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Birthday Game 2 - Tell your Power BI Story with Power BI

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We want to see your best report about Power BI's impact in the world.


It can be a guideline on how to use Power BI, tracking of tweet sentiments, news story statistics, data about our releases and updates, or any Power BI subject that interests you.


Submissions will be judged on visual presentation, functionality, clear conveyance of the subject, and social response through "kudos".


One submission will be chosen for the Grand Prize of a Power BI Super Swag Bag, which has one of every style of Power BI logo product in our current inventory, and the winner will have their report featured in the main Data Stories Gallery for the month of September. The runners-up will receive a coveted Power BI Swag Bag, which contains a sampling of Power BI logo products.


Submit your report to the "Power BI Birthday" Data Stories Gallery by 11:59 p.m. PT on Tue Aug 31 2016.

Your submission should include a PBIX file.  Bonus points for including notes on any special techniques you used.