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Power BI Desktop crashes in tablet mode Windows 10

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by GGetty Frequent Visitor on ‎04-29-2017 07:01 AM

Cannot run Power BI Desktop in tablet mode on Windows 10 - was trying to use tent mode during demonstration and it keeps crashing giving me the following error:


"Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.


Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow."


Any way to resolve this - or is the program just not going to run in tablet mode?

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Hi All,

I created a Power BI report accessing On - Premises SQL Server Data Base.

I published on PowerBi Services, and everything was ok until I create a schedule refresh. After that I can't see anymore the report`s data. Besides when I click into the data set this error appears:

"This dataset contains on-premises data sources. To schedule data refresh, try Power BI Pro for 60.00 days, or contact your Office 365 tenant administrator to purchase Power BI Pro. Learn more about data sources that currently support refresh."


I Have a free Power BI acount and I`m using a personal Gateway ( Connected and good to go !)


As We Can see in the PowerBi's documentation, I thought it was able to schedule a refresh :

Data Refresh                                     Power BI (free)                     Power BI Pro
Datasets scheduled to refresh          Daily                                     Hourly*


Does Anyone Can Help me?

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Having issue with integer data in powerBI

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by gangadharreddy1 Occasional Visitor ‎05-12-2017 04:34 AM - edited ‎05-12-2017 04:41 AM

Hi ,


I have data like 123456789123456789 for one column with bigint datatype in SQLDW .



We are able to see 123456789123456789 in SSMS and  SSAS but in powerBI it's showing as 1.02412412+18 .


Could you please help me on  this do i need to do any changes from powerBI side with respective to that column.


Thanks in advance.


Uploading a pbix file with custom function calls to a parameter.



Parameter: "12345//abcdefgh//klmnop"

Function: "Splits the parameter by "//", returns the correct part of the parameter based on an input value)

Query: "Source = Function("FirstValue")"

                     Returns: "12345"


It works great to refresh and have function calls either directly in the Query with position/split functions or by a custom function call ("Function") locally in the pbix file. When uploading the pbix to the service with function calls to control what part of the parameter should be fetched in the query it's not possible to either refresh nor schedule a refresh:

"You can't schedule refresh for this dataset because one or more sources currently don't support refresh."


I've seen a work around for this problem written by Chris Webb:


In my case the work around did not work, it's a slightly different approach in Chris Webb's case (he uses Web.Contents, I'm using an odata call).

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In Power BI web, I am connecting to a Power BI Desktop file via One Drive. I'm using the on-prem enterprise gateway and using DirectQuery to query SQL Server 2014 on-prem. When creating reports within Power BI Desktop, everything works fine, however when I upload the file to One Drive none the measures show "Cannot display the visual" without any other error messaging. Calculated columns work fine.

This was working last week, however since around Saturday this error started occuring. I've tried creating the file from scratch again, however the issue persists.

Has anyone else come across this? Can anyone recommend some things I can try?


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I was able to pinch (zoom) within reports from the iPad Mobile app. But it seems that since a recent update this is not possible anymore. You can zoom within a dashboard but as soon as you click to the report, zooming does not work within the report.


The funny thing is that you can zoom within a report from the iPhone app!


Anyone a solution? Or is this a bug?



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I have a report embedded in a website using Power BI Embedded (ie. published to an Azure collection and presented with the Javascript client).  It uses a direct query connection to an Azure SQL database.  The report has a filter slider on a transaction date variable.  


The issue is the date range of the filter slider is not updating to reflect new dates that are being added to the database.  The maximum end of the slider still reflects that maximum date that was available when the report was published to the Azure collection.  A couple of weeks of newer data has been added since then.  I can see the newer data on other pages of the report which do not have date sliders on them.



The maximum ActivityDate available right now is 23/04/2017 rather than 12/04/2017.


The only way I have found to force the date range to update is to open the source PBIX file, press the refresh button, save the file, and overwrite the existing file in the Azure collection with this new one.


Has anyone run into this issue before?




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Data Refresh error

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by acefull Frequent Visitor on ‎11-28-2016 03:18 PM

Having a same data refresh issue for last three weeks. Can you please help asap? I'm a PRO user @ Nike.  If you please provide support number where I can call and address the issue immedately?


OneDrive refresh for StageReport.csv has been disabled. You can learn about common reasons refresh fails in our help topics or reach out to our Community for help. As always, you can also contact support.

If you contact support for this issue, please provide them with the following information:

Activity Id: b6a57d09-771d-4276-b54e-2f9643d6dcbb

Request Id: a3c31ad7-1c70-48a0-86c6-31c6d479fb23

Cluster Name:

Refresh Start Time: 11/28/2016 22:38:09Z

Refresh End Time: 11/28/2016 22:38:10Z

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Hi all,


I am using the following query (when connecting to SQL database in DirectQuery mode) to get appointments for the previous 12 months:


Table.SelectRows(dbo_ReportAppointmentsView, each Date.IsInPreviousNMonths([Date], 12))


It was working perfectly fine and was generating SQL query with where clause like:

"where convert(date, [_].[Date]) >= convert(datetime2, '2015-11-01 00:00:00') and convert(date, [_].[Date]) < convert(datetime2, '2016-11-01 00:00:00'))"


The problem is that when current month changed (November -> December) it is still generation SQL query with exactly the same dates.

I was expecting that the dates should be '2015-12-01'  and '2016-12-01'  to display a data for previous 12 months.

It helps to press "Refresh" button in Power BI desktop but it is clearly not a maintanable solution if I want the report to automatically display correct data.


Is it a bug or expected behaviour?



Sergey Yerdekov



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Table visualization not printing colors

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by celebrindal Frequent Visitor on ‎12-28-2016 08:47 AM

Hi all. Been playing around with BI for a awhile now and am attempting to use it to generate a 'printable' status report for a client.

While that in of itself has been a challenge I have come across a fairly obvious bug and was wondering what the status of it being look at, if it currently is at all.


When using the table visualization I am able to do things like conditinal color formating for values, and overall settings like table style alternating. These all look great, but I have some clients who still prefer paper and will want to print it out. This is where the 'bug' kicks in.


For some reason it's ignoring most if not all of the color output on the visualization when it's being printed. It doesn't matter if I print to our color printer, to PDF, or even out to One Note. In all cases it looses the coloring. I do know that it is attempting some of it as the one image i'll show you can see the rows have a slight intensity difference between them, but not the grey color banding from the table setting.


So here are the list of things I see currently not work:

1. I couldn't turn the column headers off so I changed them to white. One the screen they are invisible, but when you do the print out you can see them (e.g. TaskName right under the Milestone text box).

2. Color banding doesn't seem to work at all other than changing the darkness of the text slightly.

3. Finally in the last column 'Health Values' or Status-Color code all you see are the numbers which i'm using to generate my conditional formating on.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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See Data missing values for lines on Combo Chart

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by mcolb88 Frequent Visitor on ‎12-28-2016 06:00 AM

On a combo chart, when viewing data points under See Data feature, values for lines are not shown. The line values of Contact Rate and Outbound Contact Rate as missing from the data view.



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On premises Data gateway

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by kalpana Regular Visitor on ‎12-11-2016 11:14 PM

Your data gateway (Power BI – personal) is offline or couldn't be reached.Hide details
Processing error: Your data gateway (Power BI – personal) is offline or could not be reached. Ensure the gateway computer is on and you are logged on to it during the scheduled refresh period.
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: ce4f0f4d-e0d0-495b-b5be-a6dc16c29e35
Request ID: 30bd0e1a-7530-75cf-9ebc-701627576ca1
Time: 2016-12-12 04:28:20Z


This error i am getting. I installed gateway also. Please help me to resolve this

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Parameter passing in dashboard URL

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by RahulM1 Visitor on ‎12-14-2016 11:23 PM

Hi  ALL,

I have created a Power bi report and used the Publish to web option and integrated the dashboard to a dot net application.But I want to pass the parameters in the dashboard and the data need be filtered according to the particular project. And I want to call this parameters using Dot Net code.So if anyone knows how to solve this issue please help.

(I dont mind either using IFrame or HTML or Dot net or javascript or any means to call this parameters in application).




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Connection Error Object of Reference

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by rewman55 Visitor on ‎12-20-2016 08:25 AM



I have continuously get "Object reference not set to an instance of object' error while trying to connect to any of my companies databases. I have updated MySQL. It is weird because I use the same machine as my boss (I remote in to the machine) and he is able to connect with no problem but my account will not allow me to connect. We have tried to uninstall reinstall as well. Can you please shine light on this? It is a major inconveniance at this point. 


Thank you,



Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 11.22.49 AM.png



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Events in Tureky

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by Kenan_Jaddeny New Member on ‎12-19-2016 03:34 AM

Hello every one


I'm wondering about if there're any upcoming events for MS Power BI in Turkey?


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India Map on Bing

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by sandeep2883 Occasional Visitor on ‎12-08-2016 03:25 AM

PowerBI Map.JPG

The India Map shown on the BING in Power BI does not include Arunachal Pradesh & Kashmir in India. It shows in dotted line which should not be the case. It can land us in prisonment & hence need an immidiate fix.



wrap column headers

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by David4F Frequent Visitor on ‎01-11-2017 08:21 AM

Hi ,


I was very excited when wrap column headers was introduced in the January 17 update. Then very dismayed to find once published it was not supported.

Please tell me I am missing a trick, or alternatively when I can expect it to be supported?


Kind Regards



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 We are having a problem with an Excel file stored on corporate One Drive that does not get refreshed in the Report even if Data Source looks to be refreshing. The same user is used for One Drive and Power BI. Below you can check the screenshot showing the data set being refreshed.


But when checking on report side we can see that the Dataset does not see to be refreshed.


It is a little confusing why the data is not being refreshed in the report. Can you please advise?


Many thanks,



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Kusto Query update is failing in PowerBi Dashboard

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by Bhavi Visitor on ‎05-16-2017 01:46 AM

I have built a PowerBi dashboard which is getting data from Kusto queries.

I have scheduled a daily refresh of the dashboard which is failing because the Kusto connection is timing out during the refresh. Initally i had a single report which had multiple queries. Since the connection was timing out during the refresh i spilt the queries in three seperate reports but still connection is failing during refresh. Please let me know what i can do to ensure smooth refresh of my Kusto queries in powerbi.

Below is the snapshot of the error



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Gettig Debug error in Embedded PBI

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by meenakshi_bhati New Member on ‎11-29-2016 07:35 AM

We are getting debug assert failed: unsupported filter type, while exporting data directly to Power BI, but in some reports. However, the texture for all the reports are same and no new code has been applied yet.