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The drillthrough functionality seems to have caused one big issue for me.  I have multiple reports at a summary level with multiple slicers on each page and a detail level report with even more slicers.  I have setup the drillthrough functionality to work with my 'State' slicer.  When I use the drillthrough functionality to get to the detailed report, it works properly and filters my detailed report.  HOWEVER, the other pages in my report now have the state filter set as well, but there is NO way to remove it.  For example, I drilled on 'NY' and then all of my pages now only show NY as the only value in my list of values.  The only solution seems to be to remove or clear all of the other filters (even though all of them show 'All') on the page.  


I will try to replicate this, but I think there is a bug as this PBIX was working very well prior to implementing drillthrough.

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Our report - which is based on MY SQL Queries - seems to experience difficulties regarding the scheduled refresh. This is the error that we got back: 

If anyone can offer any advice or provide further information that would be highly appreciatedGateway Refresh ErrorGateway Refresh Error

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Analyze in Excel / CubeValue not working

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by nbailey Frequent Visitor on ‎09-07-2017 01:05 PM

Starting yesterday, none of my Excel reports that I setup using CubeValue formulas are able to refresh.  Occasionally some of the cells will return values, but most of the time all of the cells just [eventually] come back with a #N/A error.  I have some Pivot Tables in the same reports using the same ODC connection and those refresh/update without any issues, it is just the CubeValue formulas that are impacted.  If I edit the formula in an individual cell (i.e. start adding a new filter variable), it reads the data model without issue (suggesting fields to complete what I am typing), and most of the time after editing that individual cell will return an actual value.  Same thing happens if I create a second ODC connection (to the same model) - if I repoint an individual cell to the new ODC connection, I get a value.  However if I try to do a find/replace on the Worksheet with the new ODC Connection, the same issue occurs - long amount of spinning with no values being returned.


Since it's clearly not a connection issue, I'm not even sure where to start troubleshooting?  I found a short thread in the Community forum referencing the same issue from a couple of other users, but no resolution.  It appears to be random and intermittent based on what the other users have written.


Community Thread:

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I though this was fixed in the last release and seemed to stopped happening after I downloaded the newest version. Now it is back and is a complete pain to deal with. Please fix this issue. Sign in issue_Ink_LI.jpg





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Filled Maps Give Different Results

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by mmulder Visitor on ‎09-04-2017 02:18 AM

We have created a filled map using the names of some places in The Netherlands. My collegua created this filled map and then it worked fine in Power BI Destop (June). Then we published it to our SSRS portal and the filled areas on the map were only patially loaded. When I open the map in different versions op Power BI desktop I also get a fastly different result then my collegue.


We already set our system language to "English" USA. This solved some of the misplacements but definitly not all.
Result Filled Map.PNG

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Slicer correctly filters matrix to an empty set in the July 2017 desktop version.

In the published web version, the sliced matrix incorrectly retains pre-slice contents, seems to ignore slicer.

Slicer field is in fact table.

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This morning, when I started Power BI Gateway - Personal, it failed with the error, "GWConf has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."  I uninstalled and re-installed the application but am still getting the same error.  The Personal gateway as worked flawlessly for weeks prior to today.  I'm not aware of any changes being made to my PC but I'm using a company computer and sometimes our IT department pushes out updates without prior notification.  Where do I begin looking for the cause of the failure? (I'm just a Power BI user, not a developer.)

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Not sure if this is related to the data refresh issue, but starting yesterday I have two different external customers (both in California) that view different dashboards.  They are able to get to the dashboard frames, however get an error stating that "something went wrong.. unable to load the data model".


Anyone else experienceing this with external users?


Our data is on prem, we use the personal gateway, and the external customers are using the link provided in the original MSFT email I shared with them.




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Image link: 




I have pasted a link to the image above, I could not embed it for some reason.


I am pretty new to PowerBI, so be nice. I have loaded some geographical data against the UK using a postcode file on a map.


I get a yellow warning error bar at the bottom of the ESRI/ ARCGIS map that tells me: "Failed to Locate 23 Features".


I cannot work out how to interrogate, review or fix these 'features'.


It would be really helpful if error reporting was able to be scrutinised a lot more clearly for a novice like myself.


Any comments and support would be welcome. 


Many thanks,




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It looks like that filtering is not working properly when using three or more slicers/filters in Power BI Online Report view. It works on the desktop version but when publishing to Power BI Online some of the relations between filters is broken.


See video for reproducing the issue:





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I am using the forecast package to forecast our sales. It works perfectly on Power BI Desktop but not when I upload my report to the Power BI service. The error says 'Visual is loading a package with a dependency that is currently unavailable'. I am only using forecast package in my script and it is present in the list of currently supported packages. I am also using read.csv to grab data from a web link. Can that cause a problem?



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Import of JIRA issues is failing

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by Lipin Visitor on ‎06-29-2017 09:16 PM

We are trying to import the JIRA issues on to Power BI using the JIRA content pack and generate the dashboards. But this is failing with an error message "We couldn't Import the data" . Additional error information that I can gather from the error detail is "We found extra characters at the end of JSON input.. The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface."



Steps followed

1. Provided the JIRA issues link - ""

2. Authentication selected as Basic and provided validd JIRA user name and password

3, Then tried connecting but failed  with the error message


JIRA instance  - Cloud

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When i click on See Records option from the Column Chart, i was able to go to the see records view


But, i am unable to export the data into excel.


I was able to see this option couple of days back



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I have a report with a couple of slicers and the Matrix Preview visual which work fine together in the Desktop client, but the filtering gets "stuck" when viewing/interacting with the report in the Power BI Service.  The slicer will often filter the data upon first selection, but when the selection is unchecked, the data in the Matrix Preview visual does not return to its unfiltered state.  When the "eraser" button in the header of the slicer is clicked, this DOES sometimes prompt the data to revert to its unfiltered state.


Similarly, sometimes when a selection is checked in the slicer, it does not filter the data at all.  Clicking the "eraser" button and then re-attempting to use the slicer sometimes fixes the issue and enables the filtering of data (but the filtering remains stuck and won't "unfilter" until the eraser on the slicer is clicked).


Here are some snapshots:

1) Unfiltered:








2) Slicer Selected (filtering as expected in this case, although this is not consistent either):Pic2-Filtered.JPG










3) Slicer Unselected (still holding filter from when slicer was selected):

Pic3-Slicer Unselected but still filtered.JPG




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Zip code mapping problem!

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by chairston Visitor on ‎02-14-2017 11:24 AM

I've been working on a data set for a few weeks that maps the top 10 records by zip code in the Map vizualization. This data set was working up until yesterday (2/13/2017). Today, 2/14, the power bi embedded version no longer maps the zip code data.


I downloaded the Feb 2017 power bi desktop update, and now I have the same problem in the desktop version. I went back to the January update - but the mapping there is also not working.


Did something break in Power BI? Or bing maps?

Please help, as this problem will completely derail a customer initiative.

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After upgrading the Personal gateway to the june version blank date fields gets imported as 1899 dates rendering my reports broken (since I filter on e.g deleted_at = blank).


Swithced back to older version (Apr release) returns import to normal behaviour.


This is an on premises scheduled refresh from an AWS RDS ProstgreSQL DB.


Any idea on how to correct this?

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So I've been trying to sign up for about 3 weeks now, and I keep getting the same error message "Sorry, that didn't work. There's a problem on our end. We're working on it, so try again later."

This problem has been persistant for 3 weeks and I'd like to sign up so I can buy PRO and continue. 
I signed up, got the verification code, put it into the field and continued. |





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I noticed today that ALL of my attribute slicers are now set to 'highlight' other visuals rather than 'filter' them. I didn't make this change. They have been set to filter for 2 months. Perhaps this was triggered by the January update? Lots of rework involved to set them up to filter again.

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Unable to save the report

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by sjones Occasional Visitor on ‎06-08-2017 09:35 AM

Have a dashboard report that when filtered in edit report view and then saved does not save and the following message appears. Have another report in the workspace and this saves fine. Deleted the dataset and re-uploaded but this has had not effect.






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We have created an iframe using "Publish to Web" feature and tried to embed it in SharePoint. This is working fine with chrome/edge browser, not in IE. This issue has started on last month ( May 2017).

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