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German Translation of "Maps"

Power BI Product/App/Service Name: Power BI Desktop, Office Store (Power BI Custom Visuals)

Language affected: German

Current Translation: "Zuordnungen"

Steps to reproduce the error: no error, only a wrong translation

Suggested Translation: "Landkarte"

Corresponding English Text (if known): "Map"

Reason for change: the translation is wrong ("to map" means "zuordnen", that`s correct but means something completely different than "Map" wich is translated as "Landkarte")


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Re: German Translation of "Maps"

Thank you for your feedback @roloc03


Our current translation in our files indicate “Zuordnung”, so we are trying to find out which parts of Power BI Desktop is impacted and has "Zuordnungen". 

Is it possible to provide us a screenshot so that we can investigate further?


We always appreciate your feedback.