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The timeline slicer has started including a comma in its year labels.


So where it should say 2018 then Q1 it will say 2,018 Q1.


This seems to only affect files that were created before the most recent update.

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I have my Power BI report using as source Azure Data Lake Store with no issues.

After publish the report, I can't setup refresh due error message 

You can't schedule refresh for this dataset because one or more sources currently don't support refresh.

Discover Data SourcesThis has been working before

Refresh issue

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Power BI Desktop no longer appears to lock PBIX files when they are open.  I'm sure this used to be the case up to a few months ago.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to your PBIX file

2. Double-click the file to open it in Power BI Desktop

3. Return to Windows Explorer

4. Double-click the same file to open it in Power BI Desktop .. again !?!

5. Chaos


Expected result (and the way it worked previously) is that at step 4 you would receive an error that the file was already open.


Some teams use Windows File Shares to share PBIX files amongst authors - they are severely impacted by this change as you can no longer be sure if someone else has a PBIX file open.


The file does appear to be partially locked - you can't rename it once one Power BI Desktop session has it open.

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Bug in Power BI desktop June Update - Filtering Data view

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by pgk Frequent Visitor ‎06-06-2018 03:45 AM - edited ‎06-06-2018 03:48 AM



There seems to be a bug in the new filter in data view feature in the latest update. If the list is particularly long, the filter box that opens up goes beyond the screen because of which I am not able to make a selection and click on the "OK" button. It seems to be fine when the list is just a couple of items I noticed this problem on a laptop. Haven't yet tried it on a desktop with a larger screeen. Anybody else facing this problem?





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Does anyone have any thoughts on why Numeric Slider input boxes might allow a user to enter a value greater or smaller than the values available in the column the Numeric slider is based on?  We would like to prevent this from occuring, and are thinking it might be a bug with the numeric slider visual.
    For instance, in the Numeric slider shown below, based on the values in the column the Numeric Slider is based on, the user should only be able to enter values between 1 and 6 in the input boxes, however they are able to enter -100 and 100 as the min/max and the slider appears to update accordingly.  I have even tried to set the page level filters to only allow the 1 through 6 range, without luck  (not ideal as this data might change).
1) Slider Min/Max which should be allowed (only options which will return results)
minmax good.png
2) Slider with wrong values manually entered, even though min/max with non-blank values havn't changed:
minmax bad.png
Ideally, if a user added a value greater than the max value, the input slider would revert back to the largest option available after providing the end-user with an alert/explanation, but just not allowing the input is acceptable. 

Thanks for your thoughts!

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PowerPoint Export Changes Legend Layout

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by Laurelatwork Frequent Visitor on ‎03-29-2018 12:51 PM

This was working fine yesterday but today when I exported the online Power BI report to PowerPoint, the legend (which usually resides along the top of this chart) has mysteriously moved to be left-aligned, and covering the charts. This is on every chart & page in my report, so it's not just a single page. I have not changed this report recently.



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There was a similar issue last year. It seems that has re-occured.


When I attempt to publish a report and have not signed  into the Desktop yet, a command prompt box appears then disappears and Power BI crashes. Also, it seems that   after the January 2018 update, Power BI requires to re-signin for each report created prior to installing the  update.  Normally after I have  already signed in, Power BI will not request for  another  signin the next time  I open the same report. 

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As per the title all basic date slicers are stuck in the US date format and cannot be changed. My regional setting are set to UK and changing this around does not fix the issue.

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Lately while I was maintaining the published reports from the Power BI desktop; noticed that after save, when I clicked on the Publish button, it calls the sqldmper.exe (the command window) and crashes; sometimes hanged and had to kill the task.

Then I noticed PBD keeps logging me out during publish, calls that sqldmper.exe and after crash, have to relogin and publish till now.

I believe there's a bug in latest update; I am running the january 2018 update.


Is anyone else facing the same issue?




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Graph legend moves when exporting to PowerPoint

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by The_Coon Frequent Visitor ‎03-28-2018 03:26 AM - edited ‎03-28-2018 03:28 AM

Hi, I'm having a issue with exporting to Powerpoint. When i export my report, the Legend of the graphs moves the left upper side of the graph, overlapping with the graph itself. I tried exporting different reports, all gave me the same result. Also movin the legend in the report doesnt seem to help.


Images of the report and powerpoint export:

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Noticed yesterday that when testing "view as role" in the PBI service a selection seems to get de-selected immediately. However it works in the Desktop app. Still not working today so figured that this might be a bug in the online service? Anyone else with a similar issue?



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The built-in Power BI Usage Stats Reports do not count any views from users that had their App "pushed" to them via the "install this app automatically" check box.

If a user was first given access to a report via a link they will show up in the Usage Reports.

If a user has never viewed a given App, but then the App is "pushed" to them using the "install this app automatically" it will appear in their Apps list in Power BI.  No matter how many times the user views the report there will never be any record of their activity in the built-in Power BI Usage Reports.

Views should be counted for a given report regardless of how the user was initially given access (via link, shared with them, "pushed" or content pack).  

All users I've observed this with have been internal to our organization.

Status: Accepted

DirectQuery Refresh Broken update january 2018

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by Goofr Regular Visitor on ‎01-09-2018 08:11 AM


Seems to me there's a bug in the new January update.
I have a report using DirectQuery, and when I refresh my model it keeps saying:
"Connecting to tables from more than one database isn't supported in DirectQuery mode.".
If I rollback my installation to PBI December, the refresh works, as I don't have multiple datasources in my model.

Thanks in advance.



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On-Premises Gateway problem

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by x30n30 New Member on ‎05-09-2018 11:39 PM
I have On-Permises Gateway with 2 data sources - SQL & Excel.
I have one dataset with both sources included and sheduled refresh thorough GW configured, which works fine.
But when trying to setup sheduled refresh for another dataset i get an error while selecting the GW I want to use and pressing Apply:
Activity ID:       8f50869e-f487-5cf4-99c6-56b4c69d07d4
Request ID:      f35d63bc-42cc-392b-7c9d-b3cf5ca5241d
Correlation ID: cdf323f4-ed02-d5c5-4655-0974cc746159
Status code:     400
Time:               Thu May 10 2018 09:25:57 GMT+0300 (FLE Daylight Time)
Version:           13.0.5248.165
Status: Accepted

I seem to be having issues with the recent Power BI update (December 2017), whereby when invlaid relationships are trying to be established between two tables Power BI exits with no warning.

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RLS test as role not working in service

Status: Accepted
by robby1982 Visitor on ‎02-27-2018 11:31 AM



This used to work fine but when I try to  'test as role'  today in service, whatever emailadress I select it just doesn't stick. The apply button is also disabled. 


Anybody else having this issue? (no problem in desktop)


Kind regards,



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Trying to open my PBIX files and the desktop application. nothing open up. It just gets stuck. i have even downloaded the App again. below is the Pic of the error.


BI issue.PNG

Status: Accepted

When I try to update a content pack, (in, cog -> View Content Pack ->  Edit (an existing content pack) -> click UPDATE button), I see an error message that begins "The following groups have failed validation..." This happens with all of my content packs, even when there are only 5 members of the workspace that the content pack is publishing to, and all members are definitely still current staff members. Any ideas?

Status: Accepted


After I updated my Power BI Desktop to February update I noticed that everytime I refresh the datasets the sorting by column resets and goes to default. That's so disturbing that I will have to downgrade to the December update, because the January upgrade had issues in DirectQuery mode.


I've tested on two different machines and on the machine with the December version there was no such issue as reseting the column sort to default.

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Hello everyone, 


Since the new December version has been released, I keep having crashes of Power BI over and over trying to link two tables... 


As soon as I want to create the link (drag and dropping a dimiension to a table to another table) the windows terminal opens with SQLDUMPER.exe and close/crash Power BI.


I have never experienced this before the last release.


Thank you for your help

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