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Feedback on new navigation


Just wanted to send my feedback for the new navigation preview, we are using Windows 10 and Chrome's latest version


Our Power BI users thought that the old (or the current however you see it) navigation is very much convenient for the way they use the interface and that the new navigation (the preview) was not optimal, here's the details:


1. When you are consulting the list of dashboards/reports/datasets at any level (workspace or shared)

The sorting reverts back to by date each time we come back to the page with the list, it would be nice that by default it is sorted by name, or if we change it the sort parameter remebers that we had sorted it differently


3. The list of dashboards or reports or datasets not being on the left sidebar anymore

This causes issues because we have dashboards that treat the same theme but separated into level of details, in the preview, we have to navigate to a dashboard inside "Shared with me", then click on the person's name that shared it with us, then sort the list by name, then click on the dashboard, and then when we want to click on a dashboard inside the same theme but with more details, we need to hit the back key and sort the list again and then click on the other dashboard


Before, it was simply: we get to the powerbi portal, and we click on whichever dashboard we wanted on the left side


A lot more clicks to get to the item that we need is a bit cumbersome


Any improvements pertaining to this use case would be appreciated, maybe a "hybrid" navigation? or maybe options or parameters in the settings that could allow us to put certain items in a "favorite" place or even turn on the sidebar list view...? anything...


Thank you for your work, everything is great!