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.PBIT includes data itself

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by heidienho Regular Visitor on ‎11-16-2016 09:22 AM

It seems that the latest version of PBI Desktop (2.40.4554.463 64-bit) saves also all data to the .pbit file. Both files (.pbix & .pbit) are same size and when double clicking the .pbit and choosing Edit when the parameter is asked, you are able to open the file with all data. We tested this behaviour with to data sources; with filename-parameter (Access as a data source) and with email-parameter (Microsoft Exchange as a data source).



1. Create query from Microsoft Exchange.

2. Load mail.

3. Add parameter "Email" and use it as a argument: =Exchange.Contents(Email)

4. Save As Power BI File (.pbix).

5. Save As Power BI Template File (.pbit).

6. Files are same size.

7. Double Click Template file open and choose Load>Edit.

8. Close Query Editor and choose Not Now.

9. Study the data.


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Each time a change is made to the data preparation process,  the application must re query the origional datasource. This is very slow. The whole point of pulling a local subset for processing is so that you can make several changes locally without querying the server  each  time. There should, at the very least, be an option to stop querying unitl you are finnished making changes so that you can quickly make changes.  Depending on the query it can take hours to complete tasks like rename columns or filter when you don't need to fetch new preview data at each  incremental change.

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Yesterday, all my datasets were refreshing just fine but today nothing happens.

- The automatic refresh hasn't done anything.

- When I press "Refresh now", I get a "popup" saying "preparing refresh" for a split second and then nothing happens.


The only way to update the data is to refresh the Desktop version and then upload it. 


I have datasets connection to an on-premises database and one connecting to a sharepoint site.

- The on-premises connection usually works perfect, but now nothing happens.

- The sharepoint connection usually brings up an error,  if I try to refresh, but now nothing happens (I just tried it this time as a test, as it usually doesn't work automatically).


Can you please help troublefinding - It seems like an issue on you online portal somehow.


Thanks in advance.


// Tommy

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We are experiencing issues when refreshing a dataset through the data gateway. In Power BI Desktop the visuals are working fine, and the same when publishing them to the Power BI service. But after a scheduled or user-triggered refresh we get this error message in the report in the online service:image.png

This error message is reoccuring for many visuals and referenced columns/measures. If I republish the desktop file, it works again until it is refreshed from the gateway. The refresh history looks good, no error messages.


I have changed the formats of the referenced columns, and testing a little bit, but it doesn't seem to help. The columns are not  of date/time type, most of them are currency formatted.


Any ideas?





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First, I hope the subject makes sense as a summary of this issue!  I had some difficulty trying to summarize into a few words.


The issue:  If you have two source paths in the same query to two separate paths or two separate files in the same path you can not edit the second path through the UI, but only through the Advanced Editor in Edit Queries.


Here is a sample query:

    SourceFile1 = Excel.Workbook(File.Contents("C:\Scenario\Heights\Heights.xlsx"), null, true),
    Heights_Table = SourceFile1 {[Item="Heights",Kind="Table"]}[Data],
    SetInitTypeHeight = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Heights_Table,{{"Direction", type text}, {"Name", type text}}),

    SourceFile2 = Excel.Workbook(File.Contents("C:\Scenario\Sides\Sides.xlsx"), null, true),
    Sides_Table = SourceFile2{[Item="Sides",Kind="Table"]}[Data],
    SetInitTypeSides = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Sides_Table,{{"Direction", type text}, {"Name", type text}}),

    SourceHeights = SetInitTypeHeight,
    SourceSides = SetInitTypeSides,

    FinalDataSet = Table.Combine({SourceHeights, SourceSides})




The starting point in Advanced Editor.The starting point in Advanced Editor.Datasource Editor showing both Source pathsDatasource Editor showing both Source pathsLet's select the Sides path and click Change Source.  Oops, that doesn't look right.Let's select the Sides path and click Change Source. Oops, that doesn't look right.Oh well, let's go ahead and modify that path anyway.Oh well, let's go ahead and modify that path anyway.Hmmm, that didn't do what I expected it to.  Now my query errors, and I don't know what to do because.....Hmmm, that didn't do what I expected it to. Now my query errors, and I don't know what to do because.....Now, I've got both the old Sides path and the new one...but which one do I change to fix the refresh error?Now, I've got both the old Sides path and the new one...but which one do I change to fix the refresh error?


This example is not quite as confusing as what happened to my end user.  In the real life case there were two different paths showing, but when he edited the second one they compressed into one data source.  We are getting the same data from the same path twice in the real query, but doing separate manipulations on the results and then merging them back together into one overall set of data.  As you might expect this what quite confusing for my end user and he didn't know what to do to fix it.


We can work-around this issue, but I wanted to report it so someone can take a look and decide if it should be handled differently by the Data Source editor.


It may be unorthodox to have two or more datasources in one query, but it works great!!!


Thanks for looking into this issue...



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So per the recent awareness update, one of my measure tables did not have a column, and therefore could not update the Data model.


However I tried working around this by updating my PBIX file to ensure there was a column in all tables per the awareness suggestion and re-publish the data model to the PowerBI service.


I get a warning from the desktop client that the the upload was completed, however could not refresh the data model.  When I try to force refresh the data model it still does not work.... 


As my reports are using the PowerBI online service as the datasource, they are all breaking.... I have been able to save a new copy of the updated data model, and can refresh successfully, however I cannot change the data source of all my reports, as the desktop client errors that it cannot access the original datamodel, this error, prevents me from going into the data source connection settings and change it to the new data model file....


Short of going through and recreating new report files, any ideas what I can do? or do I need to wait for the MS update which seems to be always coming "tomorrow" 

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A few days ago i noticed that the colours of the highlighted filters become different afther being published. I've checked and the system is updated, including pbi desktop.


On the pbi desktop app this is how it looks a filter with the highlighted 2016:


After being published, the highlighted 2016 looks like this:


Somehow, all filters based on this visual in every dashboard have the same error, but the filter works. 


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We have a report that connects to a SSAS tabular model using Direct Query. In order to make some of our measure names more user friendly in a report, we created some Report Level Measures (the new feature in the May release of Power BI desktop) and formatted those new measures appropriately (whole number with commas, decimal numbers with commas and two digits after the decimal, percentages, etc.) but we lose that formatting after saving and re-opening the file. We also lose the formatting after publishing the report to the Power BI service on the web.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any known work arounds?

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What is wrong? I don't understand why I get two different graphs? They must be the same, because the variables, MELDING_ID and TOGMELDING_ID, are related.



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When I went to review settings for a dataset that is in a private group workspace, it says this dataset was configured by xxx@yyy at an e-mail address outside of my organization.  What is going on?



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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to connect to a SQL Server Database with a database user. I press the button "Get Data", select the option "SQL Server" and complete the Server and Database fields. I am using the import connectivity mode. When I enter the user and the password I get the following error:




So, my partner tried again but this time from his computer (both using Power BI Desktop, connected from the same network and using the same credentials) and He could connect successfully.


Any ideas of why this is happening? 


Thank you in advance,



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I have published one report to my own workspace and to shared workspace. I get update schedule working in my own workspace but in shared workspace I cannot set up credentials because of the following error:



Is there anything that I'm doing incorrect or what is this sorcery?

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I am getting an error when trying to launch Power Bi 64. I tried to clean my registry, install and reinstall powerbi... but it is not working. I really appreciate any help.


Feedback Type:
Frown (Error)


Local Time:

Product Version:
2.45.4704.722 (PBIDesktop) (x64)

April, 2017

IE Version:

OS Version:
Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 (x64 en-US)

CLR Version:
4.6.1 or later [Release Number = 394271]

Workbook Package Info:
1* - en-US, Query Groups: 0, fastCombine: Disabled, runBackgroundAnalysis: True.

Peak Working Set:
227 MB

Private Memory:
229 MB

Peak Virtual Memory:
3.54 GB

Error Message:
Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

Stack Trace:
System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
   at System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.LoadLibrary(String libname)
   at System.Windows.Forms.RichTextBox.get_CreateParams()
   at System.Windows.Forms.Control..ctor(Boolean autoInstallSyncContext)
   at System.Windows.Forms.TextBoxBase..ctor()
   at System.Windows.Forms.RichTextBox..ctor()
   at Microsoft.Mashup.Client.ClientShared.Ux.DisabledAutoSizeRichTextBox..ctor(IExceptionHandler exceptionHandler, Int32 maxWidthInCharacters)
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.Ux.Intellisense.ParameterHintsControl.InitializeSignature()
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.Ux.Intellisense.ParameterHintsControl.InitializeComponent()
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.HtmlControls.DaxFormulaBarHtmlControlAsync..ctor(String moduleName, String formulaBarName, HtmlForm applicationForm, CefWebBrowser hostControl, WindowsHost windowsHost, IExceptionHandler exceptionHandler, IHostedScriptAsync hostedScript, IModelProxy modelProxy, IModelAuthoringRoutingService modelAuthoringRoutingService, IUIBlockingService uiBlockingService, IEventAggregationService eventAggregationService, ISchemaItemActivationService schemaItemActivationService, SynchronizationContext syncContext)
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.HtmlControls.ReportView.ReportFormulaBarHtmlControlAsync..ctor(String moduleName, String formulaBarName, HtmlForm parentForm, CefWebBrowser hostControl, IModelProxy modelProxy, IHostedScriptAsync hostedScript, IModelAuthoringRoutingService modelAuthoringRoutingService, IUIBlockingService uiBlockingService, IEventAggregationService eventAggregationService, ISchemaItemActivationService schemaItemActivationService, IViewSelectionService viewSelectionService, SynchronizationContext syncContext)
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.HtmlControls.ReportView.ReportCanvasProxyHtmlControlAsync..ctor(String clientModuleName, IEventAggregationService eventAggregationService, IModelProxy modelProxy, ISchemaItemActivationService schemaItemActivationService, MainWindow mainWindow)
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.HtmlControls.ReportView.ReportViewHtmlControl..ctor(IEventAggregationService eventAggregationService, IViewSelectionService viewSelectionService, IModelProxy modelProxy, ISchemaItemActivationService schemaItemActivationService, MainWindow mainWindow)
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.HtmlControls.ViewContainerHtmlControl..ctor(String clientModuleName, ITestHostedScript hostedScript, IEventAggregationService eventAggregationService, IViewSelectionService viewSelectionService, MainWindow mainWindow)
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.HtmlControls.MainHtmlControl..ctor(String clientModuleName, MainWindow mainWindow)
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.HtmlControls.MainWindowHtmlControl..ctor(String clientModuleName, ITestHostedScript hostedScript, MainWindow mainWindow)
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.MainWindow..ctor(IWindowServiceFactory windowServiceFactory, IEventAggregationService eventAggregationService, IFileOperationUIHandler fileOperationUIHandler, IFileManager fileManager, IModelAuthoringRoutingService modelAuthoringRoutingService, IUIBlockingService uiBlockingService, ISchemaItemActivationService schemaItemActivationService, IViewSelectionService viewSelectionService, IUpdateNotificationManager updateNotificationManager, IPowerBIStringProvider stringProvider, IPowerBITelemetryService telemetryService, ITypeNameProvider typeNameProvider, WindowsHost windowsHost, MainWindowParameters initializationParameters, FormulaHistoryManager formulaHistoryManager, Icon dialogIcon, IReportManager reportManager, IPowerBIServiceClient powerBIServiceClient, IAuthenticationManager authenticationManager, IAuthenticationUIHandler authenticationUIHandler, ICloudConfigurationManager cloudManager, ApplicationTracingHost applicationTracingHost, IFileHistoryManager fileHistoryManager, ICefBrowserFactory cefBrowserFactory, IDiagramViewManager diagramViewManager, IPowerBISettings powerBISettings, IModelProxy modelProxy, IFileDialogManager fileDialogManager, EditorScaler editorScaler, String[] additionalDefaultOptionalModules)
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Program.<>c__DisplayClassd.<Main>b__0()
   at Microsoft.Mashup.Host.Document.ExceptionHandlerExtensions.HandleExceptions(IExceptionHandler exceptionHandler, Action action)

Invocation Stack Trace:
   at Microsoft.Mashup.Host.Document.ExceptionExtensions.GetCurrentInvocationStackTrace()
   at Microsoft.Mashup.Client.ClientShared.StackTraceInfo..ctor(String exceptionStackTrace, String invocationStackTrace)
   at Microsoft.Mashup.Client.ClientShared.FeedbackErrorInfo..ctor(String message, Nullable`1 errorCode, String requestId, Exception exception)
   at Microsoft.Mashup.Client.ClientShared.UnexpectedExceptionHandler.<>c__DisplayClass1.<HandleException>b__0()
   at Microsoft.Mashup.Client.ClientShared.UnexpectedExceptionHandler.HandleException(Exception e)
   at Microsoft.Mashup.Host.Document.ExceptionHandlerExtensions.HandleExceptions(IExceptionHandler exceptionHandler, Action action)
   at Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Program.Main(String[] args)

User ID:

Session ID:

Telemetry Enabled:

Model Default Mode:

Snapshot Trace Logs:
C:\Users\aleite\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\

Performance Trace Logs:
C:\Users\aleite\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\

Disabled Preview Features:

Disabled DirectQuery Options:


DPI Scale:

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PBI Desktop - Filter values disappearing from the list after loading more data

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by dariuszszyc Visitor ‎05-02-2017 01:19 AM - edited ‎05-02-2017 01:21 AM



I'm working on some SAP data and I noticed strange thing about filters.


1st screen shows what I see when I first display available values, please not that we do see here "9660 (Multipurpose materials FG)" which is correct because you can also see it on the list behind (yes, I refreshed that list).




Then I pressed "Load more" to see all values and suddenly '9660 (Multipurpose materials FG)" disappeared but they are still visible in the background on the list (all sources refreshed).




When I set filter to display only "9660..." - it worked correctly.




Any idea why this could happen ?




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I have a discrepency between data in desktop and online. I simply publish the file and the discrepency is there.  I have never before encountered this and can't figure out what's going on.


All the filters are the same and the data is refreshed and up to date 





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I set up row level security by business unit and shared it to a business unit leader. When he went in it looked right, but then he clicked on a bar that consequently filtered the other visuals. Instead of showing the filtered view for his org it expanded the other charts to show for groups he does not have access to. it appeared to only do this for some bars(the most recent month in this case.


I tested in "view as role" and everything was working on my desktop version. Any ideas?



Jonathan Hardy

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Error when trying to change text to date

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by szlipcsei Visitor on ‎02-14-2017 08:29 AM


I tried to change the text based date field to date, but I receive the following error message. My colleague could do the same, so I am not sure why I can't do the same.


I tried to reinstall PowerBI desktop, but it happened again.


Date change.JPGError.JPG


Thanks, Szilárd



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Power BI Zuora service errors

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by xboxter Frequent Visitor on ‎05-08-2017 01:22 PM

I'm getting errors when I try to connect to our Zuora data. I'm able to enter by account information correctly, but when the report is actually trying to load I get this error.


Something went wrong
Unable to load the model
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity IDb3ac0b10-d493-e6f4-eb2a-d1dc7c113505
Request ID3f295bb0-ed00-3f13-e4ee-8130efd855b6
Correlation IDc1c0b04b-6d97-b66b-d931-dd7b2fbd8210
TimeMon May 08 2017 14:20:05 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time)


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I have seen similar problems in other users posts, but I do not know how to resolve it. Any clue?

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neo4j to power BI

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by djk Occasional Visitor on ‎05-03-2017 02:23 AM


J'essaie de connecteur Power BI avec ma base de données neo4j, mais avec le tutoriel que j'ai trouvé ne fonctionne pas. 

Quelqu'un peut m'aider s'il vous plait? 


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