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To make the point, someone has already created an idea about this


Also, we need a way to provide feedback on the forum itself so we can make it more useable. e.g. an "idea label" for "Forum"

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Favorite list is not clearing properly

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by HannahWood Visitor on ‎05-22-2017 02:15 AM


We created prototype dashboards a few months ago which we have now replaced with a new and improved dashboard which uses row level security.  We have now deleted the old dashboards, however any user who had an old dashboard saved as a favourite sees the page below when ever they sign in.  It doesn't seem possible to clear favourites and set new dashboards as a favourite.  Is there something that can be done about this? It's very confusing for our users and discourages them from using power BI.


power BI bug.jpg

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My yellow disappears... it's done this twice now, once earlier in the night and once just now, on two different pages...
Just with the yellow... nothing else... the data is still there, just becomes green.
I can edit online and it saves as yellow, but would be nice not to have to.
unnamed (1).png
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Online Data Source - Analysis Services - Gateway Setup/Connection Issue

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by dstramilov Regular Visitor ‎02-03-2017 05:34 PM - edited ‎02-08-2017 04:14 PM



I am getting error during gateway setup for my Analysis Services data source.


"Unable to connect: We encountered an error while trying to connect to Details: "Username needs to include a domain. Please use the format user@domain or domain\user and try again."Show details

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After PBI May Update I can not change data color in my stacked bar chart. Whatever color I choose it shows default green.




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Issue with Custom Visual- Box Plot

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by ArchanaReddy Visitor on ‎05-30-2017 06:34 AM

Hi Team,


I am using Box Plot from both Brad’s and Jan’s and was testing it . The Median values are not correct.

I have compared with Excel Median values.


Could you confirm how median is calculated and correct the custom visual.

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Hello everyone,

I am currently prototyping a PowerBI report that consumes a piblicly available API as the only data source. When I open and refresh the PBIX report in PBI desktop, it refreshes fine. I then publish the report to PBI service and I can see the Last Refresh Date/Time correctly. However, when I try to refresh the Dataset from PBI Service, it immediately fails with an exception. See attached.


The API query URL from PowerQuery is$where= datetime > '2017-05-22'. Just that the WHERE clause is dynamically generated for current date within PowerQuery in a prior step.


Any ideas why this could be?

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I have installed On Premise Data gateway and that is online.

I have also configured a data source to a csv file which is showing connection successful

However when i am trying to change the dataset connection to gateway connection it is disabled for me. Please suggest.



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Table.Distinct drops non-duplicate rows in join scenario

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by NC Visitor ‎06-08-2017 02:49 PM - edited ‎06-08-2017 02:50 PM

I have a slightly odd join scenario in which Power Query's Table.Distinct is silently dropping non-duplicate rows. Here's a bit of background:


  • A list of "things" are being read from the database that is the system of record for "things". (The type of data source does not seem to be relevant here since I can repro with csv, Excel, or even a table embedded in the pbix.)
  • A Thing has a Type attribute, and the system of record allows only one Type value to be assigned to a Thing. However, we do need to treat a subset of Things as multi-Type for reporting purposes, which means we need to massage the data structure to change the Thing:Type relationship from 1:1 to 1:* and append the additional Type values from another source.
  • As a bit of added complexity, we don't actually care about all Types of Things, and excluding Things of non-focal Types from our report dataset is desirable due to the volume of data. However, we do need to assess both the orignal Types and added Types when filtering these out since a focal Type could be picked up from either data source.

None of this is terribly complicated to implement. Here are the queries involved:


  1. RawThings (not loaded to the report)
    1. Reads from the Things system of reference.
  2. FocalTypes (not loaded to the report)
    1. Embedded table with a single Type column, including the list of types we want to keep in the report.
  3. TypeOverrides
    1. Loads the list of additional Type values for the subset of Things that have more than one Type. (Again, the data source seems to be irrelevant since I can repro with multiple source types, including an embedded table.)
  4. ThingTypes
    1. Reads from RawThings.
    2. Removes all columns except the ID and Type.
    3. Appends the ID and Type values from the "override" list.
    4. Performs an inner join (Table.NestedJoin of JoinKind.Inner) to FocalTypes to exclude non-focal types.
  5. Things
    1. Reads from RawThings.
    2. Removes the Type column.
    3. Performs an inner join to distinct IDs from ThingTypes using the following syntax: Table.NestedJoin(#"Previous Step", {"ID"}, Table.Distinct(ThingTypes, "ID"),{"ID"}, "NewColumn", JoinKind.Inner). (This is the step at which rows get inappropriately dropped.)

There are three additional pieces to this behaviour that might be of help in identifying the problem:


  • When this report was first created, there were only two focal Types, and the exclusion of non-focal Types (4.4 in the list above) was accomplished via simple text filtering using Table.SelectRows. Our list of focal Types recently grew, which led to the introduction of the join-based approach. We never noticed the problem under the old filtering approach, but it appeared immediately after the change in approach.
  • Buffering ThingTypes before apply Thing.Distinct does seem to prevent the problem: Table.NestedJoin(#"Previous Step",{"ID"},Table.Distinct(Table.Buffer(ThingTypes), "ID"),{"ID"},"NewColumn",JoinKind.Inner).
  • In both my real dataset and repro attempts, the criteria for a row getting dropped from Things without buffering seem to be that the only focal Type(s) for a Thing comes from the TypeOverrides query, not the RawThings query. If there are other conditions that would trigger the problem, I haven't yet encountered (or at least noticed) them.

(Incidentally, I would tend to see this as a fairly serious problem despite the availability of a trivial workaround since it results in data being silently dropped out of a report. In many reporting scenarios, the absence of a small subset of data might easily go unnoticed, which could eventually have some quite unfortunate consequences when report consumers make decisions based on the output. If fixing the problem is difficult, might at least throwing an exception be feasible so that the data loss problem isn't silent?)


Here are two pbix files that demonstrate the problem using embedded tables only:

There only difference between the two files is the use of Table.Buffer at step 4.4, and Thing 6 is the only one that meets the row dropping criteria mentioned above.

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Signup Redirect

Status: Needs Info
by dvkwong Frequent Visitor on ‎06-19-2017 05:53 PM

UPDATE: I am reposting again as the previous request did resolve the issue. Since posting I have upgraded to free 1 year trial and this issue occurs for everyone in our organisation.


Everytime I login into the powerbi on the web after a couple of seconds I get redirected to the signup redirect page where I have to click the signin button and get the invite other users to powerbi. After going thru these steps I am taken back to the dash board.


If I logout and log back in I get the same redirect.


This is really frustrating what is happening here?





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Normally, hovering the mouse over a visualization icon (e.g. "Pie chart" or "Scatter chart") will display a tooltip describing the icon/visualization.  However, on a 4k display, if the Power BI window is maximized, this tooltip will not display. 


The problem seems to present when the icons are positioned in the right-quarter of the 4k display, such as when the window is maximized.  If it is not maximized, and the window is positioned on the left three-quarters of the display, then the tooltips will display again.


The tooltips always work when the app is shown on my lower resolution monitor.

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Google Analytics connection problem

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by xeniaih New Member on ‎03-10-2017 05:57 AM

Hello everybody,

When I'm trying to get data from Google Analytics (both in desktop and web version) get this kind of error: "The key matched more than one row in the table".
How can it be fixed?

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I could't access to my Power bi service page

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by bokyoum_kim New Member on ‎11-16-2016 10:24 AM

 I got the error message below while opening the dashboard through Power BI service.

I couln't see any data that I'd uploaded to my account and couldn't find andy of the menu icon of Power BI in the service web page. Please help me to solve this problem 


Something went wrong.
Failed to load content providers
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity ID7cc8d3ee-b9fa-44e3-8748-11ae0be172f9
Request IDcbfb6993-1627-5e80-db1d-003e96c25b5e
Correlation ID37826462-fcf2-93ad-9930-9b0bec5a5dfd
Status code500
TimeThu Nov 17 2016 03:01:01 GMT+0900 


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Typo in Power BI Service error message

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by ligrac248 Visitor on ‎03-15-2017 03:42 PM

"The connection to the Analysis Services instance timed our or was lost."



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Personal Gateway is offline

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by cess02 Frequent Visitor on ‎05-04-2017 06:04 PM



      Every month, i always got error saying, "Your Power BI Gateway - Personal is offline. To set refresh scheduling please be sure your Power BI Gateway - Personal is online." It started last march when our  server is down. When I tried to open the personal gateway to check what the problem is, it says "Time out expired" so I got no choice to uninstall and reinstall the Gateway and I got my problem solved, It happened again this april with the same scenario, when our server is down so I did what i did last march to solve the problem. I just thought that the main problem is that because our server is down.

     But, yesterday, everything is fine. the server is up, the connection is ok, and then suddenly I got the same error, that  the gateway is offline. So I uninstall and reinstall it again. So I was thinking what was the real cause of this error. Is this because of the gateway version? Do i need to update it every month?


Thank you in advance.

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Rendering Issues!

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by jak82 Member on ‎12-01-2016 07:17 AM

When I create a dashboard and view it in online mode, when I go to collegues machine (who has a larger monitor) the visuals are rendered differently and he cant view the totals on a matrix.

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I tried to replace a dataset (based on an excel workbook) but the import failed. Now my dataset is greyed out and I cannot refresh it (it has been two days since the error occurred). That is very upsetting. Moreover, when I try to upload another excel file, it also fails. I am completely stuck and cannnot use Power BI Online anymore.


Here are the details of the error:


Failed to publish Excel workbook
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity IDab148b9a-372a-41e0-a767-4840b8e1e367
Request ID1cc3959f-f9ce-af0f-950b-6d7deb52e6b3
Correlation ID9dd25b6a-88da-3766-b02f-475b9644398b
Status code400
TimeThu Jan 12 2017 15:38:26 GMT+0100 (Paris, Madrid)


I cannot find any contact to fix this issue, my only chance is this forum but I'm affraid 'ill have to wait one month or more to get some help... Thanks for your attention.

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Hi All,


I imported one Power-Pivot model from an Excel file to Power BI desktop (I downloaded it free from Microsoft site). After that I made some modifications to the Power-Pivot model (let's say, a table which had 1000 rows when the Power-Pivot model was imported to Power BI Desktop, now has 1500 rows after modification to Power-Pivot model) and tried to refresh the data in Power BI desktop. The table didn't get refreshed in Power BI Desktop and still shows 1000 rows (not 1500).  Is there any resolution to this issue?



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Hi Guys,


I have dashboards setup with custom links behind tiles that take the user to various pages of a report. All lof sudden, no matter what link I enter ( I usually enter a direct report page link) it ignores it and takes me to the same page of the report each time.


For example, if I have a global dashboard, with tiles representing stats from each country, there will be a link behind each tile to the relevant page for that country in the report. This has always worked fine, but now it is ignoring these links and takes each tile to the same page in the report. For example, if I am looking at a tile for France, and click into it, it takes me to Germany. Same goes for any other country. They are all going straight to Germany and ignoring the link I have entered.


Note - for some reason, if I set "open link in same page" to "NO" the bug goes away, but this then ruins the users experience.


Please could this be reviewed asap as it is affecting all of my customers dashboards and reports.

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Power BI embedded reports are not changing page as usual when clicking on pages tabs.

The report will change page when I click twice on a page tab or sometimes with one click only but with a big delay.

I am using chrome and the same embedded report has worked well for a long time on the same setup.

This is a very bad user experience

Any suggestions for solutions or potential causes to this issue?

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