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After last Friday's update, report background images no longer appear in landscape mode in the mobile app. It affects ALL reports, regardless of author, etc.


This is a CRITICAL branding issue for my clients and needs to be addressed ASAP.



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Unable to install On-premises data gateway

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by amitesh2 New Member on ‎10-30-2017 03:43 AM



I am not able to install on premise data gateway. It is failing in last step when I am trying to resgitser my office/company email address. The error says:


"Failed to sign in . Please verify you credentials and try again. The browser based authentication dailog failed to complete. Reason: Teh server or proxy wasn't found.


Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.AuthenticationContext.RunAsyncTask[T](Task '1' task)


Microsoft.PowerBI.DataMovement.GatewayCommon.AuthenticationManager.AuthenticateWithSelectedUser(Uri authorityAddress, Uri resource, String clientId, Uri redirectAddress, String logOnHint)


Can you please help resolve this?




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Bug in Line and stacked column chart

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by Kamarto Visitor on ‎10-30-2017 01:42 AM

I tried to build a “line and stacked column chart”.




Somehow once I add values to column series, the graph only shows dates that have column data available.




I would like to see also all dates that have line data or column data available.


Of course, I can choose from “Shared axis” to show ‘items with no data’ but I would not like to see dates that do not have either column or line values.




Is this some kind of bug that you could fix in the next update of Power BI?

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I am about to log an issue (next post).  I wanted to search this list first to see if someone else had logged the same issue, but there seems no way to do that.  Can you fix the forum so I can search to see if there is already an open issue logged?  That would be good for everyone.

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Prior to the current version of Power BI Destkop (Store version Oct 2017), If I was typing a formula that referred to a measure, intellisense would correctly apply best practice.


eg if I typed the following


=SUMX(Table,[Measure]) the formula would look exactly as shown.


However now when I type above, I get the following instead (which is wrong).



Can you fix this?  This is a big issue.


Also, Quick Measures have never respected the above best practice and also need to be fixed.

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I cannot access any reports in Chrome. Get this error:

"Bad Request - Request Too Long"

"HTTP Error 400. The size of the request headers is too long."


In Edge everything works fine!


Please help!


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by Dag Frequent Visitor on ‎10-28-2017 06:14 AM

Taken by itself, NATURALINNERJOIN seems to work in the following definition:

The scenarioes in which NATURALINNERJOIN will produce results at all, are very limited...The scenarioes in which NATURALINNERJOIN will produce results at all, are very limited...

But the following UNION definition is currupted somehow:

Column headings are plain wrong, and it is not just in the Table View...Column headings are plain wrong, and it is not just in the Table View...

Suspect NATURALINNERJOIN to be the culprit. I'm using Desktop version 2.51.4885.701 64-bit (oktober 2017).

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' Last ' of Slicer translate to ' 最後 ' in Japanese.

' Last ' of Filters - Relative date filtering translate to ' 最近 ' in Japanese.


The issue is the difference translate words.


I hope to translating ' 最近 '.

instead of ' 最後 '



Yoshihiro Kawabata

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Hi there, i really need your help!, i've been working with the free version of powerbi and playing with the capability to embed projects into sharepoints using the publish to web option, people are really excited about it!.

This morning i noticed a changed in the system that eliminated this option, i iinmidietly switched to the Pro version to see if there was a way around this.

The good news is that there's the perfect option, create a link that you can embed in a sharepoint, so i baqsically generated the code went back to my sharepoint, created a new page, embed the code and NOTHING, the page's been loading for the last 2 hours without showing the report.

I tried different reports and different sharepoint sites to make sure that this was not a simple issue on my end.


I'm really desperate as i'm 1 of the key advocates in my multinational company about moving away from other solutions like Tableau to a more integrated/embed and practical solution like power bi.


Can you give me some ideas about how to troubleshoot this, what to do?

PS: my basic assumption is that the same sharepoint admin setup that allowed me to look at embed reports in the past should work with this new link but i;m not discarding anything!


Thanks in advance for your support








power bi option for sharepoint sharing.JPG

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Calculation error in measure (only in web; working fine in desktop version)

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by ChristianW Visitor ‎10-27-2017 05:14 AM - edited ‎10-27-2017 05:15 AM

I'm getting this error in the web version of my report: powerbi error.PNG


The measure returns VALUES(table[column]), but first checks if there is only a single value:


Brand =
  HASONEVALUE(product_dimension[Brand name]);
  VALUES(product_dimension[Brand name]);


The error doesn't occur in the desktop version.

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complain about the drill through filer

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by Peeches123 Frequent Visitor on ‎10-27-2017 02:50 AM

so i'm having some issues with the drillthrough filter
first after putting on the drill through on power bi desktop and publishing, it doesn't work, you still need to put on the drill through on the power bi service.
now after putting on the drill through filter on the power bi service, everytime you leave the report page and come back to it, the filter goes off. and you have to keep putting it on every single time which is quite annoying.
is there a way around this?
second when you pin to dashboard ,the drill through doesn't work. meaning it only works on the report page
it only works kinda well on the desktop but what's the point on the desktop when i need to show it to someone after publishing.
it's quite annoying, is there a way work around this?

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I have created a very simple query with Excel Get & Transform, the result of which is pulling just two records from two other Excel source files. They look great in the preview, but one of rows includes data with column that gets capitalized when it is loaded into Excel (screen shot included). Is this expected behavior, because it certainly wasn't what I expected.



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I am facing an issue while publishing my dashboard. Below is the error msg -


Issue Captured.PNG

All my datasets are getting refreshed properly and there is no error messages in the Query Editor.


What could be the issue here and how to debug this?




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We have a scheduled refresh through the enterprise gateway.  This refresh worked yesterday.


This morning, the refresh failed at 6am AEST 27 Oct 2017.  Error message:  "The last refresh attempt failed because of an internal service error."


We tried to manually refresh the data at 11:30am AEST 27 Oct 2017, and got this error message:  "The gateway is either offline or could not be reached".


We again tried to refresh at 3:15pm AEST 27 Oct 2017, got this error message:  "There is no available gateway".


When we check the refresh settings for this dataset, it now says "You don't have any gateway installed or configured for the data sources in this dataset.  Please install a new personal gateway or configure the  data source for an existing data gateway."


I will confirm again that this worked the previous day, and the dataset was not changed at any time, and that the gateway is online with the appropriate data sources, and works for other datasets.


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It seems the latest release of Analyze In Excel connectivity addin (downloaded from within Power ) is all in German.  I assume this is a mistake.  Can it be fixed?


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Hi There


I added a dashboard and updated the App. 

However, the dashboard is not appearing in the  App for some users including me.


I refreshe the web browser, updated the App, refreshed dashboard and update the data set but I cannot see new dashboard.




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Getting a 'There was an issue loading one or more tiles' error appearing on the Power BI dashboard. The extended error message states 'The report doesn't exist or you don't have permission to view it' and the users cannot click through to the report.






Additional details:

  • The error seems to come and go without anyone changing anything.
  • Removing the share and then readding it seems to resolve the issue temporarily and users can click through to the report. The error message comes back though, sometimes within hours of resharing.
  • Multiple users have reported the error message. They seem to get it at different times i.e. one user can see it while others cannot.
  • The author does not see the error message.
  • The dashboard is shared from a 'My Workspace'
  • The report is built off a dataset (also in the 'My Workplace') which is scheduled to refresh several times per day. The report is not part of the published dataset, it is simply pulling data from it.


Any ideas on how to fix this so that it does not keep showing up for users?

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Cannot open older pbix since desktop update

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by shayden Frequent Visitor on ‎10-26-2017 11:16 AM

I have a number of versions stored for a shared Power BI report that I cannot update or open since updating my Power BI desktop application.  The pbix were created using Power BI Online service files created in Alteryx and published to Power BI using the connector macro.  When trying to open/update these are the error messages I'm getting.


Unable to connect.pngUnable to open document.png

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Scheduled refresh making multiple calls

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by jamesoleonard Frequent Visitor ‎10-26-2017 09:51 AM - edited ‎10-26-2017 09:53 AM

We have a data set that uses a web URL to call and get a data set that is returned as a CSV file.  It is a webservice we control so we can see the calls coming in.   When we do an ondemand refresh within PBI online, it takes between 2 to 10 seconds to complete.  When we do a scheduled refresh it shows as taking between 10 to 20 minutes to complete.  What is really concerning to us is that when we look at our logging in the service, we see multiple calls taking place to achieve the scheduled refresh.  Why would a scheduled refresh take so much longer to complete than an ondemand refresh and what would cause it to make multiple calls like this?  


Here is a screenshot from Power BI online showing the scheduled refresh taking 18 minutes.... followed by a screenshot from our logs showing 5 different calls being made for the one scheduled refresh. This means our systems are taking the overhead of returning the data set 5x in this case. When we scale this up across a large set of customers that is going to be expensive.  



large (1).pnglarge.png


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Power BI full theme json file example

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by tomeragam New Member ‎10-26-2017 08:32 AM - edited ‎10-26-2017 08:40 AM

Hi there,

It's quite hard to understand from the power BI documentation how to achieve a theme for reports.

Most of the examples in the documentation are 5 liner solutions that only show minimal theming capabilities.

They don't present how to do simple tasks such as changing all the visuals titles and setting them with a specific font size & color (for example).

It seams that almost all visuals have "title" property in which you can set font family, color & size.

However, I failed to find any example of how to target this within the json theme file.


The closest I got was looking at these links -



The fist link is very hard to understand and it contains too much information about how the theme mechanism works behind the scenes.

Shouldn't it start with a simple example displaying a full blown theme json file?

That would be very helpful and answer most of my questions. I'm sure this would help others as well.

There's nothing like a good example to start working on something...


The second link is a nice tool but is not complete and lacks many settins (such as the one I'm searching for).


Please assist me here - I'm sure there is a simple way to theme PI reports...

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