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Real World Power BI Bootcamp for SharePoint / Office 365 users




Are you ready to unlock your SharePoint data with dashboards?



What is this course about?

This course focuses on learning how Power BI is used in the real world, providing you with a faster, cheaper way to explore your data. This knowledge will enhance your organization's business analysts and stakeholders to get the highest possible return on their data and related cloud investments by enabling agile decision making with lower overhead.


How is this boot camp different?

The big difference between ours and ones you'll find elsewhere is that we go beyond the tool knowledge to show you:

  • How should I approach my BI need?
  • What things should be considered when creating dashboards?
  • What are the best practices?
  • How much is this going to cost me to license?
  • What security aspects should concern me?




Why you should take this course

To save time and money, immediately and in the long run. We've been in your shoes before, so we discuss topics related to maintenance, implementation, security and design best practices as well as how to use the tool.

According to Forrester, half of a department's annual reporting needs are ad hoc, which works out to be about 50 reports a year. They also added that the fully loaded cost of an individual report is $3200-$6100 per report. Each report can eat up up to 32 hours of time to develop and test. That's hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in throwaway report investment.

Learn a faster, cheaper way to explore your data. Power BI is well suited to enable quick ad hoc reporting where you spend the majority of the time developing the data set, rather than the individual report. This helps you save money and reduces the cost of developing ad hoc reports.


Who should take this course

If your company uses Office 365 or SharePoint 2013/2016 and you are a:

  • Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Power User
  • SharePoint Administrator
  • Consultant

Or if you work in these areas, you can definitely see value.

  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Social Media

You need this class if you are expected to use data from Office 365 and SharePoint to do your job effectively. The class assumes no prior knowledge of Power BI and Data Concepts



What is required for this class

  • Install Microsoft Power BI Desktop
  • We'll provide a Office 365 site for you to use for exercises

What you will learn

  • In this training course you will learn how to create Production Dashboards using Power BI, from SharePoint list and document library data.
  • You will learn how to use Power BI in a multitude of situations, including ad hoc analysis and the creation of formal dashboard. You will learn about the Power BI components: Power BI Desktop,, Power BI mobile applications and how they can be used with Office 365 and SharePoint
  • You’ll also receive an introduction into the core functions of Power BI; Data extraction, loading and transformation using Power Query Formula Language (“M”) and DAX. You’ll receive some guidelines on how to extract Project data in fast manner.
  • You will discover some data modeling practices that will ensure you have maximum flexibility in analysis. You'll also learn some visualization best practices to ensure you can tell your digital story effectively.
  • You'll learn best practices for maintaining content with your organization. This course provides an end to end view of Power BI for Project reporting, so that you are able to use Power BI immediately for your needs.



What you will get

You'll get the tools to immediately get started on your design. You’ll receive:

  • Design spec that prompts the asking of the right questions
  • PowerPoint-based layout templates for dashboard paper prototyping
  • Tried and true BI design approach 



5 critical value-adds you will take back to your company

  • You'll have a jump start on a standard BI development approach
  • You'll deliver new insights into your data.
  • You'll have a great understanding of how Power BI can be used and implemented
  • You'll learn techniques to make your dashboards perform well with SharePoint data
  • You'll gain insight into how others are leveraging Power BI within their companies.



How will the class be conducted?

The class will be conducted live in two four hour sessions over Skype for Business, from 9 AM - 1 PM on two consecutive days.

This class will be recorded and made available only to those registered for the class, in case you miss part of the class or are unable to attend live.


What's the cost?

Only $799 per person to learn how to unlock the power of your data.




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  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Getting Data from SharePoint
  • Using Power Query M for Data Retrieval and Transformation
  • Data Modeling with DAX
  • Data Visualization Techniques
  • Content Administration and Deployment
  • Licensing and Planning Considerations