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Unable to export to PowerPoint
We couldn't export your report to a PowerPoint file
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity ID1fb45276-7cce-455a-8a22-acbd0b693f56
Request IDd9314ad3-bfe8-6713-ee20-610667883a18
Correlation IDef15aca7-3389-4eb3-2fcf-2a73ae25a45f
Status code500
TimeWed Mar 22 2017 18:04:17 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)


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-Refreshing the data model works fine in the power bi desktop (which is also installed on the same server at the on-premise gateway)

-Publishing the PBIX works fine but then refreshing data just results in the loading icon of doom on the dataset for 20mins then a warning sign but no specific error even in the refresh history logs.

-I managed to find this in the gateway log "System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast GuidColumn to type String" I can't seem to find anything else regerding the issue since error reporting is basically non-existent.

-Re-installed both Desktop and Gateway to latest version.

-I am pulling tables from one SQL server for the dataset and I have tried creating a new dataset with different tables which uploads and refreshed fine.

-I wish there were more detailed error logging so I could track this down but even the verbose logging is terrible.

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Issue description: I have report buit which has the graphs. When I pin this report as live page to a dashboard, the report is visible in the Dashboard in Portrait mode in iOS (Report is smaller and is visible as kind of tile).

When I click on it in portrait mode, it switches to landscape mode and then nothing happens and no graphs are loaded.

Can someone help me with this issue?

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Hello Community


I have an issue. I am trying share a dashboard with an account out of my organization, but the account has a power BI account and Pro License. 



When the user follows the link, he is directioned to his own workspace and it displays a message "This reports was deleted or not exist".


How can I share dashboard with this user? 


thanks !

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Error while creating new group

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by Sukhada Occasional Visitor 2 hours ago - last edited 2 hours ago

Hi All,

While creating a group , we are facing below error. We have pro version.

Something went wrong
Couldn't create the group
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity ID7fd266b9-43ff-ca3d-1021-c3f3743a58c0
Request IDecfc566a-d648-3a1c-871c-36221019c64e
Correlation ID6e75d8ae-e499-37cb-1b74-85af80f2bab7
Status code500
TimeWed Mar 22 2017 16:08:45 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)


I have seen couple of posts with same error but could not find any solution.

Thanks in advance.

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When I use Datevalue it does not seem to use my locale settings, rather it is hardcoded to the American MM/DD/YYYY.


See screenshot


date issue.jpg

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Hi Everyone,
In order to avoid opening port with fixed IPs we are also trying to connect Power BI Desktop in live connection to SSAS 2016 Multidim through http://..../msmdpump.dll

It globally works, but we have frequent errors (Can't display visual) with the message: "The http server returned the following error: Service unavaible". Please note that we only use standard wisuals.
-->This is strange, because this seems to be randomed. When we click on Refresh we can get the visual to work.
By changing back the source connection to SERVERSmiley TongueORT we do not get the error.

We have noticed that this happens in Reports having a lot of visuals. So maybe it's just a matter of simultaneous connections.... But we just can not figure out where it comes from 


We have the exact same behaviour after publishing the report on Power Bi Services.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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I getting an error while purchasing the power BI.

I tried several times but each time it gives error.


The Error is Below


You can try refreshing the page to solve the problem. You can also wait a few minutes and try again.


Support Information


Correlation ID:
Error code:


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I have found an issue with comma's in Excel text fields. I have imported a column from an  Excel sheet and transformed it to be distinct (Remove Rows/ Remove Duplicates). However, when I tried to make a relation to another table, I got a message: You can't create a relationship between these two columns, because one of the columns must have unique values. Keep in mind that I imported one column and deduplicated it.


I have created a table visual and exported this visual to CSV. I have imported the previously exported CSV into Power BI and it appeared to have 2 (!) columns. This was caused by comma's in the text fields. An additional column was created containing data from after the comma. The comma itself was no longer in the data. 


By looking at the above steps, one could deduct that the PBI import does something strange here. It shows the imported Excel column as one column, but it in the engine something else happens. The Remove Duplicates seems to apply the distinct over the 2 columns. This makes it possible to have duplicate data in the first/main column. This column is then used to create a relation to another table and fails due to the duplicates.


I'm not sure if this is a known problem, I couldn't find anything similar.


Please let me know if you need a sample of the data.





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Manual refresh works fine but one of my reports is failing the Scheduled Refresh with this error:


"Not a legal OleAut date.. The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface."


There is likely an illegal date somewhere in my report which I need to manually find and fix. This report has many hundreds of columns, with perhaps two dozen date fields. It would make my life much easier if the error that was raised could tell me the data source/column/row/cell that is raising the error, like a normal debugging process. 

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I have NAV 2017 environment with queries created and published. Unfortunatelly I'm not able to connect to those with Power BI. I am using basic access with username and web access key.


I can:

  • access queries via browser (ie + edge )
  • access queries via Excel

But Power BI gives me "User not authorized error".


Any help would be higly appreciated because I can't seem to figure out what the problem is.


Thank you!

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I am new to power BI desktop. It was working fine but just from last week my power BI keeps logging out as soon as i finished logging in. It logs me in for a second and then i am logged out. There is no error.

Reinstallation didn't solve my problem.


Kindly Help.

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I have 2 metrics one in USD and the other in EURO.

Based on selection of slicer (USD or EURO), i want to show that metric along with the currency.


Assuming "InvoiceGrossAmount" is in USD, "InvoiceNetAmount" is in EURO. As showing in following images, the metric values are showing up correctly. But how do i show currency symbol also along with the metric value?





Thanks in advance.


Regards, Chari.

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I'm developing a custom visual for PowerBI. I have a question . After investigating and the documentation is not very detailed I can't insert items in the dropbox of the capabilities objects, ie I want to have the columns of my table dynamically in a property object like the matrix table has.How to do this?



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I want connect PowerBI Desktop with a BW4HANA System using BW connector, we use a SAP Router to connect to SAP BW and in the customizing there is no field to enter this information, so we have an errror.


Error using only serveur addressError using only serveur addressSAP GUI customizingSAP GUI customizing

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I am getting the error from power BI online.  the Desktp version is working fine.  can any one let me know the reason for this.

Fields that need to be fixed
Something's wrong with one or more fields: (Delivery Tickets) Doc Number, (Delivery Tickets) Date, (Delivery Tickets) Loction To, (Delivery Tickets) TXN Code, (Delivery Tickets) Item Code, (Delivery Tickets) Item Name, (Delivery Tickets) UOM, (Delivery Tickets) QTY, (Delivery Tickets) Location Details
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity IDf03f4600-1766-1f1e-2180-738313616b7c
Request ID615bdcf3-a738-1e1b-d353-6555920e1e46
Correlation ID9deaace9-453d-7b12-89df-4704110b6002
TimeWed Mar 22 2017 09:40:45 GMT+0400 (Arabian Standard Time)
Cluster URI


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Hi, everyone.


Today I got a "Can't display visual" error in my reports in the web service which goes as follows:


"Couldn't load the data for this visual
Couldn't retrieve the data for this visual. Please try again later.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity ID7658beec-8b75-4c8f-9a81-6722e18f179a
Request ID664b19cd-477b-74c8-3ea9-b3c39ddbf3ae
Correlation IDb1e6d2bf-135d-4086-5c03-8505963ac544
TimeTue Mar 21 2017 21:09:47 GMT-0600
The thing is, in my pbix in the Desktop Version does not show any errors. Filters are the same in both cases. Here is an example.
Error in web serviceError in web serviceDesktop VersionDesktop Version
 This issue is urgent to me, any help will be much appreciated.
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I'm trying to refresh a dataset that connects to a Snowflake ( data warehouse, but I'm recieving the following error:


Data source type:
Processing error: The import Snowflake.Databases matches no exports. Did you miss a module reference?


My workaround is to reload the report in PowerBI desktop, click "Refresh" to grab the new data from Snowflake, and click "Publish" to overwrite the dataset. 

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There is a bug for me when I use a donut/pie chart visual. I've added a legend in the visual, and the data colors in the legend do not match the actual data colors in the donut/pie chart.


In my visual, I have three colors (teal, bluish black, and red) represented within the actual visual. Within the PBI Desktop app, the legend shows the correct colors, but when I publish the dashboard to the web app, the legend switches to a yellow, gray, and light blue color while the donut/pie chart data colors stay correct.Donut Chart with Color Glitch


If the above image did not send correctly, I'm not sure how to fix that. The picture is just a .png filed saved on my desktop, so I put in the filepath and filename into the "Source" box of the "Insert Image" dialogue box.

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Wanted to take a dashboard in the desktop version and publish it to the web version. Data is from excel.....please help!!!

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