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I am using a Timeline and a Card in combination in my dashboard. The Timeline allows me to choose a Date range, and the Card displays the latest date that the data is updated to. My data is from September 2016 to August 2017. When I have all months except September 2016 highlighted, the date updated to is August, as you'd expect. However, when I include September 2016, the date displayed moves to 30 July. The same thing occurs if I only display 11 months. If 10 are highlighte, the date is correct, but as soon as the eariest month is included the Card shifts back a month.


This problem has only occurred in the last week so we thought there must have been an error with the data, but it is happening to all our past dashboards when it hadn't in the past. We did get the most recent update in that time, however, so we think it could be a software bug.


Is there anything we could be doing incorrectly?

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I built my report using PBI desktop and published it online via PBI web for a few month, with a scheduled daily refresh.
Two weeks ago I started to have the refrsh failing daily, displaying this error:
Data source type
Processing errorThe specified culture is not supported.
Activity IDef5a5745-623e-4ee2-a7de-667b6dd31405
Request ID1168a845-1f24-8760-bfb7-0a59abff9430
Time2017-08-15 05:59:37Z
Searching online I saw some tickets about it, but none of them helped solving it.
Some BI specialist who helped us built the data set (but not specialized in MS PBI) noted me that the data source (first line) is empty, so I don't even know what to look for...
I have purchsed a PRO subscription to get help for it, but couldn't even reach them or their email\phone.
It is super frustrating as I have tried everything but it's still failing.
Does anyone has an idea? Did you see such thing before?
Any help will be appreciated!
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I installed the personal gateway, however, when I click sign in a pop-up box comes up but it is blank. I then have to close it and get the error "PersonalGatewayConfigurator.exe has stopped working". Is there another way to register the gateway?

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I have had this issue now for about two weeks.


I will create a workspace, click the "members" link to go to the SPO site and then set an app icon.  Or change the group icon, whatever the proper term is.


Then I save.


Even after several days the Power BI App ICON doesn't update.


Also the list of workspaces in my APP WORKSPACES list...shows no icons there even though they all have icons.



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I'm pulling data from a webservice using a recursive function to iterate through them. It was working correctly for quite some time till july 28th, 2017. I've been testing simple queries now with no more than 2000 records (just 2 recursive calls to get the data) and the power bi said "You can't schedule refresh for this dataset because one or more sources currently don't support refresh".

I'm blocked now and no way out impacting users. Any thought? 

Thank you!

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Power BI Desktop Crashes

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by DivyaMalika Visitor 8 hours ago

I am using 32-bit Power BI Desktop. My file is 4,977 KB size. When I try to refresh the file, it keeps crashing. It shows system out of memory exception and crashes within few seconds. The files I have used are not too large. Is there a way to solve this?

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Power BI, is this something that will be fixed in the near future?  I have a client dashboard that is unusable because of this bug.  


See below for an example, the bars on the left are missing tons of data because there are 'too many' fields in the legend.  Some bars are missing completely.  The bars should stack up to the values of the chart on the right.



Stacked Bar.png



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When accessing my power bi dashboards in chrome on my mac, I am unable to choose multiple checkboxes. On Windows you can simple use CTRL and thatway choose multiple checkboxes on my configuration it seems to be impossible. thanks for any hints! see below what I mean.


Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-16 um 14.38.25.png

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Row Level security

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by cb_ohio Frequent Visitor 12 hours ago

I have been using RLS for some time now.  In the PowerBI Service, I used to be able to go to the Security option for the dataset and select one of the roles I set up and select "Test as Role" (which I can still do).  However, when viewing as that role I have lost the option to select another role from a drop down list.  Now, if I what to view as another role, I must go back to the data set and start over by selecting Security/test as role.  Also, from the previous drop down list I was able to select multiple roles but now I don't even have the drop down list.


Was there a change?  Is something broke?  Do I need to reconfigure something to have this option again?

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Hello Everyone,


I am stucked in a very weird situation in which I am not able to see all my sub-categories at the bottom as scroll bar is not going to bottom and frezzes at 90%. Do anyone have any idea about it. Thanks in advance.




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Problem With Growth Rate %

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by Leila Frequent Visitor 13 hours ago

 Hi all

I have read all about the Month over Month formulas in community. But non of those codes, DAXes and formulas solved my issue. I would be veryyyy grateful if you can help me.


I made a table grouped by dates and want to have the growth rate of 'Sessions' in  D/W/M over D/W/Month.


PrevDay=DATEADD(Visitor[Date].[Date], -1 , DAY)   ( I also used PREVIOUSDAY function but it did not work)

PreDaySessions = CALCULATE(SUM(Visitor[SessionS]), Visitor[PrevDay]) (This formula doesn't seem to function, cause, the same sessions are in front of the previous date in the table.

The two above formulas should be COLUMNS but '%change' results in blank!!!! So I defined them as MEASURES, as suggested by post.

% Change = (SUM(Visitor[SessionS]) - [PrevDaySessions])/ [PrevDaySessions]

Obviously '% Change' is not true!!! Since Sessions should appear with an aggregate function(SUM in here) cause it is a column, but [PrevDaySessions] is a measure and cannot be aggregated.



PreDaySessions should be shifted one cell downPreDaySessions should be shifted one cell down

If first cell in PreDaySessions could have been blank by a formula,the Problem would be solved

It's been 3 days since I have been dealing with a simple growth rate formula. I hope there would be a solution Smiley Happy


Dashboard Tile Content Can't Load

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by Andreia Visitor 15 hours ago - last edited 15 hours ago



When I open the dashboard I get prompt with this errors in only some of the tiles. After repinning the same tile from the report the error disappears. However, after a few hours the same error in the same tiles reappears. I send some snapshots of the error in question. Can you give us an ETA on this matter?


Thank you





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Interactive Dashboard

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by Mayssa Occasional Visitor 15 hours ago

Good morning,

I want to know if i can do wiith power BI an interactive dashboard with graphs linked with modeling equations.

For example when I put or change a value on a graph the other graphs change according to equations.


Best regards,


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Hi All,

My Data gets displayed in lakhs format.. Can anyone help me out with the method to make it displayed in million format using a comma separator?

Thanks in advance.
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by jmpayoyo Visitor 16 hours ago

Is there a way to update w/ new data (only) during Refresh, so the loading wouldn't take so long?

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Hi guys,


I have shared permission to another user to own my data source.




So he creates report with Direct Query and using my gateway. It's working. After that, I remove his permission, but he still able to use my gateway with out any error. My expectation is



I think the problem that permission has been cached in browser or his loggin session, so he has to sign out and close his browser, so this new change (removing permission) will be affected. I think it should be affected immediately when removing his permission.

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Hi All.


Does anyone know of options to embed a report in an external website aside from using the "Publish to the Web" feature?


I want to publish reports through Google Sites. However my organization has decided to turn that feature off for reasons regarding data security (the data I am reporting is not confidential, though), and so my published reports broke, indicating that the content is unavailable. Is there another way to do this? I would prefer to stay out of any API work, as I am unfamiliar with it. 


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!



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When there is more than one field in the column header and, on the other hand, there is no field in the row header on matrix, the drill down button on the right corner is missing. Both on Power BI Service and Desktop.


On Power BI Service, moreover, the drilling options on the button Explore, on the ribbon, are grayed out when selecting the matrix.

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Hi All


Lets say I have a bar graph with sum(sales) as my measure, and on my x-axis I have the following fields that are available for the user to drill down into - e.g. region, district, type of customer, etc.


So, when you export, PowerBi takes into account ALL of the fields on your x-axis. It then exports your measure down to the most detailed possible level, i.e. a massive pivot. 


This is firstly messy - the user should have an option to just export the data that they see - e.g. the data in the "See data" view. 


Secondly, if you respond by suggesting that the user can use the pivots in excel to get back to the data they found on the graph - that suggestion is only correct for certain measures, e.g. a simple sum measure. The disaggregated totals can easily be aggregated back up. 


But if you have a measure like a growth rate, then the user will not be able to "pivot back" to what they see on the graph - because growth rates applicable at a disaggreagted level cannot be aggregated back up.  


This, to me, is a MAJOR PROBLEM. 



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I have two source tables, one from one ERP system and one from the legacy ERP system. I have aligned all the columns with same name to be able to append the legacy table to the other one. When checking the figures in the only measure both tables are correct but after I append the legacy table the measure get changed. It is small differences but still. I figured it could have something to do with the precision of the data type but all fields are in decimal.


Have anyone encountered this problem?




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