution Template work with "real time" refresh.  I can see that if that'd be available, it can be applied on real business world that can surely use it and benefit from it.  There are businesses and organizations where they'd like to have access to clients/customers' feedback while they are at their properties/locations and real time Twits can surely fulfill that wish.  This is very true in some special organizations where they get compensated based on customer satisfaction and if they have access to real time Twits sentiment, they have an opportunity to resolve/rectify any bad experience/sentiment while the customers are still on their premises.


Until the real time Solution Template becomes available, I can use the One Hour refresh.  I'll just set the Logic App to pull once every 60 minutes, since anything more frequent will not help anyway.