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After instalation of PBI Desktop update (March) I am not ableto open any PBI file (even new blank one). I tried to repair PBI desktop via Control PAnel, reinstall back to rpevious verison, change x64 bit to x32 bit version, but nothing worked. 


Error messages varies based on PBI file that i am trying to open, below is one of the error logs that PBI shown me after PBI failed. Sometimes is error message only announcement that PBIDesktop is not able to load data modle and nothing else (what is kinda strange when this error message appear during opening of blank PBI file...


Feedback Type:
Frown (Error)


Local Time:

Session ID:

March 2018

Product Version:
2.56.5023.942 (PBIDesktop) (x64)

Error Message:
Couldn't load the model schema.

OS Version:
Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.16299.0 (x64 en-US)

CLR Version:
4.7 or later [Release Number = 461308]

Peak Virtual Memory:
35.5 GB

Private Memory:
1.08 GB

Peak Working Set:
1.06 GB

IE Version:

User ID:

Workbook Package Info:
1* - en-US, Query Groups: 5, fastCombine: Enabled, runBackgroundAnalysis: True.

Telemetry Enabled:

Model Default Mode:

Snapshot Trace Logs:
C:\Users\v-pavsch\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\

Performance Trace Logs:
C:\Users\v-pavsch\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\

Disabled Preview Features:

Disabled DirectQuery Options:


DPI Scale:

Supported Services:
Power BI



For example Language = Nederlands


Edit option is missing with 100% Zoom Level



This is actually hiding underneath, when the zoom level is 90% it shows up



This is happening with lot of languages. 

This is becoming a very big pain point for me.... It is crucial that my colors stay consistent throughout my report, However, the colors will change in the service!!


Below image shows what I have set in Desktop.





Below shows what is in the Service. Even when I try to re-publish my desktop report. The colors won't match. I have to completely delete the report from my service, then publish. And even then it only lasts a day before the colors are changed.




You will notice, it is all the same colors in both charts.... However, they are just taking different priorities.... In Desktop, I have the magenta line as top priority, but in the Service, it doesn't follow that.


Please, please, please fix this. There are so many threads about this, that have supposedly been resolved, but the issue is not resolved.

I have noticed that report usage metrics is not appearing for newly created reports. Reports that are created last couple of weeks does not show up when connecting to the Report usage metrics model.

Metrics for "old" reports still generate statistics but nothing from all the new reports!


There have been a similar issue a couple of months back and before new year which was fixed in February according to some other issue that was posted here but it now seems to be happening again. 


This does not seem to be same issue as is posted under the Support page since it states that usage data is complete after 2/7!

Tenant is located in North Europe in my case.






Power BI usage metrics for reports are missing data from 1/19 to 2/7. As a workaround, the Power BI audit logs can be used to determine report usage during this period of time. Usage data for reports is complete before 1/19 and after 2/7. Usage metrics for dashboards is unaffected.


Scatter Plot Bubble size issue

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by Hamza_Javaid Occasional Visitor on ‎03-12-2018 05:32 AM

I've been using Power BI desktop for visulaization of data in scatter plot. the problem is, the data I have is in million and billions of entries. so while visualizing it over the scatter plot, the bubbles of scatter plot often overlaps because of thier size even when the size is set to 0. is there any way to squeeze the size of the bubble more even it looks like a simple dot. so that the visualization can be a bit understandable and demonstrable? Thank you.

Apps Menu Item is Missing

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by Bosse Occasional Visitor on ‎03-07-2018 10:26 PM

The menu structure has changed within the Web client and the Apps menu item is missing

Cancellation occurred when sending or receiving a request.

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by hugo6262 Visitor ‎01-11-2018 08:09 AM - edited ‎01-11-2018 08:11 AM

Hello, Im unable to refresh one of my reports, the gateway is ok, and in power BI destkop refreshes properly. can you help me out, I get this message:

Last refresh failed: Thu Jan 11 2018 16:29:15 GMT+0100 (Romance Standard Time) 
Cancellation occurred when sending or receiving a request

Activity ID:c21669ce-c606-4dc0-93d6-66fc6578519d
Request ID:3a01ab7b-abe3-e1d6-dbf1-2fc09cde3c1c
Time:2018-01-11 15:29:15Z


Power BI Service Down

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by darranm Frequent Visitor on ‎12-08-2017 12:38 AM



Is the Power BI Service down for anyone else?


UK, 8:37am


Power BI Error.PNG

I created a report in the desktop application a couple of weeks ago which used the OKViz Smart Filter. Everything worked great and I published the report online. Now, the filter does not work in the desktop application and only works online in report mode. Does anyone else have this issue? Is it a limitation with the OKViz Smart Filter? Thanks for the help!

Hi everyone,


Since the latest PBI service update the Chiclet visual is not working within published reports. The issue has been raised in the Community forum but yet to be resolved:


From initial testig this is what we have found:

 - various versions of the visual work within PBI Desktop (also variety of versions) but whenever published doesn't work as it should

 - when published online the visual doesn't refresh the other affected visuals (instead it either does nothing, displays the wrong information, or requires a different visual to be clicked before it is refreshed)

 - only under one circumstance were we able to get it published correctly (that was to an account we created years ago in O365 - all other accounts, including new accounts created in O365 today, fail to load the visual properly)

 - the visual works fine within the Windows 10 PBI App

 - the issue (that we have kown about) has been ongoing for the past few days - corresponding with the latets PBI Service update


Any help would be much appreciated as we have over 50+ reports using this visual and it's quite an embarassing to have to explain to users/customers we're not sure why or when the issue can be fixed.




Jarrod is down in the north europe

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by jenrom Occasional Visitor on ‎11-09-2017 11:13 PM

When loading the page we are getting 500 errors for multiple http calls


Below you can find the console log from chrome debugger0


(index):163 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)
doInitialMetadataLoad @ (index):163
(anonymous) @ (index):163
web.bundle.min.js:26 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)

The problem is described here...
Link to thread in different forum

It is very irritating...

In November 2017, we created and published a data model combining Odata feeds and excel files stored on a shared drive. The different sources are merged in the query editor. 


After publishing the model, we were able to select the on premise data gateway to schedule refreshes of the model.


After the latest update of the Power BI gateway (End of January 2018) the scheduled refresh stopped working and we were not able to select the gateway anymore.


When we upload a model with all the sources but without merging them, the gateway works fine.


Anyone encountering the same issue or having any feedback?

Bug in Bookmarks? Inconsistent behaviour

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by PaulDBrown Member on ‎01-25-2018 08:09 AM

Good afternoon,


I posted this in the Desktop forum but the issues forum seems more appropriate. 


Is there a bug in the bookmark feature? 


I have set a Bookmark to a page with none of the slicers selected. If I then select both slicers and click on the bookmark, only one of them clears.


Create BookmarkCreate BookmarkSelect SlicersSelect SlicersClick on Bookmark: only one slicer clearsClick on Bookmark: only one slicer clears 












I have then tried changing the bookmark. This time the bookmark is created with both slicers selected. If de-select and then click on the bookmark, both slicers are selected (as they should).

Create new Bookmark with slicers selectedCreate new Bookmark with slicers selectedClear slicersClear slicersClick on Bookmark: slicers selectedClick on Bookmark: slicers selected












So it is inconsistent, right? Can aynone reproduce this?


Cannot remove Gateway Cluster in PowerBi Service when the gateways are inaccessible

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by UGL_Rian Occasional Visitor ‎01-03-2018 05:52 PM - edited ‎01-03-2018 06:07 PM


I ran up a few on-premises gateways to test the new clustering functionality. While testing I reconfigured these gateways a few times which resulted in the creation of 2 gateway clusters being listed in the PowerBI Service. Once I was happy with the options I explored, I joined the servers to a single gateway cluster. When I attempted to click on the ellipsis and select "Remove" to delete the unwanted gateway cluster that now had no gateways configured.


I received the following error:


We could not remove this gateway because it is the primary gateway within a cluster that has other 
gateway instances. Please remove other gateway instances from this cluster before removing the
primary gateway.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID: cdd6df13-c757-1c0a-a0e6-2e3bf002d8de Request ID: fcb39f98-2bbb-8de6-a6a6-32f8637cff6a Correlation ID: 45443bdb-551f-51ed-c621-71ca973a24fe Status code: 400 ecsCorrelationId: cdd6df13-c757-1c0a-a0e6-2e3bf002d8de Time: Thu Jan 04 2018 13:00:33 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) Version: 13.0.3495.303 Cluster URI:

Followed by :

Not all gateway instance within this cluster are connected. Please find more details below about
specific errors for each gateway instance.Hide details Activity ID: cdd6df13-c757-1c0a-a0e6-2e3bf002d8de Request ID: 0f7bc62c-d442-8368-a95f-23d736052f3b Cluster URI: Status code:   Time: Thu Jan 04 2018 12:31:20 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) Version: 13.0.3495.303 Test Gateway Node 2:
Gateway on endpoint '<ii>sb://
3a25589f-aeef-49ab-b481-0b237f407d96/</ii>' is unreachable. Test Environment:
Gateway on endpoint '<ii>sb://
0755b3d2-c4de-40b7-a189-88dccefad1a4/</ii>' is unreachable.

I expect there are a few scenarios where you would need to remove existing gateway clusters when the servers are no longer configured or available.

Good Morning,

after the last Power BI Update we are facing some issues with our Direct Query reports based on SAP HANA.

It seems that after the last Update the query execution plan create SQL query with wrong syntax every time we interact with a slicer on a report.

We analyzed the On-Premise Data Gateway logs and we found that SQL query like these raise errors:


SELECT "basetable0"."c97","basetable0"."c98"

SELECT "t4"."Esercizio Sales" AS "c96","t4"."Data Sales" AS "c97","t4"."Mese Sales" AS "c98"
(select "DueYear" as "Esercizio Sales",
    "C1" as "Data Sales",
    "DueMonth" as "Mese Sales",
    "DueWeek" as "Settimana Sales"
    select "DueYear",
        cast("DueDate" as DATE) as "C1"
    from "_SYS_BIC"."sap.sbo/SALES_ANALYSIS"
    group by "DueYear",
) as "ITBL"
where "C1" >= date'20120101' and "C1" <= date'20181231')
 AS "t4"
"t4"."Esercizio Sales"            =        '2017'

GROUP BY "t4"."Esercizio Sales","t4"."Data Sales","t4"."Mese Sales"
 AS "basetable0"INNER JOIN

(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'10' AS "c98" )  UNION ALL
(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'11' AS "c98" )  UNION ALL
(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'12' AS "c98" )  UNION ALL
(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'01' AS "c98" )  UNION ALL
(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'02' AS "c98" )  UNION ALL
(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'03' AS "c98" )  UNION ALL
(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'04' AS "c98" )  UNION ALL
(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'05' AS "c98" )  UNION ALL
(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'06' AS "c98" )  UNION ALL
(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'07' AS "c98" )  UNION ALL
(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'08' AS "c98" )  UNION ALL
(SELECT '2017' AS "c96",'09' AS "c98" )
 AS "semijoin1" ON

("semijoin1"."c96" = "basetable0"."c96" OR "semijoin1"."c96" IS NULL AND "basetable0"."c96" IS NULL)
("semijoin1"."c98" = "basetable0"."c98" OR "semijoin1"."c98" IS NULL AND "basetable0"."c98" IS NULL)


GROUP BY "basetable0"."c97","basetable0"."c98"
LIMIT 1000001


the error occurs at the highlighted statement and seems related to the SELECT statement without FROM clause created by THE Power BI engine which SAP HANA cannot manage.

We are facing the same issue in Power BI Desktop


How is it possible?




Power BI Desktop errorPower BI Desktop error


PowerBI Online & PowerBI Embedded

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by timwilson Frequent Visitor on ‎01-08-2018 03:51 PM



This morning we have experienced issues with reports in the online service and embedded, the data is not returning the correct results from the DB (directquery), e.g. if i open the report in the desktop client, i see the correct data, when I run the embedded or online version it returns no data or very little data.



In a Power BI embedded (via azure workspace) I get the following error on some visuals:

"Custom visuals have been disabled for your organization"

The visuals are not custom visuals from the custom visual gallery but very simple standard visuals, for example a standard Card visual to display a string, referring to a measure with a simple IF statement to choose between two strings.

A common element to all the places where I see this bug is the use of IF statement in the measure that is displayed in the visual.

In all cases the visual is a simple Card.


Memory Allocation for Tier

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by darranm Frequent Visitor on ‎12-07-2017 07:59 AM

Hi all,


I have done a routine check of the datasets within our Premium EM1 Capacity and found a small number of reports (within the same App Workspace), have not been refreshed, some have.


The error is:

Processing error: You have reached the maximum allowable memory allocation for your tier. Consider upgrading to a tier with more available Memory.


This is a little striking, has anybody else seen this issue? We have an extremely small number of reports utilising EM1 Premium, with average to little usage (development phase), yet we have exceeded 80% memory thrashing 8 times in the last 7 days.


Are the particular reports failing at fault here, or have their refreshes arbitrarily been chosen to pause?

Drill-Through bug in Publish on Web

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by FilippoV Regular Visitor on ‎01-12-2018 12:09 AM

Hi Community,


in latest version of PowerBi Desktop (Jan - 2018) is introduced the ability of hide pages.



In my application i've a page called ABC - Details that has DrillThrough filters. This page is hide.


I've publish this application on web but when a user clicks with the right mouse button on a matrix that has a link to DrillThrough filters the ability to browse on the page that has drillthrought filters is not hidden and the user can go to the page even if has been hidden.



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