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Sort list of content by date

When you are clicking on a workspace which contains 100+ dashboards/reports/datasets, its hard to scroll up and down.  Often time when you bring down the content pack, the name of the the content pack doesn't quite match with the Dashboard or Report - its hard to find what just got added to the long list.   Sorting by Alpha doesn't really help here.  Sorting by Last modified Date or created date (in reference to your own list) would be very helpful to surface the most recent dashboard added in the list at the top.

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Re: Sort list of content by date

Hi @vishah,

I realize it's not a full solution, but have you checked out the navigation preview?  There's a new options named Recent. It lists content (dashboards, reports, datasets) in order from most-recent at the top.  Here's a link that introduces the new navigation:




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Re: Sort list of content by date

The sorting option in the new preview is looking good, but we could not able to fix the sorting order as it is defaulting to Name always.


I am expecting to hold on the sorting option once selected as is if we come back to the view.