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line style missing in October update

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by magsod Member on ‎10-12-2017 12:57 AM

Could not find any previous posted issue for this but in the forum multiple people have reported this issue and I'm also one of those that rely on this feature. link to community


Please take a look at this!





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Need for a scroll bar in Selection pane

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by AxelPrunier Frequent Visitor on ‎10-11-2017 07:52 AM



I want to use the Selection pane to manage my visuals on a page. However, I use a lot of visuals (especially text boxes), and some of them at the bottom are not accessible via the Selection pane as there is no way to scroll down. 


Can you please fix this?







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Bug in PowerBI Desktop Version: 2.51.4885.701 64-bit (October 2017)


When you single click a query in the "Queries" selector on the left hand side, it thinks you want to move the query up or down to re-order.

This did not happen in the previous version.




I have added text into the tooltip section on charts I've created to act as commentary for each chart. The text appears as expected when viewing the reports on the Desktop app. When viewing the published report online, the text seems to have a line break every other line. Screenshots attached. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Word wrap is no longer working as intended in tooltips. 


For longer strings, a line gets wrapped twice, first at the correct location and then at location that's far too early to be of any use. This results in a staggered texts as in the screen shot below.


This is issues is present in both PBI Desktop and the PBI Service. It affects both build-in visualizations and custom visualizations.




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Hi team,


In new release verson of Power BI desltop Version: 2.51.4885.543 64-bit (October 2017). There is no Line style (a Shape feature) of Line chart which is added in Aug 2017 release. Could you please kindly check it?





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Using the preview bookmarking feature works well, but the status of the chiclet slicer buttons is not changed on bookmarked reports - affects both the desktop and service views of reports.

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PowerPoint Export - Bugs / Issues

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by andrewporter Frequent Visitor on ‎09-28-2017 04:52 PM

Hello - 


I am listing some bugs / issues I have found with Power Point files that are generated by Power BI. Please let me know if I need to provide more detail, thanks! Otherwise very happy with PBI, it just needs some fine tuning.


On Power BI Export to PowerPoint...


  • Text boxes lose text alignment and background color (font-family and sizing are OK)
  • Text boxes, shapes, and cards all "superimpose" themselves (with styles applied) onto each other if they overlap
    • Even elements that are 'lower" / "behind" other objects in terms of arrangement, still superimpose on other objects
    • This is probably by design to fuse together nearby objects but it's not figuring out layering priority correctly
  • KPI type visuals lose font format and sizing (they do keep styles like color and background color)
    • Note: you can't change or control font format / style for KPI visuals anyways
  • All objects have hyperlinks to Power BI which is very busy, these open your web browser when you go into presentation mode which is annoying
  • Background images only show up when there is a Power BI element layered above it, otherwise blank
    • HACK: Add a full-sheet Power BI "square shape" that is 100% transparent, 0pt border but beware of superimposing issue and hyperlink issues above)
  • PBI Reports cannot be exported to PowerBI with "interactivity" meaning if you update a slicer or filter in the web browser without saving (very common...), your export to PowerPoint will be the "original" version
    • I realize this is documented as how PowerBI currently exports PPT from back in March 2017 but it should be fixed to at least give the user an option to export with modifications or original.

We deal with results that are small values less than 1.  They are not negative numbers.  But they are often in the range of 1x10^-2 to 1x10^-12 values.  We have been using PowerBI for the last year.  Recently in the last month it was noticed that our charts of these numbers create a false negative axis.  This makes the charts unreadable.  see figure "example of initial problem".  negative axis problem.PNG











We have tried setting the min value to 0 but that does not solve it.  We have found that increasing the significant figures of the value to 4 or 5 helps temporarily.  see figure "example of fix when increase decimals displayed...". 

However this only works initially.  If the user then selects a filter that reduces the dataset, then the problem returns - see figure "example of problem return..."


We have a large range of values (all less than 1) to display so we cannot increase the decimals of the scientific notation further - 4 or 5 digits are already too many to display anyway given the uncertainty of the values to begin with.  

We are not sure when this problem started; we did not notice it in the spring or early summer.  So it must be a new issue that started sometime in the summer.  Sorry we cannot comment on which version.  negative axis problem fix.PNGnegative axis problem fix2.PNG





Don't see the "Analyze - Explain the decrease" option after September update

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by mshparber Established Member ‎09-09-2017 08:23 PM - edited ‎09-09-2017 08:24 PM

Hello friends,

In September's update there supposed to be a nice feature of explaining decrease/increase.

It is described here:

The problem is that I don't see this option when right clicking a chart column.

I did use a date column from a time dimension and a stacked column chart as described.

But no "Analyze" option....

Please help.

Thank you


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The following message was posted yesterday but there isn't any update and this feature is still not available... This is really needed especially as the "subscribe" button is appearing on the apps...


Status: Accepted

Hi all,


I have a client who is on the latest release of Power Bi Desktop (v 2.46.4732.721), although this issue also occurs on the previous version (2.46.4732.581). When they create a new measure on top of a live tabular model connection and set the formatting, the formatting only persists for that Power BI Desktop session. When they save the file and close and reopen, the formatting reverts back to the default, which is especially unreadable for percentages and currency. Is this fixable? Thanks!

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The drillthrough functionality seems to have caused one big issue for me.  I have multiple reports at a summary level with multiple slicers on each page and a detail level report with even more slicers.  I have setup the drillthrough functionality to work with my 'State' slicer.  When I use the drillthrough functionality to get to the detailed report, it works properly and filters my detailed report.  HOWEVER, the other pages in my report now have the state filter set as well, but there is NO way to remove it.  For example, I drilled on 'NY' and then all of my pages now only show NY as the only value in my list of values.  The only solution seems to be to remove or clear all of the other filters (even though all of them show 'All') on the page.  


I will try to replicate this, but I think there is a bug as this PBIX was working very well prior to implementing drillthrough.

Status: Needs Info

When I use the drillthrough functionality to drill into a detailed report, it properly filters my detailed report.  However, the slicer for the same field does not display the value that I selected and shows 'All'.  The only way to clear the filter is to open up the filter pane and deselect the value I drilled on.  Typically, the users will see the filtered values in the slicers and they don't have to expand the filters pane.  


Please let me know if this is a bug or if this is the intended functionality.  If it's intended, I think it should be updated.  

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Search Box on Slicer Missing

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by MikeThibs Regular Visitor on ‎01-05-2017 04:39 PM


     The Search Box on the Slicer Visualization seems to have a bug when a PBIX file is loaded to the Power BI Service. This issue is affecting the drop-down format of a Slicer. Also it seems to only affect Slicers with a larger amount of items. When there are 2 or 3 items in the slicer the search box will appear however if there are 20 plus or more items it is not working. I've tried several different browsers, so I don't believe that is the issue. Below are screenshot showing the search box has been enabled and the missing search box when you select the drop down. Please help!!! We're on the verge of rolling out hundreds of new Power BI accounts and this is a serious issue when you have large slicer needs.

 Search On.jpgSearch Not Showing.jpg



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All of the sudden (perhaps after the April 2017 update?), any dashboards we share out-of-tenant from Power BI Web are missing the tabs along the bottom to switch between the different reports in that dashboard.  

We tested with in-tenant sharing and it works fine - only an issue when shared externally.   


We tried creating a new dashboard from scratch with 2 simple tabs and published out of tenant - same issue.  All tabs are just gone!  



By the way, I did see a similar thread ( but it seems too different from what we're experiencing.  In that case, 3 out of 5 tabs disappeared and it happened when shared internally or externally.  Our issue happens only when sharing externally.  Perhaps the same issue.


We noticed a warning on the client side that only appears when looking at it out-of-tenant - this may be related to what's happening or perhaps not:

/13.0.1700.1783/scripts/ai.0.js:1 AI: USRACT_StringValueTooLong message:"string value is too long. It has been truncated to 1024 characters." props:"{value:Error: [$injector:unpr]$injector/unpr?p0=%24templateCacheProvider%20%3C-%20%24templateCac... at at at Object.d [as get]

( at at d

( at e

( at Object.invoke

( at}"

u.warnToConsole @ /13.0.1700.1783/scripts/ai.0.js:1

There seems to be other issues with PBI of late (data failed to load when first opening a dashboard) so perhaps the tabs missing are part of a bigger problem.  However, for now that is the problem that is getting in the way of us delivering analytics to our clients.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!





P.S. We had another issue with out-of-tenant dashboards where the Export Data just didn't work for them.  It was eventually fixed, but I'm beginning to wonder whether or not out-of-tenant sharing is the red-headed-stepchild of the PBI feature set.  It could certainly use a little more testing with each release...while I love the pace of innovation of PBI this isn't the first time that something in this dark, scary corner of PBI was broken and our clients were impacted.  Food for thought if this post happens to cross into any PBI QA LOS.


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Issues in connecting to tabular model

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by Wybie_TPG Visitor on ‎09-05-2017 07:51 AM

I'm encountering issues when I try to connect PBIDesktop(2.49.4831.521(x64)) or import data from our Tabular SSAS model (SQL server 2016 standard edition).

When I connect live to the model the project works fine for a little while, but after a few clicks it start giving the following error:

Error Message:
An unexpected exception occurred.

OData Error Message:
Failed to execute the DAX query.

When I want to import data it works fine for most measures and dimensions, but for some measures I get an error:


DataSource.Error: AnalysisServices: An unexpected exception occurred.


The query that it tries to execute is = Cube.Transform(#"CubeNameXX",
            {Cube.AddMeasureColumn, "Amount", "[Measures].[Amount]"}


The srange thing is that we also use this measures in SSRS, without any issues, but after the PBI connection SSR Sdoesn't work either until we delete and recreate the measures. Than SSRS work fine, untill we again use PBI and the issue starts again.


I'm out of ideas how to solve this issue, does anyone encountered such issues befor or have ideas to solve it?


Many thanks!

Status: Accepted

I though this was fixed in the last release and seemed to stopped happening after I downloaded the newest version. Now it is back and is a complete pain to deal with. Please fix this issue. Sign in issue_Ink_LI.jpg





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Filled Maps Give Different Results

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by mmulder Visitor on ‎09-04-2017 02:18 AM

We have created a filled map using the names of some places in The Netherlands. My collegua created this filled map and then it worked fine in Power BI Destop (June). Then we published it to our SSRS portal and the filled areas on the map were only patially loaded. When I open the map in different versions op Power BI desktop I also get a fastly different result then my collegue.


We already set our system language to "English" USA. This solved some of the misplacements but definitly not all.
Result Filled Map.PNG

Status: Needs Info



I've got a site report that I use url paramaters to direct users to a specific site, based on the site code. this works in "My" Workspace[ReportID]/ReportSection?filter=SiteInfo/SiteCode eq '3408'


However, when I publish the exact same report to an App Workspace, the URL filters fail.[NewReportID]/ReportSect...


The report comes back non filtered, and I can see the url parameter being removed from the URL. I've tired a couple of reports with the same behaviour. Can we not use URL filters on app workspace reports? 



Can anyone replicate and confirm it's not just me? 



Status: Accepted
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