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Publishing worked fine two days ago, now when in desktop and selecting pubhlish all users are getting the following msg:


Sorry, we encournted an error while tyring to sign you in. Details: Device Certificate wsa not found for Cert Autohirites; OU=82dbaca4-3e81-46ca-9c73-0950c1eaca97,CN=MS-organization-access,DC=windows,dc=net. 


I have tried both inside and outside of our proxy/firewall with same results and also downloaded the latest version of desktop as well, same issue.

Error while exporting to Power point

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by parijatmalla Visitor on ‎05-02-2018 10:28 AM
I am getting following error on exporting to Power Point.
Image 2018-05-02-13-26-59.jpg

PowerPoint Export Changes Legend Layout

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by Laurelatwork Visitor on ‎03-29-2018 12:51 PM

This was working fine yesterday but today when I exported the online Power BI report to PowerPoint, the legend (which usually resides along the top of this chart) has mysteriously moved to be left-aligned, and covering the charts. This is on every chart & page in my report, so it's not just a single page. I have not changed this report recently.



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AZ Sorting broken

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by SPMoore Frequent Visitor on ‎04-24-2018 03:35 AM

Hi, since the April 2018 release, it is not possible to sort A-Z on a chart axis, only Z-A.  When clicking A-Z on the dropdown elipses, nothing happens.  It is possible to sort by a measure but not A-Z with a text value or numeric value on the axis.


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Not able to open PBI file (even new blank one)

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by JorisVoorn Frequent Visitor on ‎03-16-2018 04:51 AM

After instalation of PBI Desktop update (March) I am not ableto open any PBI file (even new blank one). I tried to repair PBI desktop via Control PAnel, reinstall back to rpevious verison, change x64 bit to x32 bit version, but nothing worked. 


Error messages varies based on PBI file that i am trying to open, below is one of the error logs that PBI shown me after PBI failed. Sometimes is error message only announcement that PBIDesktop is not able to load data modle and nothing else (what is kinda strange when this error message appear during opening of blank PBI file...


Feedback Type:
Frown (Error)


Local Time:

Session ID:

March 2018

Product Version:
2.56.5023.942 (PBIDesktop) (x64)

Error Message:
Couldn't load the model schema.

OS Version:
Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.16299.0 (x64 en-US)

CLR Version:
4.7 or later [Release Number = 461308]

Peak Virtual Memory:
35.5 GB

Private Memory:
1.08 GB

Peak Working Set:
1.06 GB

IE Version:

User ID:

Workbook Package Info:
1* - en-US, Query Groups: 5, fastCombine: Enabled, runBackgroundAnalysis: True.

Telemetry Enabled:

Model Default Mode:

Snapshot Trace Logs:
C:\Users\v-pavsch\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\

Performance Trace Logs:
C:\Users\v-pavsch\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\

Disabled Preview Features:

Disabled DirectQuery Options:


DPI Scale:

Supported Services:
Power BI


Hi Team,


The current slider has an issue when selections are made that cause some funkiness in the UI. For example:


Use the years of 1999-2014 for the years in a report. Then change the years to 2015-2016. If you try to adjust the beginning year first, since 2015 is larger than the end of the original year spread (2014), it will not accept it and reverts to 1999. The user is forced to type in the ending year first, then the beginning. Can this be adjusted so that the user can enter the preferred years without having it default back to the previous selection?



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As per the title all basic date slicers are stuck in the US date format and cannot be changed. My regional setting are set to UK and changing this around does not fix the issue.

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Lately while I was maintaining the published reports from the Power BI desktop; noticed that after save, when I clicked on the Publish button, it calls the sqldmper.exe (the command window) and crashes; sometimes hanged and had to kill the task.

Then I noticed PBD keeps logging me out during publish, calls that sqldmper.exe and after crash, have to relogin and publish till now.

I believe there's a bug in latest update; I am running the january 2018 update.


Is anyone else facing the same issue?




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Hi Team,

We're running into what appears to be a rendering issue in slicers. For example, if you select an item, change your mind, deselect it, then close out of the box and reopen it the slicer options show up blank. See attached images.

The only remedy to this seems to be resizing the screen or choosing a different option and forcing the slicer to refresh based on another selection. It should be noted that this is running from an SSAS Tabular Cube. It's also an Embedded Application, but we've confirmed the behavior is appearing in both the Service and Embedded, so it's not a result of the Power BI API.1.PNG2.PNG


Please assist!


Kyle Williams

Bug with slicer and Bookmark in Service

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by rmccormick Visitor on ‎01-11-2018 02:27 PM

In the Power BI Service, I have uploaded a project that utilized a bookmark to reset several slicers on a page.  This works smoothly in Desktop, but in the service, it does not function reliably.  Is there a workaround for this, or is this a known issue?  


Using the standard drop down slicer and no custom visuals.  



Status: Accepted

Function  definiton:


 Can't save/apply/change measure anymore due to not accepting any interval parameter


 avg something = CALCULATE(AVERAGE('Table'[something]),
  DATESINPERIOD('Table'[Date],TODAY(), -7, DAY))


 Version: 2.57.5068.721 64-bit (April 2018)


  avg something = CALCULATE(AVERAGE('Table'[something]),
  DATESINPERIOD('Table'[Date],TODAY(), -7,0 , DAY))


Function is defined with integer and not number. Parser seems to be broken

Status: Needs Info

Power BI Service Down

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by darranm Frequent Visitor on ‎12-08-2017 12:38 AM



Is the Power BI Service down for anyone else?


UK, 8:37am


Power BI Error.PNG

Since some time last Thursday evening any tile that I have using the "Dark Gray Canvas" base map in the Power Bi Arc GIS maps has been displaying an Arc GIS login rather than the map. The problem does not appear to impact any of the other base maps.


I also get the same if I create a new tile and select the "Dark Gray Canvas" base map in the Arc GIS maps visual. The problem shows up in both desktop and service.


Is anybody else seeing the same and/or is anybody seeing no issue using the "Dark Gray Canavas"? I'm not sure if this issue is regional or widespread in nature.

Status: Needs Info

Synced Slicer behaviour not working properly

Status: Needs Info
by jak82 Member on ‎02-07-2018 04:26 AM

If I copy a slicer from one page to another and sync it and then go abck and change the alues it makes only the selection available in the synced slicer so I am unable to reselect another option.


I am running Feb version and direct query

Status: Needs Info is down in the north europe

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by jenrom Occasional Visitor on ‎11-09-2017 11:13 PM

When loading the page we are getting 500 errors for multiple http calls


Below you can find the console log from chrome debugger0


(index):163 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)
doInitialMetadataLoad @ (index):163
(anonymous) @ (index):163
web.bundle.min.js:26 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)

BUG due monitors

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by pjpreddy2 Frequent Visitor on ‎03-26-2018 05:28 AM

Please see the attached image of my Power BI Bug, it occured when I installed the newest version of Power Bi to my desktop.  It only affects the program when I use it on my larger monitors and not when its on the laptop screen (mostly), it will happen on the laptop screen but it fixes itself after a few clicks.  It does not do that when on the extra monitors.  PIC of Power BI Error

The stacked column charts stopped working in existing dashboards and reports.  all other reports, grids etc seem to be working fine.  Datasource is SSAS MD cube.  I have confirmed that there is data at the intersection in the cube that is included in the reports.  Report was created from dataset online and not from desktop power bi. 



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Cannot update app

Status: Accepted
by MAwbre Frequent Visitor on ‎01-18-2018 07:09 AM
Can't update this app.  The timing for this error couldn't be worse...
Any ideas what is going on?
Something went wrong
Failed to publish app.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity IDc8525ce6-ee38-4630-ac18-be8bb00d1a9c
Request ID8853b422-7ddc-f2c7-6930-6602e1a15d77
Correlation ID615de399-8a56-1844-0a0a-3d3de74f6e29
TimeThu Jan 18 2018 09:06:50 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)
Get help
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Cannot delete broken tiles from Dashboard

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by mshparber Established Member on ‎10-22-2017 01:39 PM


I've changed some calculated fields in my model, so some of my tiles broke with Error:

"Unrecognized fields in this visual". But that's ok, I was expecting this.

I want to replace them with new tiles from the report.

But now I CANOT DELETE those tiles!!! No option for delete.

Just "Go to report" or "Export".

Please Help, my dashboard is full of these!

Thank you




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Dashboard sharing Disabled for non-PRO users ?

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by djnww Established Member ‎04-27-2017 05:28 AM - edited ‎04-27-2017 05:34 AM

We can no longer share a dashboard with users from our own workspace. I received the message:

"This dashboard contains Power BI Pro content. Only users that have Power BI Pro will have access to it"


I confirmed my fears by publishing the simplest of reports which is 100% non-pro content. There have been a few other mentions of it on the forum in the past couple of hours, but I thought I'd create an official post. 


1st sharing was disabled from Group Workspaces to non-pro users. Surely Microsoft has accidentally disabled ALL sharing for non-pro users ? If not, you can imagine the uproar.


Is anybody else facing the same problem ? 


Power BI clearly states that we are able to share personal dashboards with non-pro users. 




Status: Delivered
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