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While developing a report in a dev environment, a slicer value is selected.  Upon completing the report the report is promoted to a QA environment and published into PBI Service where the data set is refreshed.  Upon opening the report the slicer still shows the value that was selected in the development environment, a value that does not exist in the current dataset. 


The impact from this issue is that the user will see an empty report since the selected value doesn't exist.  Not a great first impression ;-). 


The obvious solution/workaround (manual) is to clear all slicers before promoting or publishing.   However, a better solution would be for the PBI Service to validate slicer values whenever the data set is refreshed and clear them, or have a setting to enable clearing them if that is the desired behavior.   Going one step further, it would be best to allow some logic to dynamically select a slicer value for that initial presentation, e.g. set the first value found as selected, i.e. instead of starting with 'All' values selected, which can be similarly meaningless, enable just one value to be selected. 



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I frequently use the menu commands to align multiple visuals on a Report by Control-Selecting the visuals and then using "Format > Align > Align Top"


This morning I updated from the November to the December release, and this Align function is no longer working. Selecting two visuals and "Align Top" causes both visuals to shift upward (only one of the two should shift), AND the result is that their tops are not aligned.

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I have a report which previously have worked just fine. I now tested to add a couple of bookmarks to it, and when I click on a bookmark it seems like Row Level security is no longer functioning, or that it is resetting filters applied that are passed to the report via embedded. 

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AVERAGEA function not working properly

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by POWER_TESTING Frequent Visitor 5 hours ago - last edited 5 hours ago


as per this link, not working properly.

below example, 












AverageA:  should be 23/6 = 3.833 because True as 1 and False as 0. 

but my AverageA showing zero.


Note: as per this site, i have find many issues.

same data for COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTX, COUNTAX also giving same result six(6)... (please can you check these as well)


Please assist this...


Thanks in Advance...!!!

I seem to be having issues with the recent Power BI update (December 2017), whereby when invlaid relationships are trying to be established between two tables Power BI exits with no warning.

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I get an error message once trying to open my report. Unexpected Error. An error occurred while rendering the report. 


Followed steps below, but it didnt help. Please advise. 


1) Close all instances of Power BI Desktop

2) Open file explorer and navigate to the folder <system drive>:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\CEF\cache

  • replace <system drive> with your operating system hard disk partition
  • replace <user> with your user profile name, typically the alias you login to Windows with

3) Delete all contents of this folder

4) Restart Power BI Desktop


Thank you,



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Hi all,



I have updated one of our Gateways that had no problem before connecting to an ODBC data source (based on a Firebird database) with the November 2017 update. Now I am unable to create the datasource in the service on the Gateway. I get the following error:image.png







When I click on Show Details, I gete the following:image.png



The issue seems to be linked to the new "Gateway Clusters" feature now available in the November update, but I am not sure why. I did not add my Gateway to any clusters (I have used the Powersheel scripts to verify this). I have another getway with the same ODBC connection (to a different database) running an older version of the Gateway, and it works fine. 


I want to downgrade to an older version of the Gateway software, but this appears not to be possible (unless someone can tell me how), at least until Microsoft resolve this!


Has anybody else experienced this.

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I am using Power BI from past approx 1.5 years with an account. I even opted for Extened Pro Trial when it was announced on June 1. Everything was fine till recently i wanted to create an app workspace. I had never created one as i was doing all my stuff in My Workspace. When i clicked on create App Workspace, it asked me to opt for 60 Days Pro Trial, i clicked yes.


Now, i can see that  i have only 57 days of Pro Trial left whereas it  should have been 165 days as per Extended Pro Trial.

Kindly help.




Prateek Raina

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Power BI desktop is not working after updating it to Dec 2017 Version. Getting this command prompt then PowerBI automatically closes.Power BI Dec release issue.JPG

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Hi All , 

Anybody can tell me how to fix Measure "Status 2 "  Calculation based on Total Days Cover ? 
Kindly note that Total Days Cover was calculated by Days Cover . I do Measure for First Status Margin based on Days Cover , Look like all the rows correct. and then i had created another measure called Plant Days Cover which the total row looks also and i create another Measure Status 2 Based on the Plant Days Cover . but the condition is not correct. the result sould be Hight not POS. 



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I think ‘기타’ text is not better.

That should be '다른'.



Date filler issue

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by Idan_liniad Visitor yesterday

Last week our team start notice wired behavior of date filter.

we mainly work with the 'advanced filtering' for dates filtering to analyze data on an hourly level. when trying to pick the first date range it won't select the date that was picked in the calendar pop-up, but when selecting the second date range it's updating the first date range.


We tried using Chrome, Firefox and Edge - they all have the same behavior.

it's for any selected date, not to a specific range.

please click on the next link to see the issue record as GIF

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So here is the deal. I have a customer that I would like to share with him the dashboard I've designed for him using his Excel spreadsheet that we are about to maintain manually every month.

The thing is that my customer has no office 365 and his mail is a GMAIL account.

Moreover, he has a group of managers that he would like some of the reports to share with them as well but of course not all of them because some hold sensitve information about the business.

Since I've created the dashboard on my machine using my PRO Power BI license, I wonder what are my options in sharing and collborate my work I did for him and then share it with his managers.





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In the Relationship Display, if you try to create a join that already exists, a rapid script pops up and the app crashes. This is new since the December update.  In the past, it would not do this.  Several releases ago, it would tell you you already have a joined relationship. 

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Pbix File download

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by AshokkumarM Frequent Visitor Saturday

Hi ,


     I have published pbix file size of 350MB to Power BI Service cloud which took one hour. The same file when I tried to dowload from Power BI Service cloud as pbix , it gives a notification "your file is being exported" but not actually exporting. I am waiting for more than three hours still it exporting .. Could you please sort this out?



Ashok Kumar 

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These tables are not relating correctly any suggestions?


Distinct ValuesDistinct ValuesBlank values vs. valuesBlank values vs. valuesRelationshipRelationship

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It seems that neither the table nor the matrix visual will apply a filter on a column that is used in a filter clause of a CALCULATE measure unless an identifying column from the target data table is also included. A sample report that demonstrates this behaviour is available at here. As a bit of explanation:


  1. The model contains two tables, Things and ThingTypes, in a 1-to-many relationship. (i.e.: Each Thing can have several types.)
  2. A Types measure exists to provide a concatenated list of types for each Thing. This measure uses the CALCULATE function to prevent the concatenated list from being affected by any filters on the ThingTypes.Type column:
    Types = CALCULATE(
        CONCATENATEX(ThingTypes, ThingTypes[Type], ", "), 
  3. A report page contains a slicer for ThingTypes.Type and a table visual showing a list of Things, including the Types measure described in #2.
  4. When selecting a particular Type in the slicer, one would expect to see the table visual filtered to only display Things with that particular Type, exactly as it would if the measure were not present in the visual. However, this filtering does not occur unless the ThingTypes.ID columns that is used in the relationship is also included in the visual. (Inclusion of other columns from the ThingTypes table do not seem relevant in the various tests I've attempted.)

Clicking items on the legend of a ribbon chart causes the entire ribbon chart to gray out. 

Instead, clicking an item in the legend should cause the selected item to be highlighted in the ribbon chart, while other categories should be grayed out.


- other charts are cross highlighted as expected.

- clicking other charts cross highlights the relevant part of the ribbon chart.

- clicking the ribbon chart highlights the appropriate category at the axis point selected.




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I created a quick repro table:


Col1       Col2

Value1   50

Value2   55




If I create a slicer on Col1, the blank value still shows up in the slicer. The option to "show items with no data" is not selected in field option. There are no relationships to any other table, this was stand-alone table I created using Enter Data, so I know this is not a bi-directional filter issue. Is this a bug? Slicer does not give visual filter option to filter out blank values.