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Webinar - Rebuilding an InfoPath Designer form in PowerApps

This webinar covers a real world scenario of how a business solution built using InfoPath Designer can easily and successfully be rebuilt and enhanced in PowerApps.


The demo includes showing the ‘behind-the-scenes’ i.e. how the app has been built.

• Demonstrate the InfoPath Designer form then demonstrate its replacement in PowerApps

• The PowerApps demo includes using Radio buttons that update SharePoint List items and cascading dropdowns.

• Finally, using this demo emphasize how PowerAps  can update two SharePoint lists using the same app, something InfoPath Designer cannot do.


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Daniel Christian has over 11 years of SharePoint experience starting with SharePoint Portal 2003 . His area of expertise includes SharePoint On-Premises architecture, maintenance and administration, SharePoint Online administration. He is a big fan of building no-code solutions and reporting. Currently, he is focused on PowerApps and its integration using Gateway with SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016. Besides writing blogs, Daniel enjoys working with musical holiday lights and photography. Here’s the YouTube playlist of his 2016 holiday lights.