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In the March PBID (Version: 2.56.5023.861 64-bit (March 2018)) - If you delete a page in a report, it does not prompt you to Save when you close the pbix, and does not Save the changes either (assuming you do not explicitly Save the file first). When you reopen the pbix the page you deleted is still there.

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We have a Power BI daily status report that is published to the power bi service and shared with users.  Users subscribe to the main report page to receive a daily status update via email.


The report was edited in the Power BI Desktop service to add a new visual on the main page. The name of that page was not changed. After the report was published to the Power BI service, users stopped receiving the daily email update. When they signed onto Power BI service to view their subscription status, they now see the word "Draft" next to the repport page name. The only fix is for them to delete that subscription and then resubscribe to that page.


This is tremendously inconvenient-- we need to be able to edit our reports without breaking subscriptions. 



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I have just installed the Feb 2018 update for Power Bi and i am no longer able to open any .pbix files. I recieve the message; 


Unable to open document; we weren't able to restore saved database to the model


There is a current forum open -


I have followed some previous blogs of uninstalling/reinstalling, and the error still remains. Can anyone help please?



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Scatter Plot Bubble size issue

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by Hamza_Javaid Occasional Visitor on ‎03-12-2018 05:32 AM

I've been using Power BI desktop for visulaization of data in scatter plot. the problem is, the data I have is in million and billions of entries. so while visualizing it over the scatter plot, the bubbles of scatter plot often overlaps because of thier size even when the size is set to 0. is there any way to squeeze the size of the bubble more even it looks like a simple dot. so that the visualization can be a bit understandable and demonstrable? Thank you.

Reports are not working in the service

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by Steffen Frequent Visitor on ‎11-17-2017 05:15 AM

For the last 30 minutes it has not been possible to show reports in the service. They are just loading and never finishes. I have tried with reports from different sources, so the problem is in the Power BI Service. 


Can someone fix this ASAP? I'm based in northern europe.

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Report page tooltip issue

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by MichaelP Frequent Visitor on ‎03-12-2018 03:49 AM

Very nice feature BTW.


I know this is in Preview but here is an issue i have spotted this morning.


For the Table Visual such as below, this is operating properly (filtering) in Desktop but this is not in PowerBI Service. I have tried with another formatting for the Tooltip same. And I also had this Report Page tooltip working on another report. Now, writting this report: the report where it's failing is Live Query On Prem SSAS. The one where it works, is On Prem, Import, SQL Database.

2018-03-12 11_43_07-OverviewPortfolio - Power BI - Internet Explorer.png2018-03-12 11_41_29-OverviewPortfolio - Power BI Desktop - Tooltip OK.png



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I seem to be having issues with the recent Power BI update (December 2017), whereby when invlaid relationships are trying to be established between two tables Power BI exits with no warning.

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Power BI Desktop Crash post Feb 18 update

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by Stharwani Regular Visitor on ‎02-06-2018 05:30 PM

PBI Desktop is still crashing on prublishing a file.


The same error as previour month, opens up a SQLDumper.exe.


Please resolve

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In Power BI Desktop Jan 2018 release, with a Date or Date/Time field selected in the Fields pane, when you navigate to the Modeling ribbon / Format / Date Time menu, the options at the top (marked with an *) that respect the machine locale now show in US format (e.g. M/d/yyyy) on machines with non-US locales e.g. English (Australia).


This appears to only be a problem in the display of the menu.  When date fields are shown in a visual e.g. a Table, the expected non-US locale is used e.g. d/M/yyyy.  


This issue was introduced with the Jan 2018 update to PBI Desktop.

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Bug with slicer and Bookmark in Service

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by rmccormick Visitor on ‎01-11-2018 02:27 PM

In the Power BI Service, I have uploaded a project that utilized a bookmark to reset several slicers on a page.  This works smoothly in Desktop, but in the service, it does not function reliably.  Is there a workaround for this, or is this a known issue?  


Using the standard drop down slicer and no custom visuals.  



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Hello everyone, 


Since the new December version has been released, I keep having crashes of Power BI over and over trying to link two tables... 


As soon as I want to create the link (drag and dropping a dimiension to a table to another table) the windows terminal opens with SQLDUMPER.exe and close/crash Power BI.


I have never experienced this before the last release.


Thank you for your help

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We have an issue where we have the correct dates in Power BI desktop and when publishing to everything is correct. When we then refresh the model all the dates are changed and moved one date back(see picture). The field is a date field in a fact table. When we refresh the data in Power BI Desktop the dates does not change only when we refresh on


The top picture is from Power BI Desktop and the bottom picture is from




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When I try to update a content pack, (in, cog -> View Content Pack ->  Edit (an existing content pack) -> click UPDATE button), I see an error message that begins "The following groups have failed validation..." This happens with all of my content packs, even when there are only 5 members of the workspace that the content pack is publishing to, and all members are definitely still current staff members. Any ideas?

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Apps Menu Item is Missing

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by Bosse Occasional Visitor on ‎03-07-2018 10:26 PM

The menu structure has changed within the Web client and the Apps menu item is missing

Can't create app workspace

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by menumate Occasional Visitor on ‎03-07-2018 10:38 PM

When trying to create workspaces in Power BI we are getting the below error. This is a new error. We have 200+ workspaces and this error has only come up today.


BI Error.png

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Synced Slicer behaviour not working properly

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by jak82 Member on ‎02-07-2018 04:26 AM

If I copy a slicer from one page to another and sync it and then go abck and change the alues it makes only the selection available in the synced slicer so I am unable to reselect another option.


I am running Feb version and direct query

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by jak82 Member on ‎01-10-2018 12:27 AM

Okay,  We had the issue last month with unable to join tables together.


Now after updating to the January I cannot load any DIRECT QUERY pbi files as it says it cannot connect to multiple databases when it is only connecting to one.


We are a multi million pund business and have made an investment into using PowerBI as tool.  This breaking on and off all the time is not very viable.  Please can this be fixed ASAP!!!!!!!!

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Cancellation occurred when sending or receiving a request.

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by hugo6262 Visitor ‎01-11-2018 08:09 AM - edited ‎01-11-2018 08:11 AM

Hello, Im unable to refresh one of my reports, the gateway is ok, and in power BI destkop refreshes properly. can you help me out, I get this message:

Last refresh failed: Thu Jan 11 2018 16:29:15 GMT+0100 (Romance Standard Time) 
Cancellation occurred when sending or receiving a request

Activity ID:c21669ce-c606-4dc0-93d6-66fc6578519d
Request ID:3a01ab7b-abe3-e1d6-dbf1-2fc09cde3c1c
Time:2018-01-11 15:29:15Z


Hi Guys, 


This morning i was able to login and publish my file to the Power BI web service; this afternoon i downloaded the latest January update and since then i am unable to login to the Desktop app. I get the message "Unable to login. Details: One or more errors have occured". Thats it. Any advice? I cant reset my password for my BI account as it is connected to my Microsoft Account, re-installing has not fixed. Clearing my permission/cache has not fixed. 


Many thanks


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After the January 2018 update, the formatting option for date (dd/MM/yyyy)  disappeared.


Is this a bug?



Thanks in advance.






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