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We've been happily using Tabular Display Folders to organize dimensions and measures into groups for display in Power BI.  This used to work just fine in both Desktop and Web, but no longer; measures are now moved out of Display Folders and show at the top level.


As an example, here's a view in the Desktop (everything is fine):




.. and here's the same thing on the Web (not fine - all items with a Calculator icon have been moved out)







Hope this can be addressed.

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For Visual custom HierarchySlicer., don´t work collapse all, Expand all and clear buttons in October 2017 Desktop PBI...



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I have a big amount of data with several Customers in my Report and this makes it a bit difficult to define the colours for each customer.


At the end, if I selected just a couple of customers they will appear with different shades of the same colour making it very difficult to distinguish between the customers (example in the image).


I have a Theme with a range of colours however it's small comparing to the amout of data.


Is there some solution for this ?



Colors Range.png

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Data set won't refresh

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by wstock New Member yesterday

I have a report containing data from a few different sources, and it refreshes fine in the desktop version of PowerBI. 


However, when I load it into the PowerBI online service, it will not refresh.  Credentials are all correct, and i have tried to re-upload it half a dozen times already.  It fails the Auto Refresh and the Manual Refresh.  


It's using data from AWS, and from a custom data provider.  All of these sources refresh and work fine on their own when used in reports on PowerBI online, but when they are added to the same report, the refresh fails.  This is a fairly significant show stopper at the moment.   I'm out of ideas...


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Hi All,

I have been using and updateing Power BI since 2 year ago. And never had any problme with it. Now I'm trying to install the latest version and the windows installer froze. I have done all kind of thing to reestablish windows installer and I cannot have succes. Had anyone have had the same probleme? I'll apreciate your help.
I dont want to go throught installing and updating windows and all the aplications that I have.
Thanks in advance.

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Pie chart not showing all the labels



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I recently upgraded from September 2017 version of Power BI Desktop (Version: 2.50.4859.782 64-bit (September, 2017)) to the October version (2.51.4885.543 64-bit (October 2017)). After update, I attempted to edit slicer interactions within a previously existing .pbix file. It appears as if I'm no longer able to edit visual interactions in October version.

My short term fix is to revert back to Sep Power BI desktop version, but please address this bug in a future release.


Here is an example of the edit interactions button active with Power BI September version. These icons are now missing in October release.


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Hi Team after october release, the chiclet slicer‘s behavior on the service became unpredictable. sometimes, You click once , the item showed to be selected ,but the data was not filtered, then, you click this item again, this time the data is filtered, nothing was selected. it is very annoying. in desktop,its behavior was always right. i found that when this error occur,refresh the browser may correct it, it depends on luck。 please help
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I've been experiencing an issue where I cannot refresh the dataset from the Saleforce data source in the Power BI service. While I am in Power BI desktop I am able to refresh the data without issue. While I am in the Power BI service, if I navigate to Settings > Datasets > Report Dataset Credentials, I am shown an error that tells me that the credetials are not correct. Even attempting to re-enter the credentials from this page does not allow the account to accomplish login.


First I select Settings > Datasets > Report.  You can see below the salesforce credentials are not working correctly.




I then click on edit credentials next to sales force and this is the pop up. OAuth2 is the only authentication method possible to select.



I click sign in and this pops up.  I then type in the username and password and click login.



After I click login I get this error that pops up.




The entered credentials are correct and should not return an issue.

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I'm pulling data from a MYSQL server and among the data that I have there several entries which have similar input however they differ from each other by having some of the letters in their composition UPPERCASE or LOWERCASE, the reasoning behind this is beyond me since I didn't create the database. Regardless, I need to accept all of the entries, however, whenever I apply my modifications to the query editor it transforms part of the entries from LOWERCASE to UPPERCASE values which create duplicates, which in turn doesn't allow me to have a table with unique values. There several examples of this disturbance, the screens bellow show once such case. Any ideea on how to retain the values unchanged from Query Editor to Data View?Query EditorQuery Editor


Data ViewData View


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Hi All , 

I re-installed power BI Gateway and chose Premise Gateway which allow multiple users and data is on live once we enter any data in Master Data. And i stuck at this step , Since i couldn't get it done at all. Would you all let me know how to fix this ? 
Currently, I'm using manually refresh and the schedule refresh also failed because i didn't connect it to the internet once the schedule refresh reached. 

Thanks with Regards, 
Chanleakna Hang 


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We are using email subscriptions fo reports and dashboards as a way for end users to get notified when report data is refreshed.


While the emails are being sent out, the preview images of the selected dashboards or report pages occasionally do not render on the email and only a "blank" grey box is displayed on the email.


The reports and dashboards are only refreshed once a day and as mentioned, this seems to happen at least twice a week for various users. We are also not using any non-certified custom visuals or large images in the mentioned reports and dashboards.


Can you please provide a solution?




ELT summary dashboard - 25092016- Blank.PNG

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We've found a very particular bug in the october version of Power BI.

When you try to use two dimensions in the "Details" well, a metric as Color Saturation and you drilldown (using the "concatenate" mode), the color is not applied at all.


Note : No matter what what type of connection or source is used, the problem occurs.


Link to the Example (Print Screen and PBIX) :




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I've tried perhaps 5 times this morning to create an app workspace.  I get the error below each time I click the "save" button after naming the workspace and adding a member.


This is the first app workspace I've tried to create.

I began my 60 Pro trial one day ago.


Error message:

Something went wrong
Couldn't create the app workspace.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity ID78c7ad7e-856b-6e07-aaf1-e541dbcea08b
Request ID9b8cd2fa-e909-ea2e-47ea-b4a01b4d9ee9
Correlation ID73d3792f-e318-519a-2f0b-5adc16465498
Status code500
TimeMon Oct 16 2017 08:42:15 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Status: Needs Info
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Failed to publish App

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by CAG Frequent Visitor Monday

Hi all,


I have had this error now a couple of times, but so far it always resolved itself after waiting a couple of hours. I also know that there are a couple of other posts with the same issue, I have already searched through these and tried everything listed in there, nothing helped. This specific issue occurs since last friday, since then I was not able to publish the App any more. The error message is the following:


Something went wrong

Failed to publish app.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.

Activity ID195b657b-9558-4c51-a162-09a4ca84f752

Request ID9beea3f4-e26f-69a0-0ca7-1f7edf03352a

Correlation IDcdc480ed-3dd1-b539-e914-fda8cea8b598

TimeMon Oct 16 2017 13:35:39 GMT+0200 (Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit)


Cluster URI


This bug is very annoying, since it seems that it is not clear where the issue is.

Does anyone experience the same issue at the moment, especially since the October update? What did you do to resolve it?

Many thanks ahead!

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The current beta version of drill through does not consider the selectors and filters that are current on the "source" item that is being drilled from


Why would you want to drill from an element in a visualisation that itself has been subject to selectors and other user filtering actions say from drop down selectors and or other visualisations to a drill down page that does not represent the item you have just drilled from. 


It just does not make sence and this makes the current drill through just not useable as there is no reconcilation/asscocation  between the source and the answer.  


It appears that only "Native" PBI filters in the PBI  filter pane are considered!

Bug in PowerBI Desktop Version: 2.51.4885.701 64-bit (October 2017)


When you single click a query in the "Queries" selector on the left hand side, it thinks you want to move the query up or down to re-order.

This did not happen in the previous version.



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Good morning,


I need help, because I can´t get that this dashboard works. I have a lot of people, and I need to calculate the percentage of hours from each of the total hours from each. Also, I need the result without decimals, because I need in text format.


The problem is, when the result appears apparently is OK, when I download the report, el value has a lot of decimals, and when I round this values, the total % form each is up or down of 100%. The minimal value must be 1 and the maximum value must be 100.


And the most frustrating is that the total value in the dashboard appears 100% but if you add all values the result isn´t 100%. The total value must be the number of people I have multiplied by 100, because form each will have 100%.


For example:

The DAX formula is the next: 


% Oct 17 = 100 * DIVIDE(SUM('Informe'[Oct 17]);CALCULATE(sum('Informe'[Oct 17]);ALL('Informe'[Profesional]);ALL('Informe'[Contraseña])))
  • Profesional
ContraseñaOct 17Nov 17Dic 17


Thanks for the help,


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In PowerBI Desktop I created a report using data coming from a Sharepoint List. I then published it to PowerBI online, and both the Report and Dataset show up there just fine.


Now online, when I go "Refresh Now" for the dataset, it seems to be working as expected. But under Settings/Scheduled Refresh even though it lets me add various times for refresh, whenever I leave the page and return, the toggle is set to 'off' again. Essentially, the scheduled refresh settings aren't saving.


This is the final piece of the puzzle, as my data is being collected via a PowerApp.. If the auto-refresh can work then this can become an end-to-end 'hands-free' solution.


I'm using OAuth2 to connect to the Sharepoint List, and as mentioned, the manual refresh does work. So I'm assuming that's not the problem (as has been hinted in similar issues reported in this forum).



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I made a new dataset with the Jira app using the following url: and my credentioas. This connected to jira, but only saw some projectes and not the one I was interested in.

I then red this post and edited the data source credentials in the dataset settings. I changed it to, where the %22 came from a to quick copy paste from url field in browser.

This then gave the following error:

Failed to update data source credentials: Web.Contents failed to get contents from '' (404): Not FoundHide details
Activity ID: 28a9c741-533f-4695-8715-67866b3ef6ef
Request ID: ff11060f-72aa-00b1-459f-ff1a12a3ae02
Status code: 400
Time: Sun Oct 15 2017 17:08:07 GMT+0200 (Vest-Europa (sommertid))
Version: 13.0.2753.184
Cluster URI:


I then deleted the dataset and dashboard that was created from the Jira app, and tried to make a new one. But now I get the same error as pasted above every time i try to create a new dataset witht the Jira app, even though I only as url.


It seems almost like the old dataset that I deleted haven't been properly removed and when trying to make a new one, it only tries to edit the data source credentials in the old one, but it don't use the new url that I type in.


How can I fix this?

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