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Navigation and Action Links/URLs


Are there plans on the roadmap to allow for increased navigation between reports and dashboards.  Similar to Tableau but better.

Like Action links or the like.



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Re: Navigation and Action Links/URLs

Yes this would be VERY helpful!


Ability to create links to other reports AND pass filter params.


Ideally, without having to edit the URL, an actual "report parameter passing" popup or interface.


Something similar to SSRS how you make parms, can pass them to subreports, map them, etc, etc...


Then perhaps an option to ALSO OPTIONALLY expose those in the URL.


Sometimes it is great for a user to bookmark with parms in the URL, othertimes... the parms might make the URL just obscenely long.



Additionally, support opening dashboards and passing parms to specific tiles would be wonderful!

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Re: Navigation and Action Links/URLs

No response from MSFT - thought all questions would be addressed?