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This morning, when I started Power BI Gateway - Personal, it failed with the error, "GWConf has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."  I uninstalled and re-installed the application but am still getting the same error.  The Personal gateway as worked flawlessly for weeks prior to today.  I'm not aware of any changes being made to my PC but I'm using a company computer and sometimes our IT department pushes out updates without prior notification.  Where do I begin looking for the cause of the failure? (I'm just a Power BI user, not a developer.)

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I though this was fixed in the last release and seemed to stopped happening after I downloaded the newest version. Now it is back and is a complete pain to deal with. Please fix this issue. Sign in issue_Ink_LI.jpg





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We turned on the audit log feature in more than 50 different tenants we manage.


The logs are working only on 4 of them , What could be the issue ? 


Just to mention , the audit logs work on these tenants , but Power BI logs do not report...


Could you please advise ? 



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Zip code mapping problem!

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by chairston Visitor on ‎02-14-2017 11:24 AM

I've been working on a data set for a few weeks that maps the top 10 records by zip code in the Map vizualization. This data set was working up until yesterday (2/13/2017). Today, 2/14, the power bi embedded version no longer maps the zip code data.


I downloaded the Feb 2017 power bi desktop update, and now I have the same problem in the desktop version. I went back to the January update - but the mapping there is also not working.


Did something break in Power BI? Or bing maps?

Please help, as this problem will completely derail a customer initiative.

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Not sure if this is related to the data refresh issue, but starting yesterday I have two different external customers (both in California) that view different dashboards.  They are able to get to the dashboard frames, however get an error stating that "something went wrong.. unable to load the data model".


Anyone else experienceing this with external users?


Our data is on prem, we use the personal gateway, and the external customers are using the link provided in the original MSFT email I shared with them.




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Mixpanel query failure

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by kenzhang123 Visitor on ‎03-01-2017 02:39 PM

I'm a new user to PowerBI. I couldn't get around with mixpanel connector. It fails on me. the first screen shot works. The second doesn't work. I suspect there's a bug.



The screen shot below has the perfect structure (in my opinion) I verify it in chrome from mixpanel. But it won't retrieve and give me an error code 400


Any help is appreciated. I'm very frustrated.........

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I noticed today that ALL of my attribute slicers are now set to 'highlight' other visuals rather than 'filter' them. I didn't make this change. They have been set to filter for 2 months. Perhaps this was triggered by the January update? Lots of rework involved to set them up to filter again.

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Dashboard no longer available

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by TCLCO Visitor on ‎01-22-2017 08:12 PM

Hi there, 


We are experiencing an issue on the dashboard with tiles showing "The data shown in this tile is no longer available. Please contact the report owner for details" despite the dashboard being still available. Once the user refreshes the page, the tile loads up fine. The user is consistently getting this error. 



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in Power BI Desktop (Version: 2.41.4581.361 32-bit (November 2016)) I want to connect to an Oracle data base via ODBC.

I do have an ODBC data source set up, which so far worked fine in application MS Access 2016 and MS Excel 2016. In Power BI, however, I get an error.

At first the connection seems to wok fine, I get a list of all tables in the data base as expected. But when I try to load a table, the following error message comes up:


DataSource.Error: ODBC: ERROR [07006] [Oracle][ODBC]Restricted data type attribute violation.






However, if in settings in SQL statement optional field I put something like SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME I can access specific table. This could be a workaround for me but it’s very inconvenient approach


I have same issue connecting in Power Query or Power Pivot in Excel 2016.


Is there a way to fix this problem?


Thanks, Danil

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After lastest update I get "We weren't able to restore the saved database to the model" . How can I get ahold of my information. Please don't tell me that I need to recreate it again as it was days of work. Smiley Happy

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We are implementing a PowerBI embedded solution where we use the standard "slicer" visualization in "dropdown" mode. Both when we design our report in PowerBI desktop and when we upload it to power BI service everything works fine. But when publishing the exact same report to our embedded solution, the slicer visual doesn't work in IE11 or Edge (seems to work better in chrome/firefox). This is tested with the exact same report and the exact same browser version (IE ver. 11.576.14393.0). 


The major problem is that the list is stuck in the top without possibility to scroll down. When you open the dropdown you see e.g. 7-8 elements which can be chosen and the report responses fine. But all the elements below the top 7-8 cannot be accessed. We see a scroll down bar to the right but its just stuck in the top.


Another problem is that if you open the dropdown and tries to click elsewhere in the report to close the slicer - nothing happens. It remains open.


Thirdly the "clear selection" icon is misplaced in the left side on top of the titel instead of the correct placement to the right. 


So this happens only when consuming the report in an iframe. I guess there are some event handling that doesn't work properly when using iframes...


This is a major problem for our embedded solution as it depend heavely on this slicer visual. Hope you can fix this in a soon release. Let me know if you have any questions.




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Date hierarchy not working when imported from CSV file via htpp://, the date hierarchy is working fine when the same CSV is imported via BI desktop

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I getting an error while purchasing the power BI.

I tried several times but each time it gives error.


The Error is Below


You can try refreshing the page to solve the problem. You can also wait a few minutes and try again.


Support Information


Correlation ID:
Error code:


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Fairly new PBI user here...


I currently maintain 4 dashboards matched to 4 respective reports & datasets polling from an on-prem SQL DB. Up until about 2 weeks ago, it has been running and refreshing smoothly. Unfortunately, that changed and now I am noticing the data on the reports are not matching the data on the dashboard tiles after a scheduled refresh. 


I have no error messages, no crashes and nothing out of the ordinary pointing me in a direction to look. 


So far, I have tried the following without success:

- Manually refresh the dashbaords. 

- Remove and replace the data gateway. 

- Rebuild all dashboards


Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there a fix I can apply? 

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Hi all,


I have been trying to login to Power BI. Providing the credientials, but it goes into office 365 and I didnt see any Power BI stuff on the web portal.


Can someone let me know the problem? 

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Hi, new to the attempt at Row level security so I'll be the first to admit that I've got something setup wrong but here is what I'm seeing so far.


I have created the Role in the desktop mode, and when I test it as the user i'm connecting as on the desktop it filters down correctly.


I have created a group in Powerbi web and I have done the following:

Published the report to the group.

Pinned the whole report page to the group as a dashboard.

Invited my test account to the dashboard.

In the security setting on the dataset i've add the test account to the Role. Adding in the email address that was included in the group.

When I go to the sharing link that is emailed to that test account I get a 'the data shown in this tile is no longer available, Please contact the report owner for details.'


At first I thought it might have been that my report was using oData to connect to a PWA system. (it's not allowing the dataset to refresh, see other post...)

So I created a new report based off of something else that is connecting to a database. And it refreshes fine, connects to the gateway etc.. but still no dice.

When I had an external user attempt this they at least saw the tiles but everything was x'd out like it wasn't getting their role to show them the proper data. (that's on the oData one.)


When you click on the elipses to go to the report I get a something went wrong error.

Something went wrong

Unable to load report
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity IDb89b66e7-b907-44ee-b8dd-1893f60f74d1
Request ID4d0d5a89-e041-46f2-a610-a0c7506733ac
Correlation ID46b8b349-b1cc-705d-2e11-f815af792d9b
TimeMon Mar 20 2017 16:18:04 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
Cluster URI


If I close that, it opens up the report window, with a bit almost done and circles moving around.. which stays there forever..


So thoughts, or a bug?



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We have production implementation of Power BI, which contains various charts that have an interaction of slice set. Since the latest Power BI release, when clicking on a part of the bar graph in one chart all the bars/parts of the entire sibling chart becomes filled with the same value.



Not Cross Filtered.JPG

Notice that the 17K red portion of the chart on the left for 2017 = 43% of the total. Clicking on the part of the bar yields:

Cross Filtered.JPG

I would have thought that the red 43% portion of the 2017 bar would be highlighted with no changes to the other bars/parts.




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Hi ,


I was trying update my .pbix file into the power BI Services, I got below error message 


it say that "publishing completed" but it was not update in power BI services.


Can you help to me on this



I tried publishing to my workspace area, then i got below error message 


Pbifile issue.JPG



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Hi all

I am having the so popular "the remote server returned an error: (404) not found" when trying to publish a report.

I tried
to delete some tables as read in other threads
to delete the online model and data set
to rename the .pbix
to upgrade the client version
...none worked.

We are stuck since 2 weeks with this problem.

Anyone have a definitive solution?
As far as you know is the bug at, at least, known to Microsoft devs?

Many thanks,

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Dear friends,


We have made a SLA Power BI dashboard and shared this with out client. However, when our client wants to open the dashboard, he sees the following error: 


Stork Foutmelding.png


This error came once our client installed the OKTA verification tool. Before then he could log in without any errors. But after they installed the OKTA verification tool they started getting these errors. 


Does anyone have a solution? Help us out!


Kind regards,



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