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Hi All,


I have a requirement like Power BI cloud data should be refreshed as soon as the undlying Azure SQL data is updated. In the cuurent scenario , I have to wait for the schedule refresh to update clould data from undlying Azure SQL data. 


Can you please tell me how to automate schedule refresh in Power BI or how to refresh cloud dataset as soon undlying data is updated.



Vaibhav Gupta

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Share function disappeared

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by Tibes New Member 2 hours ago

Hi All,


I would like to ask for help because the share function disappeared lately from our Power BI. Therefore we cannot publish/show our dashboards on web anymore. Do you know what could be the reason?


Thank you in advance!


Tibor Csaba

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Usually experience this with larger models with 50+ measures. I change the format to thousand seperator and whole number (from general) for a measure and the field pane refreshes with all tables collapsed. Frustrating when you need to format many measures.

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Matrix Review - Column Headers : Word Wrap do not work - return to full size when cross-filtered. The option Auto-size columns is turned off.



Before Word WrappingBefore Word WrappingAfter Word WrappingAfter Word WrappingTable when filtered by another visualTable when filtered by another visual 

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During embeding a dashboard to web, we found image tile could not be displayed correctly, but others could work fine. Is this a bug or by design?  Many thanks!


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Error while publishing power BI reports

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by aparnashandilya New Member 5 hours ago - last edited 4 hours ago

Hi Team,


Below error is being thrown while publishing power BI reports. Things were working fine till saturday but now its giving error.




Kindly help.



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I have reports with measures of Acumulate and compare with other year. This report was working well until the last Desktop update. The report is working well in the Desktop but when I upload to the website at the first moment it is working well but the result isnt good. This is what I see in the Desktop (the result is correct):




Then I upload to the website, in the first moment is good, but after few minutes that change to that, that it is wrong and it is different to the result in Desktop:



As I have said, this repport was working perfectly, but it was since the last update (quick meausures) that start to be wrong.


Someone has the same problem? It will be really great it someone could help me.


Thanks in advance.

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ODBC works in Excel but not Power BI Desktop

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by robarivas Regular Visitor yesterday - last edited yesterday

I used to be able to connect to IBM DB2 on z/OS database through Power BI Desktop using ODBC (and unfortunately only with ODBC for unknown reasons). Since the February (I believe) release of Power BI Desktop I now get the following error when trying to connect:


ERROR [HY010] [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0125E Function sequence error. SQLSTATE=HY010


If I specify a SQL statement then I can connect to whatever table I specify in the SQL statement. But I prefer/need to have the full Navigator functionality that used to work.


What's strange is that using Excel I can connect just fine (with the full Navigator functionality) to that database using the same ODBC driver.


So what's going on with Power BI Desktop and how do I overcome this frustrating obstacle?


I've tried February 2017, March 2017, and April 2017 versions.


Thank you.

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Since morning Power BI keeps throwing error when publish any kind of model. See error message below... any idea???Publishing to Power BI.PNG

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I had integrated cortana as suggested in the community and it was working fine. Then when I changed the name and keywords then it stopped working for me. 

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Hello everyone,


I have a problem creating a Power BI report that is connected to SharePoint Online List. 


I was able to establish the connection and create the report with Power BI Desktop, but then, I have to modify the SharePoint list, adding some columns to it. The problem is that when I refresh the report, it does not show the new columns (it refreshes the data but not the columns).


Any idea of what is happening? 


Thank you in advance,



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Experiencing an odd issue using the Custom-Visual "SuperBubbles1.0.1"...


Data from an excel spreadsheet. Column of "Rep Names" all formatted First.Last


For only ONE of the Reps, "Aaron.Miles", the widget does not seem to like the ".Miles" and will not present any visual content when using a slicer to isolate that rep's data. 


To add context, in the matrix this rep clearly has data to present and fits the same performance criteria as all the other reps that DO show "bubbles" representing their performance on a customer-level.


I tested making a slight change to the values in the excel data set then refreshing. Here are the steps:

- Adjusted one row item to "Aaron.BURR", which immediately showed visualization once the report was refreshed. 

- Adjusted one row item to "Aaron.MilesS" (extra S) and it also immediately showed visualization once the report was refreshed. 


Curious if it's the word "Miles" that is causing an issue. Again, this is ONLY occurring in the "Super Bubbles 1.0.1" custom visualization. 

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since a recent update it appears our online maps are not functioning, although they work in Desktop


Has anyone else had this issue?

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Following all the instrucitons to get Cortana hooked in to Power BI Service. One step is to create a report page and set the Type on the Page Size format option to "Cortana". Done. But then after publishing, I see that the page Type setting is now "Custom" and must be reset if I want to have any hope of Cortana finding it.


I'm using the latest Power BI Desktop from April 2017, released March 30 2017 or around then.


This is a bug, in my opinion.

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After updating to the last version (April 2017) my jira connection fails with the following error:



Please note that my JIRA credentials are valid and prior to this update I had no issues conecting. Other users are reporting this issue as well.

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We have setup a Parent Child Hierarchy with 5 levels in our Multidimensional SSAS cube.  When we do a live connection to the cube and pull in the hierarchy with the NamingTemplate defined, we get:


Error Message:
Couldn't load the model schema.


Internal error prevented loading the schema:
An internal error prevented loading the model schema associated with this report.
Please try again later. If the issue persists, contact Power BI support.


Once we remove the names from the Naming Template, Power BI recognizes the hierarchy and assigns generic Names: Level1, Level2, Level3, etc. to the data. 


The hieararchy performs just fine in an Excel Pivot Table with the NamingTemplate populated. Any help would be appreciated in getting Power BI to recognize the hierarchy. 

Starting at around 4:00 AM CST on 4/21/2017 the automated PBI refreshes from Azure Analysis Services has stopped working. I had to manually refresh all of my reports data sources at 7:20AM CST. 


My cube processes every hour, and the PBI datasets are scheduled to automatically refresh every 15 minutes refresh. I have already waited over an hour for the automated refresh to occur, and it has not yet happened.


Please see screenshot below. 


Here are the details from "About Power BI"

Power BI

Activity ID4f497dfd-f1ea-4b52-9ed2-9ec1ed90f29f
TimeFri Apr 21 2017 08:39:55 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
Your data is stored inNorth Central US (Illinois)


PBI Refresh Issue.PNG

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I have a pbix file with several queries. I have arranged these queries into groups in the Query Editor, but when I export the pbix file to a template and then open the template, I see that all the groups have disappeared (although all the queries are present). I would like my groups back!





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I currently cannot log in to Power BI using my personal account and cannot use any web features.  What I want is to be able to go to Power BI in Azure and browse my published dashboards.  Charges for hosting should function the same as any other Azure hosted service.


Note: this is not the same as the current Power BI embedded which I can provision in Azure - I am looking for the full web frontend without having to build a separate app for display.

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Images missing in email subscriptions

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by mjenkins Occasional Visitor Friday - last edited Friday

It appears that images do not output in the auto-generated screenshots in the email subscriptions.

Here is the top of the report in the service:



And here is the email subscription of the same report:



Note the image on the left is missing in the screenshot in the email.


This is happening for all of our email subscriptions.


The issue seems to have started on 4/7/2017.


Any idea what's going on?


-Marc Jenkins


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