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Bing News solution template - how to enable cognitive services

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You may run into this error on the “Connect to Cognitive Services” page when deploying the Bing News solution template:


Your account admin (xxxx@yyyy.zzz) needs to enable cognitive services for this subscription. Ensure the account admin has at least contributor privileges to the Azure subscription. The following cognitive service should be enabled in order to proceed- TextAnalytics --- Action Failed Microsoft-RegisterCognitiveServices --- Error ID: (yuu0gk0pdevkt3knk)


This occurs when:

  • the Azure cognitive services APIs required by the solution template are not enabled
  • the solution template attempts to enable the required cognitive services on the user’s behalf, and
  • the individual provisioning the Bing News solution template does not have permissions to enable the Cognitive Services required by the solution template.

To fix this, your Azure account administrator needs to enable the cognitive services required by the Bing News solution template. The alias of your account administrator is included in the error message. Contact this individual and ask him or her to do the following:

  1. Connect to the Azure portal.
  2. Click the search icon on the top center, enter “Cognitive”, and click on “Cognitive Services accounts (preview)”
  3. Click the Add button
  4. In the “API Type” field, select “Bing Search APIs”
  5. Select the “API Setting”. You should see the following:



    6. Select “Enable” and then “Save"

    7. Repeat steps 4-6 but with “API Type” selected as “Text Analytics API (preview)”


Note that it is possible that an account administrator might not have permissions to enable these Cognitive Services (it is possible that they delegated this to the subscription administrator). If this occurs, then the subscription administrator must assign “Contributor” permissions to the account admin for the subscriptions.

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Re: Bing News solution template - how to enable cognitive services

I'm still receiving this error but the settings referred to no longer exist in the Azure Portal.  Can you update this to reflect the current state of Azure and Cognitive Services?