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We have an SSRS implementation where we use a custom auth provider rather than standard AD accounts.   SSRS and reportbuilder work as expected for SSRS reports.  The problem we are seeing is that you aren't able to Save to ReportServer from PBI desktop.   It seems that it expects an account - there is no way for you to set credentials on PBI desktop when publishing other than the AD account you ran PBI desktop as.   In testing we switched out the auth provider to standard SSRS out of the box AD provider we are able to save the PBIX to the server.   I can then run the report with no problems.  When I switch it back to custom Auth, the saved PBIX will not render as well.   I brought this up as a question in the PBI Premium webinar today and was told this should be a supported scenario and to post a issue here.   Could you please look into this and let me know if this will be resolved for GA release?  I assume this requires fixes on PBI desktop as well as PBI report server part as there is no way for me to provide an auth token or even basic auth when publishing to the SSRS server as I do with Report Builder for example.


thank you,


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User get the error message below when they try to access a dashboard that now requires Pro after adding a Pro feature. It is very misleading.


"The data shown in this tile is no longer available. Please contact the report owner for details."


Instead it should say that users need the pro version to view this content. Maybe you could offer them the free trial here as an option to resolve their access issue right away.

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We have a report that connects to a SSAS tabular model using Direct Query. In order to make some of our measure names more user friendly in a report, we created some Report Level Measures (the new feature in the May release of Power BI desktop) and formatted those new measures appropriately (whole number with commas, decimal numbers with commas and two digits after the decimal, percentages, etc.) but we lose that formatting after saving and re-opening the file. We also lose the formatting after publishing the report to the Power BI service on the web.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any known work arounds?

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Bug in jan 2017 relation view

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by FrankPower-001 New Member on ‎01-21-2017 11:07 AM

after creating, see columns CALCafter creating, see columns CALCafter reopeningafter reopening


After installation, I see this view. After creating an new link to an excel file and even to an Access File

Every column is seen by power BY as a calculation.

When I reopen the file, it is gone.


But when I create a new file, its again visible

Is this temporary?



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I am trying to set up some Live Direct Connect Power BI reports over our new Azure AS database and it appears everything works fine in the Power BI desktop. However, when you publish the reports to the Power BI Service, the Tabular Perspectives for the corresponding reports are seemingly dropped as all of the tables in the model are exposed in the cloud "Service" version that were not exposed in the Power BI desktop application.  


I have tried a few hacks and variations and googled it and haven't had much luck coming up with a resolution to the problem. Is this a known issue? Please let me know if anyone has any ideas or thoughts on this. 




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We couldn't import data

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by moldsystemsltd New Member on ‎02-17-2017 06:09 AM



Hi we've been trying to add this app for over a week now and getting the same issue again and again! 

Beyond the joke now, the supplier of the app have assured us the problem isn't there's as it's working fine for everyone else except us!  Please see the screen shot. 


It's meant to appear when we press get data and press get it now on the app 

Accounting Insights for Sage 50



It's meant to ask for our credentials, we enter our credentials and it go to collect data then the above error appears, reinstall and it no longer ask for credentials, something is seriously not right we haven't been able to collect our data.


Think our account is corrupt or something isn't deleted right or authorizing properly


Please Help! 

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This is a large issue.  We have PBIX files that have been in the cloud environment for months.  We have not made any changes.  It was running fine and now there are several failing on a regular basis.


When we download the file and try to refresh locally, we get an error.  The error is the generic, "An unexpected exception occurred. The current operation was cancelled because another operation in the transaction failed.".


When we look at the file in data query, it appears that some connections in M Code are broken.  It looks like the file is corrupted.  Then when we click the "retry" in Power Query, it appears back in the file and it looks fine.  Then we try and refresh the table and failure.


Can you please get someone to assist immediately to trouble shoot?

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ArcGIS Drive Time Icon

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by jmaurer17 Visitor on ‎05-08-2017 10:42 AM

Can anyone tell me why in some instances I can see the Drive Time icon when using the ArcGIS Editor and other times it is not present?


I have included two images below. The first shows the Editor without the Drive Time icon, while the second shows it with the icon.






When Drive Time icon is present, the Data Fields for the visual contains a Tooltips field.   This field is ommit when the incon is missing. 


Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. 

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PBI Desktop - Filter values disappearing from the list after loading more data

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by dariuszszyc Visitor ‎05-02-2017 01:19 AM - edited ‎05-02-2017 01:21 AM



I'm working on some SAP data and I noticed strange thing about filters.


1st screen shows what I see when I first display available values, please not that we do see here "9660 (Multipurpose materials FG)" which is correct because you can also see it on the list behind (yes, I refreshed that list).




Then I pressed "Load more" to see all values and suddenly '9660 (Multipurpose materials FG)" disappeared but they are still visible in the background on the list (all sources refreshed).




When I set filter to display only "9660..." - it worked correctly.




Any idea why this could happen ?




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by szlipcsei Visitor on ‎05-08-2017 08:50 AM

Hi there,


Whatever I did set up in field value as text suddenly dissapeared after the last powerbi new release refresh and the fieldvalue as text does not work for me anymore. It does cause issue for me for reporting.


Do you know what has happened?


Thanks, Szilárd

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Hi all,


I just log into Power BI and got Office 365 Adoption Preview. After one day getting the error that system was preparing data, I got it and now there is adifferent error: "There was an error when processing the data in the dataset.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details."


Should I paste the full error here or send private message / mail to some place?.




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Data Sorted Automatically?

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by Kharabela Frequent Visitor 11 hours ago

Hi Friends,


I am sharing two pics which will describe better. The data in the AccountDescription auto sorted in report view which we don't want. Please help us.


Not able to attach the screen shots as well.






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What is wrong? I don't understand why I get two different graphs? They must be the same, because the variables, MELDING_ID and TOGMELDING_ID, are related.



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Hi community,


Let me share my issue with you: I want to show in a bar chart the sales from this year & prior year (calculated with a DAX formula SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR) by month.

I did it easily using slicer and selecting 2 years and showing the months.

But to make filtering easier for users, I would like to use a slicer and select only the last period I want to show (as the page also includes monthly data).

Below you see where I am in my report:

- On the top row, I nearly got what I want but to do so I need to select all the months in the current year.

- On the second row, it's the slicer as I would like it to be used (only selecting one month) but in this case, the charts are only showing one month.

- On the bottow row I tried to split the slicer (one for the year and one for the month). In this case I got all the months but only the current year (I'm loosing the prior year comparison).



Does anybody has an idea how to do it ? If not, I will need to use unfriendly slicers but at least it would work.


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Dear fellows, I am having trouble with a script of R in Power BI. I reproduce here the code:


# 'dataset' tem os dados de entrada para este script


cdds_reg2 <- dataset %>% group_by(MCU) %>% do(fit_cdds2 = lm(log(CARGA_TRABALHO) ~ log(Custos) + log(EFETIVO_PROD_HORA) + log(ADMINISTRATIVO_HORA), .))

fit_cdds_df2 <- cdds_reg2 %>% tidy(fit_cdds2)

output <- fit_cdds_df2


After that, I got the following error: DataFormat.Error: SYMSXP (inside the nice yellow thing).


I would like if this could be a problem with the packages that I'm using or, whatelse.


Thanks in advance

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Since last Tuesday our datasets could not refresh through the enterprise gateway. No additional information provided to debug further. I have checked and gateway is online and reachable. Please provide more information to enable me to debug further.


Scheduled5/23/2017, 8:00:07 PM5/23/2017, 8:05:28 PMFailed 
Activity ID:b2da610c-ceca-4135-8fed-9fc7aab2da34
Request ID:76157af6-38a8-43e2-86c5-28b20021dc48
Time:2017-05-23 18:05:28Z


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Error Messages

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by nicktayl Frequent Visitor yesterday

I am receiving this error message for all tables. How do I resolve? 



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Since i installed the latest upgrade the Esri map function doe not load; i have seen this on many forums and no-one yet has proposed a solution.

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Query editor

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by fcarvalho Member yesterday



Sometimes my query is empty without any feature/options.. the solution is close and open again. Check the gif below.



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I have noticed recently that the dropdown slicer is getting reset to the top of the list whenever I select an item(multi-select on).

It also doesnt show the selected item on the dropdown itself when only one is selected and "multiple selected" when multiple items are selected. It just keeps showing "All".

The filtering is working as I can see other visuals being filtered by the selection.

Also, if I have a long list of items to be shown on the dropdown slicer, it would only load to a certain value and not load any more, refreshing the page and trying it again doesnt fix it, the only way was to click the "refresh" on the report itself.


I'm not sure if everyone is experiencing this issue or if im the only one.


And any local fixes around these problems would be much appreciated.


Thank you in advance.