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Trouble publishing

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by RevJoe Frequent Visitor on ‎05-01-2018 11:21 AM



I'm having trouble publishing any app from a workspace right now on the Power BI Service.  Is there an outage or something going on with Power BI that is temporarily not allowing updates to apps from workspaces in the Power BI Service?  Below is the detail that shows when I try to update an app.


Something went wrong
Failed to publish app.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID2825471f-12c5-4e92-8651-c3151ac3b2e3
Request ID67cd3c5f-9013-51cb-ee97-7e3b0c3fa973
Correlation ID40ccc96c-be2f-2484-a55c-9439e2795c8c
TimeTue May 01 2018 14:15:55 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
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mobile table scrolling issue

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by poej Frequent Visitor on ‎03-09-2018 11:42 AM

Scrolling is very buggy on tables in the mobile phone view.  I have an iphone and I am viewing the table visual.  The scrolling horizontally gets stuck all the time.  If you scoll down and then with continuous presure guesture right it sometimes works.  But a direct left of right guesture does not.  I have version 15.3 app and am up to date on the desktop client as well.

Pin live page interactivity in iOS app

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by greggyb New Contributor on ‎08-01-2017 12:03 PM

Allow pinned live pages to remain interactive in mobile apps. Live page interactivity is a large draw of this feature, but this limits a complete dashboard experience to the browser, and prevents end users consuming reports on mobile devices from having the same rich experience.


Per the forum thread linked below, this functionality was working in the past, but we have recently seen with a customer that pinned live pages are not interactive on the iOS app on iPads. Per an email from the Power BI support team, this lack of interactivity is by design.

Status: Accepted

When I open a report in mobile in landscape view and zoom-in, I am not able to scroll horizontally. The vertical scroll works fine. Please find the attached video demonstrating the issue. I could test it only on Android as I don't have access to an iPhone.!AvEh1EVDIXJSgbxf13ttNuJE0cKpgw

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Background image not resizing

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by derrickb Frequent Visitor on ‎02-01-2017 07:44 AM

We use background images to improve the visual appearance of our reports. The images used to resize based on the size of the browser window. However, recently the images stopped resizing proportionally to the other visuals. This occurs in the service and mobile views. It occurs in reports and dashboards.


To illustrate this issue, place an image on a report spanning the entire report. Add some visuals on top of the image. Make your browser window smaller. The visuals get a little smaller but the image gets tiny and the visuals no longer "fit" within the image.

Status: Accepted

There is an issue with the Title of a visualization when optimized for mobile reporting. Currently the title of the visual does not show unless you tap the visual on the phone. This may have been from a recent update but this is an issue that takes away from the overall mobile experience. Sample images below.



Before Clicking.PNGBefore ClickingAfter Clicking.PNGAfter Clicking

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Scroll Table in Mobile

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by timgould Frequent Visitor on ‎08-14-2017 11:07 AM

On the mobile version, I have found some data tables are scrollable with a finger (up/down) by simply taping the table and/or viewing the table in focus mode.  Others do not.  It appears this was a feature of the legacy table visualization - but I cannot get to work in the new Table or Matrix.  Our users have brought this to my attention - as it is near impossible to scroll a table on mobile using the tiny scroll bar alone.  Is there a way I can recreate this capability using the new Table/Matrix visualizations?  It is a big deal.

Status: Accepted

My main report has black background and white text.  When trying to create a mobile view of the report in Phone Layout, I cannot set the background color I want and this causes the text to disappear vs. the default white background, when viewing it on the phone. 


Please add functionality to control the background color in the Phone Report Layout view.




Adam Harper

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Attribute Slicer are not working properly

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by sampathkumar Frequent Visitor Thursday - last edited Friday

Hello Team,

       Issue with my report that when i select pie chart data it is not reflecting in Attribute slicer. still yesterday it works fine means when i select pie chart or table data then slicer shows what i selects in table data or pie chart but today it's not updating in slicer when i select pie chart visual data. This issue respect to service only in desktop it works good. 


Note:- Visual Interactions are there.

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I'd love to raise a support ticket.


But I can't because:


"Error loading questions. Try again shortly."


This is on:


I'm suffering pretty major and sporadic issues around Failure to Authenticate against MS SQL Server in the PBI Service... but can't log a ticket.


We have pro, but I'm not an admin of 365 tennant, so can't log a ticket that way.




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I've created a report using

I've shared it to

When I try to open the report on my iOS device, it asks if it has to open the report in Power BI, but after a second it goes back to Safari and opens the report there. Opening shared reports only seems to work within the same domain.


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I have some visualizations that refuse to be displayed when the phone is being held with a veritcal orientation, but do work with a horizontal orientation.


Is there anyway to solve or work around this issue?

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While in continuum mode on my Win10 phone, my reports in the Power Bi mobile have the very top cutoff by the app's header. I can't access any of the drill down features for charts located at the top of a report page. See pic. 




I experienced this issue on 3 seperate reports, and again after uninstalling/reinstalling the mobile app. 


I do not see this issue when I'm viewing my reports in the Edge Browser or in the Mobile app when I'm on my PC. Only when I'm in continuum mode on my phone (950xl). Phone is updated with latest availble OS. 

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Cant log in to Power BI pro

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by alejoh Frequent Visitor on ‎04-11-2018 01:08 PM

When I click sign in I get automatically taken to app.powerbi and signed in. But I want to get signed in to So when I open a new tab in my browser I am still not signed in at And when I click sign in I get automatically taken to app.powerbi where I am already signed in. 


I have tried to get a new password. 

Close the browser and try again

Log out from all accounts and log in again


None of them worked



The reason I need to sign in is so that I can create a support ticket for Power BI pro, since I have trouble with an R script.



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I have a Power BI report that contains Barcodes as a datasource.   I've been able to publish the report into the service and thus, have it loading on my phone, Iphone X.


Here is my workflow and the issue.

1. Open powerBI app on my phone

2. Click tripple lines ( on upper left hand corner )

3. Click on Scanner in the menu

4. Once Screen loads align the barcode within the camera window

5. The barcode is scanned and the report containing the barcode data type is opened


---  This is where the process breaks down ---

Expected behavior:  The report page will be opened up and the data on the mobile report would automatically filtered to my Barcode that was scanned earlier

Actual behavior:  The report page is opened with not filters applied


6. To try to filter the data I click the ellipsis in the lower left corner of the report

7. In the menu at the bottom click on Barcode Scanner

8. A window opens revealing the camera scanner

9. try to align the same barcode that was user earlier to open the report within the visual window

10. A message pops up stating that there is "No barcode found. Allign code within the frame"


--- again this seems like a bug ---

Actual behavior: nothing happens when the barcode is in shown in the camera screen

Expected Behavior:  I would expect that the barcode would be read, and the filter for the report page would be applied.  


Let me know if this makes sense, if not I would be happy to jump on a phone call or skype call to show you the issue.  It might just be something funny that I am doing with the barcode or an improper setup.



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Mapbox problem in iOS Power BI

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by dmoysidis Frequent Visitor on ‎03-28-2018 05:06 AM

The maps of Mapbox are stuck on an endless 'loading'. They work fine on desktop but the iOS Power BI is problematic

Status: Declined
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When a table in a mobile dashboard is expanded, columns that were renamed in the report are displayed in their original forms (the field names in the model).  This only happens in the mobile dashboard but works fine in the web dashboard.

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Hello everybody,


I want to share my problem with all of you. Past year we implemented SQL Server 2016 with SSRS and upload many Mobile Reports. All of them work fine with any device, android, iOS, tablets and PCs. Since last december we installed SQL Server 2017 and PowerBi Report Server and migrate all Reports (we do that restoring the 2016 ReportServer Backup, restore it on SQL Server 2017 and configure PBI SSRS with this database), all seems to work fine, but when we release it on production, users with iOS (PBI app) began to report that reports stay loading. We did many test, all works fine with Android (PBI App), Chrome, PCs, IE, M. Edge, but with iOS only works reports builded on Power BI and Mobile Reports with static datasources (in this case excel files), I mean, Mobile Reports with SSAS or SQL datasources that require an authentication didn´t work.


The last discard I did, was disable double hope by migrating datasources (databases and tabular models) on the same server and conserving the same SPNs, but the result is the same.


Thank you for help us!

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I have a Power BI Report server hosted, Looking at the View your data offline in the Power BI mobile apps, it says you can view your report's/KPI offline once you have loaded the report while you are online.


I opened the report, while I was online, but when I go offline, it gives me below error. 

While online :




While going offline : 


MobileSnapshot.jpgMobile Screenshot



Kindly suggest what can be the fix for this.



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Work in Desktop.

Work in Power BI Service

Do not work via Power BI mobile app on iOS.


They used to work as I had one in the past.


A regulare Map(bubble map) works fine in Mobile.

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