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I've published a report from my work account.

Under Dataset Settings it shows Datagateway error and shows:

This data set has been configured by *myprivate* .

I've tripple checked my credential, sign-out and in ...

I see my WORK environment, but it somehow connects the Dataset to gmail....

And doesn't allow me to set up Enterprise Gatway for Dataset or Refresh

I know others are experiencing same issue here:


Please help.



Unable to cast object of type 'ComDataConvert' to type 'ComDataConvert'. The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface. The sync works perfectly on power bi desktop. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.

We are trying to use Power BI to pull data from SAP BW leveraging both BEx queries and cube connections. With each scenario we are running into different issues and were trying to figure out if this is a Power BI Limitation/Issue with 1. Connecting to a Warehouse 2. They way that Power BI is communicating with SAP BW to pull its data or is this a SAP BW Limitation/Issue based on how SAP BW servers up data.


Tested With Cube:

0FIGL_C10 -General Ledger (New) Transaction Figures


Data Load is very slow

Adding new columns and refreshing data seems to take a very long time. I don't know if this is a sap warehouse issue, an OLAP issue, or a power bi Issue. I had our basis team monitor our BW environment when connecting to a cube where I selected all the columns. The cube contains 349,628 records which is based on generating the SQL Statement from the cube (In SAP BW RSA1) and executing that in SQL Server Management Studio. This call eventually failed with the following ‘RFC_ABAP_RUNTIME_FAILURE: TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED which I was told was due to running out of memory. Prior to testing this I had Basis increase our memory footprint on the server in an attempt to rule out memory issues.


Column limitation (selecting to many columns) or possibly and combination of Columns + Rows

When I connect to a cube and select 1-4 fields everything is pretty responsive. But as you start adding more and more fields the performance starts to suffer. In testing it looks like we can add 12 fields without any issue (Super Slow Refresh Times) but once we hit the 13th field we get an RFC_ABAP_RUNTIME_FAILURE – TIME_OUT.



I don’t write a lot of MDX statements so my statement could be the cause of the issue but I run into the same issues remain. Which makes sense because I believe Power BI is connecting to SAP BW through the BW Open Analysis Interface OLBAP BAPIs regarless of if you going againt a Cube, BEx Query, or MDX.


This works:

Select   NON EMPTY [Measures].MEMBERS ON COLUMNS,   NON EMPTY   [0FISCYEAR].Members *   [0CO_AREA].Members *   [0COMP_CODE].[LEVEL01].Members   PROPERTIES     [0COMP_CODE].[20COMP_CODE]   on rows   from [$0FIGL_C10]   WHERE ([0COMP_CODE].[1100], [0FISCYEAR].[K12016])


Doesn’t Work

Select   NON EMPTY [Measures].MEMBERS ON COLUMNS,   NON EMPTY   [0FISCYEAR].Members *   [0CO_AREA].Members *   [0COSTCENTER].Members *   [0CHRT_ACCTS].Members *   [0CO_AREA].Members *   [0CURTYPE].Members *   [0FUNC_AREA].Members *   [0GL_ACCOUNT].Members *   [0PROFIT_CTR].Members *   [0SEGMENT].Members *   [0VALUATION].Members *   [0VERSION].Members *   [0FISCPER].Members *   [0FISCPER3].Members *   [0FISCVARNT].Members *   [0FISCYEAR].Members *   [0COMP_CODE].[LEVEL01].Members   PROPERTIES     [0COMP_CODE].[20COMP_CODE]   on rows   from [$0FIGL_C10]   WHERE ([0COMP_CODE].[1100], [0FISCYEAR].[K12016])


Key and Text Values

The last think I want to touch on is the key values. Power BI does not appear to give you the ability to select or toggle between the text and key values. Though MDX I was able to include the properties section and include the key value (Which was nice) but this should be standard functionality.



I wanted to try and cover all my bases and rule out as much as I could to try and pin point the issue. As such I used Tableau to connect to the same structure as it’s my understanding that it also utilizing the BW Open Analysis Interface OLBAP BAPIs to query SAP BW. I’ll point out that I don’t really use Tableau but it was a tool that was available to use a test. Once again I had Basis monitor the SAP Environment to help track down any issues. Within seconds tableau had pulled in the Metadata and I was able to create a sheet. Tableau appears to provide a live query connection to the cube whereas Power BI appears to try and load the data first which may also be contributing to the performance issues. Again I just wanted to test with another tool to try and rule out the SAP environment.




With SAP being our ERP system we need the ability to effectively be able to query our data warehouse and provide the user community with self-service reporting/analytics. With the issues listed above its making this a very difficult process to move forward with. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We love Power BI and the users who have seen our demos love what it can do and I feel like we are always installing this on someone’s machine.



Timeline Slicer Issue

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by maddy Frequent Visitor on ‎12-18-2016 07:21 AM



Between option on dates is not working on timeline custom visual nor in timeline slicer once we import data from direct query. 




wrap column headers

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by David4F Frequent Visitor on ‎01-11-2017 08:21 AM

Hi ,


I was very excited when wrap column headers was introduced in the January 17 update. Then very dismayed to find once published it was not supported.

Please tell me I am missing a trick, or alternatively when I can expect it to be supported?


Kind Regards



Bug in slicer displaying images horizontally

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by pmdci Member on ‎11-10-2016 03:14 PM

Adding an image URL field for a slicer works if the slicer orientation is vertical. However, if the orientation is set to horizontal, the URL of the image is shown instead of the image.

Sharing from Groups to non pro users

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by vsagan Frequent Visitor on ‎01-19-2017 10:26 PM

As of yesterday all of our dashboards in groups which were shared directly with other non-pro users are no longer accessible by non-pro users.


Is this intentional?

Q&A against OLAP cube creates random filter

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by Ross_B Visitor on ‎01-18-2017 05:19 AM

While using Q&A against an OLAP cube, as soon as I type "by" something it creates a random filter against the visual causing it to fail. 





















As soon as I delete the filter it works as it should. This happens with all measures & dimensions and I have tried 3 seperate cubes all with the same result. Is this a known bug or just a result of "Some functionality is available for multi-dimensional data sources, but the full Q&A experience is not yet supported for this dataset type."?

Web Data Refresh Error

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by rdoughty Occasional Visitor on ‎11-15-2016 12:23 PM

Hello Power BI community,

I recently created a desktop file and with "Web" as the only data source. Everything was working great. After a week, the refresh failed. It appears Power BI thinks I am trying to use an on premise data source and as far as I know the "Web" feed can be refreshed without a gateway. (Like I said, it was working wonderfully for a week.) Could anyone offer some suggestions? I have tried renaming, republishing, deleteing... I have made a new .pbix and published it from scratch with the same result. Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks, Ryan.

After updating to October build#2.40.4554.463 64-bit Slicer failed to have Monthly data hierarchy. I tried with all the options of setting a new date column with only Month names and also with only date (without time information) and nothing worked. To make the slicer available in my report, I had to use a customer from 


Not sure if it is a bug and everyone else have similar issue?

If we have one object (e.g. a visual, text box, etc) selected, we can nudge them with the keyboard. However if we have more than one object selected, that won't work.


Seems like someone forgot how the ForEach loop works ;-)


 Recently when exportig data from tables using power bi, the export in the xlsx file appears (which is great), but in the wrong column order! Can there at least be an option to keep the exsitng order?

Lag, slow load, just spinning

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by HughJohnson Visitor on ‎12-12-2016 04:48 AM

I see previous reports on this issue.  It wasn't affecting me until the last few days.  Now many of my visuals in PBI Service just won't load.  Spinning all the time.  It was working fine and now it is not.  It is a PBIX file published from desktop to PBI Service.  I tried updating PBI Desktop to the latest release, and republishing, also tried saving PBI Desktop as a new file and publishing a new report and data set to the PBI Service.  Same issue.  


It is not usable at all at the moment Smiley Sad

When we use the timeline functionality in the new Timeline feature in the Slicer visual, I would expect that the Date Input fields should adhere to the date locale settings as defined in Power BI's Options menu.

Unfortunately, in the Power BI Service, the locale is always set to US short date format (i.e. "mm/dd/yyyy")

We leverage the out-of-tenant sharing feature of Power BI and it has always allowed users to click the 3 dots on a table or other visual and click "Export Data" to get to the underlying dataset.


Around the October update, this functionality is now gone.  We see similar forum questions but not specific to our scenario, so opening up a new issue here.


I have a hunch that the ability to Export Data was explicitly removed from dashboards that are shared out-of-tenant, but if this is simply a bug that can be fixed, I need to know.  Working around this issue will cost my company money to develop alternative ways to get to the underlying data so knowing if it's a bug or a "fix" is very important to me.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Unable to Refresh Database Table in Power BI

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by Varmentr1 Visitor on ‎11-22-2016 09:18 AM

I am using the free version of Power BI - Version: 2.40.4554.361 64-bit (October, 2016) - and very new to Power BI.  I have been unable to manually refresh an Oracle Database table in Power BI.  I made updates to a table in the Oracle DB (which was previously loaded as a Direct Import to Power BI) and then refreshed the data in Power BI but the changes I made are not appearing in Power BI.  I also created a new report and added this table as a Direct Query and the changes are still not showing up.  A co-worker of mine who is also using the free version of Power BI - (the September, 2016 version) - is not having these issues. 


Does the manual refresh not work with my version of Power BI?


Please help!  Thanks!

Dev Tool is not Showing

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by pulkitbasia New Member on ‎11-16-2016 01:30 AM

Hi I am willing to devlop a New custom Visual but the Dev tool is not showing up while i register on PowerBI app. Below is the screenshot for the same. On the place of Circle there should be a Dev tool option but its coming up. Please let me know how i can access the Dev tools to create a custom Visual.



Change the currency symbol

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by thiagozaiden Frequent Visitor on ‎11-10-2016 08:42 AM

Couldn't find Brazil Real currency symbol  R$.

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Yesterday I tried to create a group workspace in power BI and it gave me a "Something went wrong" error message. The group name was "AB Reports" and it never got created.


Something Went Wrong Error


A few hours later I tried to create a new group called "BC Reports" and it created without any issue. So I tried to create "AB Reports" again and it's saying now that the group name is no longer available, even though it didn't create that group in the first place.



Any suggestions?



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It seems I've encountered a bug when using R in query editor in PowerBI desktop.

I have an .xlsx with some cells end with "…", take the following one as example.



2. Add a R script in query editor to process the chart. Write nothing but "ResultSet <- dataset"

3. After processed, the ResultSet will be disordered like this: 



4. If I remove all the "…", the data will be all good.


I've used RStudio do the same on the chart, it was OK. So I doubt if it is a bug specific in PowerBI R script.