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The site (on all browsers) is not working.



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We have an web application with embed (via iframe) PowerBI reports. Last week we took an issue with "..." menu on all visuals:

1. Chrome - menu does not appear at all.

2. Safari - menu appears for 1-2 ms

3. IE - works fine Smiley Happy


In PBI Desktop and at all works correctly with all browsers.

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Hi everyone,


Since the latest PBI service update the Chiclet visual is not working within published reports. The issue has been raised in the Community forum but yet to be resolved:


From initial testig this is what we have found:

 - various versions of the visual work within PBI Desktop (also variety of versions) but whenever published doesn't work as it should

 - when published online the visual doesn't refresh the other affected visuals (instead it either does nothing, displays the wrong information, or requires a different visual to be clicked before it is refreshed)

 - only under one circumstance were we able to get it published correctly (that was to an account we created years ago in O365 - all other accounts, including new accounts created in O365 today, fail to load the visual properly)

 - the visual works fine within the Windows 10 PBI App

 - the issue (that we have kown about) has been ongoing for the past few days - corresponding with the latets PBI Service update


Any help would be much appreciated as we have over 50+ reports using this visual and it's quite an embarassing to have to explain to users/customers we're not sure why or when the issue can be fixed.





I dont know if I am aloen in this persistens issue I have.


I tend to update reprots daily and change the datasoruces to refresh  standard reports with new inputs. 


When I open a report from a directory, PowerBi will save that file nt tto the directory from which it was opened (As does Excel and most other desktop apps) instead it will save the file back to the last location it used from a  previous saved report 


I have to remember that PowerBi will try and do this and then "save as" to the original directory that the current report came from


When I forget , I then get reports saved in the worng directories


Can this be fixed so that PowerBI "remembers" where the current report being edited cames from and defaults to saving back to its original  location


If I am doing somehting peculiar or there is a fix for this already I would much appreciate any pointers or help as this bug can be frustrating and time wasting

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Flow map custom visual not working

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by dcresp Member on ‎02-05-2018 07:34 PM

The flow map custom visual in PBI Desktop was working yesterday but does not work today. I have tried the flowmap 1.2.6 example file and can also not get this working. Everything worked fine yesterday. I expect that changes to PBI have caused this.

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Yesterday I installed the latest PBI Desktop update for January 2018 - the second one for January.


Now, when I Edit Queries and create a new table, then try to apply those changes, the "Apply Query Changes" step gets stuck on the "Creating connection in model" step. It never finishes.


I have reverted to the earlier (12th Jan) version and it works fine. 


Has anyone else seen this?

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Cannot update app

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by MAwbre Frequent Visitor on ‎01-18-2018 07:09 AM
Can't update this app.  The timing for this error couldn't be worse...
Any ideas what is going on?
Something went wrong
Failed to publish app.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity IDc8525ce6-ee38-4630-ac18-be8bb00d1a9c
Request ID8853b422-7ddc-f2c7-6930-6602e1a15d77
Correlation ID615de399-8a56-1844-0a0a-3d3de74f6e29
TimeThu Jan 18 2018 09:06:50 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)
Get help
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I'm not able to sign in to Power BI Desktop after Jan 2018 update. I'm getting this error:


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The problem is described here...
Link to thread in different forum

It is very irritating... is down in the north europe

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by jenrom Occasional Visitor on ‎11-09-2017 11:13 PM

When loading the page we are getting 500 errors for multiple http calls


Below you can find the console log from chrome debugger0


(index):163 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)
doInitialMetadataLoad @ (index):163
(anonymous) @ (index):163
web.bundle.min.js:26 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)

Issue with filters while browsing bookmarks

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by qweenk Visitor on ‎01-15-2018 04:15 AM

Hello! I have noticed, that my bookmarks get corrupted, when i change filters. Take a look please:

1) We are at Bookmark_1. Filter area tiles are same for all bookmarks. Filter year is set to "2018", Filter week set "Current"(calculated value)


2) We go to the Bookmark_2. The same page. Tiles below the filter area get hidden, and we see a chart below. Filter year is set to "2018", Filter week set All (as no selection)


3) Now we select Week - ALL


4) And we select YEAR 2016, 2017 , deselect 2018


5)We see this after closing drop down-list..


6) And then we go back to  Bookmark_1. It A s we remember, it should be like this: Filter year is set to "2018", Filter week set "Current"(calculated value). BUT what we see? 

7.PNG8.PNGIf we continue browsing bookmarks after this, they stay broken until you refresh the entire page. As i have a lot of bookmarks, this is a big problem. Users work with report and then accidently they see that filters are set wrong or filters go inverted. 


Please, help!

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In November 2017, we created and published a data model combining Odata feeds and excel files stored on a shared drive. The different sources are merged in the query editor. 


After publishing the model, we were able to select the on premise data gateway to schedule refreshes of the model.


After the latest update of the Power BI gateway (End of January 2018) the scheduled refresh stopped working and we were not able to select the gateway anymore.


When we upload a model with all the sources but without merging them, the gateway works fine.


Anyone encountering the same issue or having any feedback?

Users starting reporting that their Analyze in Excel feature is not working anymore in Power BI. The organization is heavily dependent on the reports and due to this feature being stopped working, we are facing severe issues. 

Please help any MSFT member.


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I have encountered a relatively minor but annoying graphical bug in the Power BI service. In a published app I have 1 dashboard, 15 reports and ~15 datasets, but when I click the app within Power BI service the last item I can see on the landing page is the 14th report. It looks a bit like the frame isn't sizing as expected, with the behaviour changing if I expand/collapse the dashboards/reports/datasets headers.

This issue occurs in both Chrome and Firefox. If I zoom out to 50% I am able to see all of the items.

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unable to sign in in PowerBi Desktop

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by ankku Regular Visitor on ‎01-09-2018 06:50 AM


Me and My Team is facing a starnge issue in connecting to Power Bi desktop. Whenever We are trying to Sign In it doesnt sign in. I tried resetting the password , uninstalled and installed Power bi desktop but all have been in vain. We are unable to sign in Power bi desktop. The Sign In windows prompts to enter credential but nothing happens after that.

If there is a issue please fix it asap.

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Bug in Bookmarks? Inconsistent behaviour

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by PaulDBrown Member on ‎01-25-2018 08:09 AM

Good afternoon,


I posted this in the Desktop forum but the issues forum seems more appropriate. 


Is there a bug in the bookmark feature? 


I have set a Bookmark to a page with none of the slicers selected. If I then select both slicers and click on the bookmark, only one of them clears.


Create BookmarkCreate BookmarkSelect SlicersSelect SlicersClick on Bookmark: only one slicer clearsClick on Bookmark: only one slicer clears 












I have then tried changing the bookmark. This time the bookmark is created with both slicers selected. If de-select and then click on the bookmark, both slicers are selected (as they should).

Create new Bookmark with slicers selectedCreate new Bookmark with slicers selectedClear slicersClear slicersClick on Bookmark: slicers selectedClick on Bookmark: slicers selected












So it is inconsistent, right? Can aynone reproduce this?


Whenever I try to add new data to the model in DirectQuery mode I receive the error stating "Sequence contains more than one element", which makes no sense and there isnt really anything online that would suggest a workaround. I assume it just means Power BI Desktop is broken.


If I rollback to previous version I have no problem. Although I have to rollback 2 versions as the January update had it's own problems with DirectQuery. I want to use functionality in February version, so quite frustrating to be uninstalling and reinstalling versions just to add data to my model.


Have sent a frown and it states that it is a known problem being worked on. Would like an update here.

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Relationship Display is not saving changes

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by DQuigg Frequent Visitor on ‎11-14-2017 11:11 AM

Is the relationships display in Desktop supposed to save the current position.  In other words, if I drag the hierarchy the way that I want, isn't it supposed to save it?  I seem to get constant issues where I clean up the display only to come back in and it is all hosed up.  Sometimes it seems to save it properly.  What am I missing? I had the one below all nicely laid out and then come back in later and it is all messed up per below.


Relationship Display.PNG

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Subscription emails changed

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by Nikitas10 Frequent Visitor on ‎01-23-2018 05:30 AM


I just wanted to check on subscription emails and whether they've been changed.

Are they now being sent from ? 

Is the rendered image now removed permanently? We've stopped receiving it. The subscription now has a gray box and the attached image only. 

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Cannot remove Gateway Cluster in PowerBi Service when the gateways are inaccessible

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by UGL_Rian Occasional Visitor ‎01-03-2018 05:52 PM - edited ‎01-03-2018 06:07 PM


I ran up a few on-premises gateways to test the new clustering functionality. While testing I reconfigured these gateways a few times which resulted in the creation of 2 gateway clusters being listed in the PowerBI Service. Once I was happy with the options I explored, I joined the servers to a single gateway cluster. When I attempted to click on the ellipsis and select "Remove" to delete the unwanted gateway cluster that now had no gateways configured.


I received the following error:


We could not remove this gateway because it is the primary gateway within a cluster that has other 
gateway instances. Please remove other gateway instances from this cluster before removing the
primary gateway.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID: cdd6df13-c757-1c0a-a0e6-2e3bf002d8de Request ID: fcb39f98-2bbb-8de6-a6a6-32f8637cff6a Correlation ID: 45443bdb-551f-51ed-c621-71ca973a24fe Status code: 400 ecsCorrelationId: cdd6df13-c757-1c0a-a0e6-2e3bf002d8de Time: Thu Jan 04 2018 13:00:33 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) Version: 13.0.3495.303 Cluster URI:

Followed by :

Not all gateway instance within this cluster are connected. Please find more details below about
specific errors for each gateway instance.Hide details Activity ID: cdd6df13-c757-1c0a-a0e6-2e3bf002d8de Request ID: 0f7bc62c-d442-8368-a95f-23d736052f3b Cluster URI: Status code:   Time: Thu Jan 04 2018 12:31:20 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) Version: 13.0.3495.303 Test Gateway Node 2:
Gateway on endpoint '<ii>sb://
3a25589f-aeef-49ab-b481-0b237f407d96/</ii>' is unreachable. Test Environment:
Gateway on endpoint '<ii>sb://
0755b3d2-c4de-40b7-a189-88dccefad1a4/</ii>' is unreachable.

I expect there are a few scenarios where you would need to remove existing gateway clusters when the servers are no longer configured or available.

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