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We have two different reports on the web service, one named "[RTM] Desktop" and another named "[Outgoing RTM] Desktop". Essentially, since a couple of weeks ago, the data of "[RTM] Desktop" was supposed to move over to "[Outgoing RTM] Desktop" automatically (changes made in the SQL Server view), and "[RTM] Desktop" was supposed to get new data.


However, the first report, "[RTM] Desktop", keeps getting overridden by data that's supposed to now be in "[Outgoing RTM] Desktop", whenever a scheduled refresh happens, almost like it's being reverted back to its old state (except the data is up to date so it's not that the data was cached from a couple iterations before). The "[Outgoing RTM] Desktop" report has the correct data, so we have two reports with the same dataset.


We've tried the following things to try to figure out what's going on:

  1. We checked if the backend SQL Server views are providing the correct data for both reports => Yes
  2. We downloaded both reports locally and refreshed manually => data goes back to the correct state
  3. We deleted both datasets and reuploaded them on multiple occassions


We really don't know why our "[RTM] Desktop" data keeps getting overridden everytime there is a scheduled refresh (once per day). It's quite cumbersome to have to refresh the data locally on PowerBI Desktop and reupload every single day, just to have the right set of data on the web dashboards.


Any thoughts?

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The A-->Z sorting option is not working in Chart Visualizations in the May 2018 update.  Despite multiple attempts, the sort feature seems locked to Z--->A only.  


This is highly disruptive as all charts are now defaulting to Z--->A sorting and cannot be set to A--->Z.



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AZ Sorting broken

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by SPMoore Frequent Visitor on ‎04-24-2018 03:35 AM

Hi, since the April 2018 release, it is not possible to sort A-Z on a chart axis, only Z-A.  When clicking A-Z on the dropdown elipses, nothing happens.  It is possible to sort by a measure but not A-Z with a text value or numeric value on the axis.


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Trouble publishing

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by RevJoe Frequent Visitor on ‎05-01-2018 11:21 AM



I'm having trouble publishing any app from a workspace right now on the Power BI Service.  Is there an outage or something going on with Power BI that is temporarily not allowing updates to apps from workspaces in the Power BI Service?  Below is the detail that shows when I try to update an app.


Something went wrong
Failed to publish app.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID2825471f-12c5-4e92-8651-c3151ac3b2e3
Request ID67cd3c5f-9013-51cb-ee97-7e3b0c3fa973
Correlation ID40ccc96c-be2f-2484-a55c-9439e2795c8c
TimeTue May 01 2018 14:15:55 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
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Power BI desktop Menus not working

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by osmandfernando Frequent Visitor on ‎05-06-2018 06:44 PM

I am a windows insider and after the latest update last week, my power BI desktop application's menus (File, Home etc etc) not fucntioning, I can add pages do analysis even save using short cut but Menus are not working. Please help

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Reports are not working in the service

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by Steffen Frequent Visitor on ‎11-17-2017 05:15 AM

For the last 30 minutes it has not been possible to show reports in the service. They are just loading and never finishes. I have tried with reports from different sources, so the problem is in the Power BI Service. 


Can someone fix this ASAP? I'm based in northern europe.

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I'm Experiencing translation problems in PowerBI when uploading my Tabular model from SSAS v. (compatability level 1400)


I have downloaded the latest On-premises data gateway version number: 14.16.6650.1 and it works fine. 


In I have changed the settings to the same local language as have been made in the tabular model, but it doesn't translate the table names and table columns. 


It does however translate the folders and the measures. Is there a setting that I'm missing. On other sql setups, there is no problem with the translation it works fine, however it is not SSAS 2017 and it is with an older version of the on-premises data gateway.




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Date bug with Sharepoint file sources

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by Sascha1 Frequent Visitor on ‎03-27-2018 02:40 AM

As mentioned in these threads:




PowerBI has a bug since the March release when it comes to reading files from Sharepoint and using the date fields provided by Sharepoint. This not only affects the desktop but also the service.

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We have a Power BI daily status report that is published to the power bi service and shared with users.  Users subscribe to the main report page to receive a daily status update via email.


The report was edited in the Power BI Desktop service to add a new visual on the main page. The name of that page was not changed. After the report was published to the Power BI service, users stopped receiving the daily email update. When they signed onto Power BI service to view their subscription status, they now see the word "Draft" next to the repport page name. The only fix is for them to delete that subscription and then resubscribe to that page.


This is tremendously inconvenient-- we need to be able to edit our reports without breaking subscriptions. 



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Issue: Couldn't load the data for this visual

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by slee Visitor on ‎04-19-2018 09:37 AM

This issue has been occurring on the Power BI Service over the last 2 days.  Only 1 of the report page is erroring out when uploaded from Power BI desktop to Power BI Service.  The other report pages are functioning properly.  I've reduced the amount of data and it is still erroring out.  Please advise on how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.  Is this related to data volume because I didn't think the dataset were that large (PBix file size is approximately 500 MB.).



Thank you for your help.

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Function  definiton:


 Can't save/apply/change measure anymore due to not accepting any interval parameter


 avg something = CALCULATE(AVERAGE('Table'[something]),
  DATESINPERIOD('Table'[Date],TODAY(), -7, DAY))


 Version: 2.57.5068.721 64-bit (April 2018)


  avg something = CALCULATE(AVERAGE('Table'[something]),
  DATESINPERIOD('Table'[Date],TODAY(), -7,0 , DAY))


Function is defined with integer and not number. Parser seems to be broken

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Hi Guys, 


This morning i was able to login and publish my file to the Power BI web service; this afternoon i downloaded the latest January update and since then i am unable to login to the Desktop app. I get the message "Unable to login. Details: One or more errors have occured". Thats it. Any advice? I cant reset my password for my BI account as it is connected to my Microsoft Account, re-installing has not fixed. Clearing my permission/cache has not fixed. 


Many thanks


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Relationship Display is not saving changes

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by DQuigg Frequent Visitor on ‎11-14-2017 11:11 AM

Is the relationships display in Desktop supposed to save the current position.  In other words, if I drag the hierarchy the way that I want, isn't it supposed to save it?  I seem to get constant issues where I clean up the display only to come back in and it is all hosed up.  Sometimes it seems to save it properly.  What am I missing? I had the one below all nicely laid out and then come back in later and it is all messed up per below.


Relationship Display.PNG

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Since some time last Thursday evening any tile that I have using the "Dark Gray Canvas" base map in the Power Bi Arc GIS maps has been displaying an Arc GIS login rather than the map. The problem does not appear to impact any of the other base maps.


I also get the same if I create a new tile and select the "Dark Gray Canvas" base map in the Arc GIS maps visual. The problem shows up in both desktop and service.


Is anybody else seeing the same and/or is anybody seeing no issue using the "Dark Gray Canavas"? I'm not sure if this issue is regional or widespread in nature.

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I've noticed that the right-click drill-through is no longer working in published reports.     The menu doesn't appear on right-click.      It was working fine last week I believe


It works as expected in Desktop and also PBIS



Many of our users rely on the drill-though functionality to view line level detail


Hopefully it can be corrected soon







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Synced Slicer behaviour not working properly

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by jak82 Member on ‎02-07-2018 04:26 AM

If I copy a slicer from one page to another and sync it and then go abck and change the alues it makes only the selection available in the synced slicer so I am unable to reselect another option.


I am running Feb version and direct query

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The slicers are syncing across pages, but after multiple slicings, it stops going back to the original dimensions and filters all pages to a fixed scenario.



- We have 3 slicers: Year, Month and Day.

- They are visible and slicing across all the pages in the report.


- Slice as follows: (we are at 13 April 2018)

- Year - 2018 and 2017

-slice Month (all available)- Jan, Feb, Mar

- No slice on Day Review report and build extra pages that sync.



- Unselect month slicers

- Only the 3 previously selected months are available and it doesnt update.

- Unselecting all slicers does not fix this.



- Only Months Jan, Feb and Mar Available.

Even after deleting the slicers, the report is still filtered according to the original filter.

I have checked all visuals for their own filters etc.

Its like the report did not forget the slicing.


Setup is a live connection to SSAS

using Chrome online

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We are on March 2018 version of Power BI Report Server.   When a user saves a report with an apostrophe in the name ("Today's Sales" for example) we are unable to mange it through the Power BI Report Server web portal.  We can still view the report through the web portal and mobile app without issue, however when we click the 3 dots on the report to manage security/other properties it gives us "An error has occurred. Something went wrong. Please try again later."

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Something went wrong

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by savitas Visitor on ‎04-10-2018 04:56 PM
Something went wrong
Unable to check the permissions of the report at this time. Please try again later.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID035b2a81-4052-413a-b7a8-626aba61a826
Request IDb39c49ff-7cb9-87ae-a071-0389f517015b
Correlation IDe9f24094-f72c-20ad-e889-96ca4e5d4802
TimeTue Apr 10 2018 19:51:09 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
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This is becoming a very big pain point for me.... It is crucial that my colors stay consistent throughout my report, However, the colors will change in the service!!


Below image shows what I have set in Desktop.





Below shows what is in the Service. Even when I try to re-publish my desktop report. The colors won't match. I have to completely delete the report from my service, then publish. And even then it only lasts a day before the colors are changed.




You will notice, it is all the same colors in both charts.... However, they are just taking different priorities.... In Desktop, I have the magenta line as top priority, but in the Service, it doesn't follow that.


Please, please, please fix this. There are so many threads about this, that have supposedly been resolved, but the issue is not resolved.

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