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Can't change ClickDimension connection parameters

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by mmohabbat New Member 2 hours ago - last edited 2 hours ago

I attempted to add a ClickDimensions appsource within PowerBI. The wizard asks for the Datacentre then credentials. Unfortuantely I entered the wrong credentials and despite deleting that workspace and attempting to re-add, there is a bug I have found (I assume).


Each time I add the ClickDimensions connector it prompts for the Datacenter location but not the credentials. It's like the credentials are being cached somewhere. There is a workspace but no datasets to edit. I've tried deleting the workspace numerous times to no avail. I've also tried clearing browser cache and logging off the session. 


There is no way of amending the credentials after the fact so I cannot connect at all.


Thank you

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Running into problems attempting to speed up data refresh by using a "trimmed" OData query.


//    this returns the "str cannot be null" error
//    Source = OData.Feed("'Project ETC')/Items?$orderby=Created desc&filter=Date ge datetime('2016-06-01T00:00:00Z'"
// this works okay, but of course my data is not filtered at all, and the extraction takes ages.
    Source = OData.Feed("'Project ETC')/Items",
                                Query =
                                    rowlimit = Number.ToText(2)

Both Uri's work fine in a browser.


The longer Uri featuring the comparison of datetime(blah) actually causes an exception in the query in Power BI latest. 


DataSource.Error: Microsoft.Mashup.Engine1.Library.Resources.HttpResource: Request failed:
OData Version: 3 and 4, Error: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. (The query is not valid.)
OData Version: 4, Error: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. (The query is not valid.)
OData Version: 3, Error: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. (The query is not valid.)
    DataSourcePath='Project%20ETC&#39Smiley Wink/Items
    SPRequestGuid=79def49d-307a-3000-ffb9-f235daef118e, 79def49d-d08a-3000-ffb9-fe4f9814c431, 79def49d-8098-3000-ffb9-fc5db340bc42


BUT, even when that is trimmed off as an experiment, the OData "trimming", namely $top=1, for intance, doesn't seem to do anything.


In addition, adding the rowlimit = "1" to the query in the Query record of the options record doesn't trim the query at all either.


In must be obvious that users will want to limit their OData queries as much as possible, so how is this supposed to work?


The queries DO work in the web browser, against the service that I'm interested in (Sharepoint Online 2013).  Ive verified that hte filter element works to limit the data, AND the $top=n pruning method works as well.
I've been trying to get the docs team to expand the documentation for OData.Feed, but no luck so far.






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I am trying to install and configure on premise data gateway in singarpore server and i am located in USA. I have used proxy which we use in our office and tried to install software. When it asks for sign in i have provided  details in azure and it ends up redirecting and displays below error. I have reduced security for IE to medium-high from High. If anyone has similar issue or faced this kind of issue .Please help.

Failed to sign in. Please verify your credentials and try again.
The browser based authentication dialog failed to complete. Reason: A security problem was encountered.
   at Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.AuthenticationContext.RunAsyncTask[T](Task`1 task)
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.DataMovement.GatewayCommon.AuthenticationManager.AuthenticateWithSelectedUser(Uri authorityAddress, Uri resource, String clientId, Uri redirectAddress, String logOnHint)


Appreciate your help,


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User get the error message below when they try to access a dashboard that now requires Pro after adding a Pro feature. It is very misleading.


"The data shown in this tile is no longer available. Please contact the report owner for details."


Instead it should say that users need the pro version to view this content. Maybe you could offer them the free trial here as an option to resolve their access issue right away.

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We have a report that connects to a SSAS tabular model using Direct Query. In order to make some of our measure names more user friendly in a report, we created some Report Level Measures (the new feature in the May release of Power BI desktop) and formatted those new measures appropriately (whole number with commas, decimal numbers with commas and two digits after the decimal, percentages, etc.) but we lose that formatting after saving and re-opening the file. We also lose the formatting after publishing the report to the Power BI service on the web.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any known work arounds?

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Hi All,

I created a Power BI report accessing On - Premises SQL Server Data Base.

I published on PowerBi Services, and everything was ok until I create a schedule refresh. After that I can't see anymore the report`s data. Besides when I click into the data set this error appears:

"This dataset contains on-premises data sources. To schedule data refresh, try Power BI Pro for 60.00 days, or contact your Office 365 tenant administrator to purchase Power BI Pro. Learn more about data sources that currently support refresh."


I Have a free Power BI acount and I`m using a personal Gateway ( Connected and good to go !)


As We Can see in the PowerBi's documentation, I thought it was able to schedule a refresh :

Data Refresh                                     Power BI (free)                     Power BI Pro
Datasets scheduled to refresh          Daily                                     Hourly*


Does Anyone Can Help me?

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Hi all,


I just log into Power BI and got Office 365 Adoption Preview. After one day getting the error that system was preparing data, I got it and now there is adifferent error: "There was an error when processing the data in the dataset.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details."


Should I paste the full error here or send private message / mail to some place?.




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Hi there, I noticed that the automated refersh does not work what I linked to the PowerBI online database, so the database is not refreshed for two days now, meanwhile it says it is refreshed as attached.




Dashboard is not refreshed:


Dashboard not refreshed.JPG


Could you please help?


Thanks, Szilárd


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What is wrong? I don't understand why I get two different graphs? They must be the same, because the variables, MELDING_ID and TOGMELDING_ID, are related.



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Data Sorted Automatically?

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by Kharabela Frequent Visitor 11 hours ago

Hi Friends,


I am sharing two pics which will describe better. The data in the AccountDescription auto sorted in report view which we don't want. Please help us.


Not able to attach the screen shots as well.






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I believe there is a bug in Power BI Desktop (tested in May 2017) with the ALL function.


Here is the scenario (using Adventure Works)


I place Calendar[Day Name] on rows on a visual.

I write a measure [Total Sales]

I write the following measure to return all the sales for all days.

Total All Day sales = CALCULATE([Total sales],all('Calendar'[DayName])) 


The above measure works as long as I have not used "sort by column" in the calendar table.  If the column Calendar[DayName] uses the native sort, then the above measure works.  If I change the default sort column to Calendar[DayNumberOfWeek]) then the above measure does not work.


If I write the following measure then it does work

Total All Day sales = CALCULATE([Total sales],all('Calendar'[DayName]),all('Calendar'[DayNumberOfWeek]))


But the addition of Calendar[DayNumberOfWeek] should not be needed inside the ALL function

Here is a sample workbook to demonstrate the problem.

Please confirm if you agree this is a bug.


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Since last Tuesday our datasets could not refresh through the enterprise gateway. No additional information provided to debug further. I have checked and gateway is online and reachable. Please provide more information to enable me to debug further.


Scheduled5/23/2017, 8:00:07 PM5/23/2017, 8:05:28 PMFailed 
Activity ID:b2da610c-ceca-4135-8fed-9fc7aab2da34
Request ID:76157af6-38a8-43e2-86c5-28b20021dc48
Time:2017-05-23 18:05:28Z


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Hi community,


Let me share my issue with you: I want to show in a bar chart the sales from this year & prior year (calculated with a DAX formula SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR) by month.

I did it easily using slicer and selecting 2 years and showing the months.

But to make filtering easier for users, I would like to use a slicer and select only the last period I want to show (as the page also includes monthly data).

Below you see where I am in my report:

- On the top row, I nearly got what I want but to do so I need to select all the months in the current year.

- On the second row, it's the slicer as I would like it to be used (only selecting one month) but in this case, the charts are only showing one month.

- On the bottow row I tried to split the slicer (one for the year and one for the month). In this case I got all the months but only the current year (I'm loosing the prior year comparison).



Does anybody has an idea how to do it ? If not, I will need to use unfriendly slicers but at least it would work.


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Error Messages

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by nicktayl Frequent Visitor yesterday

I am receiving this error message for all tables. How do I resolve? 



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I have noticed recently that the dropdown slicer is getting reset to the top of the list whenever I select an item(multi-select on).

It also doesnt show the selected item on the dropdown itself when only one is selected and "multiple selected" when multiple items are selected. It just keeps showing "All".

The filtering is working as I can see other visuals being filtered by the selection.

Also, if I have a long list of items to be shown on the dropdown slicer, it would only load to a certain value and not load any more, refreshing the page and trying it again doesnt fix it, the only way was to click the "refresh" on the report itself.


I'm not sure if everyone is experiencing this issue or if im the only one.


And any local fixes around these problems would be much appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

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Dear fellows, I am having trouble with a script of R in Power BI. I reproduce here the code:


# 'dataset' tem os dados de entrada para este script


cdds_reg2 <- dataset %>% group_by(MCU) %>% do(fit_cdds2 = lm(log(CARGA_TRABALHO) ~ log(Custos) + log(EFETIVO_PROD_HORA) + log(ADMINISTRATIVO_HORA), .))

fit_cdds_df2 <- cdds_reg2 %>% tidy(fit_cdds2)

output <- fit_cdds_df2


After that, I got the following error: DataFormat.Error: SYMSXP (inside the nice yellow thing).


I would like if this could be a problem with the packages that I'm using or, whatelse.


Thanks in advance

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Hola a todos,


Desde la semana pasada algunos de los usuarios con los que comparto mis informes no pueden acceder, por el error que muestro en la imagen de abajo, descubrimos que con actualizar los iconos desde su sesión el problema deja de suceder, lo raro es que cuando vuelven a iniciar sesión vuelven a tener el mismo problema.















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tab key not working

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by rhill Frequent Visitor yesterday - last edited yesterday

I have noticed, I think since the last Power BI update, that I can no longer tab between fields. Specifically, I used to be able to use the tab key when setting up schedules. This was already a laborious process if you have multiple datasets, but now I can't even speed it up by using the tab key. I have to use the mouse.

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Since i installed the latest upgrade the Esri map function doe not load; i have seen this on many forums and no-one yet has proposed a solution.

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Query editor

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by fcarvalho Member yesterday



Sometimes my query is empty without any feature/options.. the solution is close and open again. Check the gif below.