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After July 2017 service update, the configuration done for Smart filter got replaced by default settings in PowerBI service. Changes and format done for smart filter has been gone, it is affecting all our reports.


Behaviour of the filter has also been changed,


1. On selection of drop down list, two filters get opened parallely.  To close the list we have to click the drop down list again

2. On setting of "Send to back", while clicking drop down list is going behind the visual before selecting the values

3. On setting of "Bring to front", it will hide other visual behind no transperncy was there.







Could you please check the bug at the earliest??

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after installing the July upgrade, our Sankey diagrams in PI Desktop changed their appearance: The link thickness and node sizes seem mostly random and independent of the weight assigned to each link.



In the graphic above for example, the link to b1 is far less then half as thick as the link to b2, even though the weight is exactly half. This happens with all kinds of combinations and ways to calculate the link weights. Before the July upgrade, I didn't have this issue.


A solution for this issue would be highly appreciated! Right now our Sankey diagrams are useless because of the change.





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ArcGIS not working in desktop

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by alejandrort Visitor ‎06-06-2017 02:00 PM - edited ‎06-07-2017 04:13 PM

The ArcGIS map visual was working fine yesterday but now it doesn´t even load, it just appears blank (neither the Esri logo nor the loading bars appear on the visual). I was wondering if there is some solution for this or if it´s just a temporary thing due to some update. 


PS: I have the latest update (May 2017) installed and I`ve already tried clearing my data cache in options and disabling the ArcGIS preview, closing the pbi file and opening it again; Nothing seems to work.

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Timeline slicer including extra day

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by bahlvin Frequent Visitor on ‎07-10-2017 03:53 PM

Hey folks,

Just noticed that the Timeline Slicer is for some reason including the first day of the next this the expected behavior? This seems to be happening for all of the granularities. I'm using the latest version available on the Store: 1.3.21


Example 1: Selecting a single day, but a simple table view of data shows two days:



Example 2: Similar issue when selecting a single week: Two sundays included:


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Cannot publish any report

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by sam1220 Frequent Visitor on ‎05-10-2017 03:26 AM

Doens't matter which group or even own workspace upload it. Keep getting this error.



Can anyone inform me about this? Is it because I reached a limit of publishes per day?

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Slicers do not highlight anymore

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by edequier Visitor on ‎05-21-2017 08:15 PM


The selection on horizontal slicers is almost invisible for a few days ! Can you please have a look at this issue ?!


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So I've been trying to sign up for about 3 weeks now, and I keep getting the same error message "Sorry, that didn't work. There's a problem on our end. We're working on it, so try again later."

This problem has been persistant for 3 weeks and I'd like to sign up so I can buy PRO and continue. 
I signed up, got the verification code, put it into the field and continued. |





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Hello everybody,


I dowloaded the last update of Power BI of this month today morning, and suddunley I found that the description shown with any DAX formula when creating a new calculated measure is written with a strange langage, let's say it is like a crypted langage.
It is joined a screenshot that shows the case.
Could anybody explain what is matter with Power BI.



 Sans titre.png

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Image link: 




I have pasted a link to the image above, I could not embed it for some reason.


I am pretty new to PowerBI, so be nice. I have loaded some geographical data against the UK using a postcode file on a map.


I get a yellow warning error bar at the bottom of the ESRI/ ARCGIS map that tells me: "Failed to Locate 23 Features".


I cannot work out how to interrogate, review or fix these 'features'.


It would be really helpful if error reporting was able to be scrutinised a lot more clearly for a novice like myself.


Any comments and support would be welcome. 


Many thanks,




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Myself and a few of my colleagues have noticed since 18-05-2017, that for any PowerBi report we create which contains a new page background image; if we save the report and then re-load, the background image is retained in the dialog box but the physical image is not displayed in the report itself. 


This is also applicable when we publish to web and view the html link, again the background image is not visbile, regardless of the image size, or chosen image fit. We have produced this on 3 different accounts and across new or existing reports, so believe this to be a bug within the syste,m.


can you please verify?

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Imagem 2.png

I made an update to online just to get new data, but my slicer stoped working correctly. As you can see if I select 8.3.6 it seem I have to much data, but the slicer does not have that option selected. (the image on the center is the slicer on the desktop version).


Where there any changes on this?

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I noticed today that ALL of my attribute slicers are now set to 'highlight' other visuals rather than 'filter' them. I didn't make this change. They have been set to filter for 2 months. Perhaps this was triggered by the January update? Lots of rework involved to set them up to filter again.

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Timeline Slicer Issue

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by maddy Frequent Visitor on ‎12-18-2016 07:21 AM



Between option on dates is not working on timeline custom visual nor in timeline slicer once we import data from direct query. 




Custom Visual tooltips not shown on dashboards

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by FP Visitor on ‎04-21-2017 05:31 AM


When a custom visual is pinned to a dashboard tooltips are not displayed on mouse over, while native visuals can display their tooltips correctly.

In all other contexts (included dashboard in focus mode) tooltips work as expected.


We noticed this issue testing our custum visuals and also pinning to a dashboard the sampleBarChart visual provided by Microsoft.
Debugging the code we noticed that the method is called as usual in tooltipServiceWrapper.ts, but nothing is shown.

Status: Accepted

I use custom visuals such as Smart Filter (SQLBI) along with Table Sorter.
Until now everything was working properly, for months.
I now encounter rather strange effects.
Here is what has happened and how I proceeded (as well in PBI Desktop as in PBI Service).
STEP 1 - First filtering with Smart Filter. Results in a Table Sorter visual. Correct.
STEP 2 - Second filtering (different as previous). Results in the same visual. Correct.
STEP 3 - Third filtering : the same as in step 1. Same visual: results partial, i.e. missing rows in the resulting table.
In step 3, when - in Desktop - I switch from the "Table Sorter" visual to the "Table" visual (or "Matrix" visual), results are correct again. And when I come back to the "Table Sorter" visual : same missing rows situation !


PBI Custom visuals2.png

Can someone help?



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April 2017 update - import custom visualization option missing on first run

Status: Accepted
by AnthonyB New Member ‎04-14-2017 09:56 PM - edited ‎04-14-2017 09:57 PM

Since upgrading to the April 2017 update (Version: 2.45.4704.442 64-bit (April 2017)) I've noticed that the three ellipses for importing a custom visualization is missing if you also have ArcGIS Maps preview enabled until you collapse and re-expand the Visualizations pane.


The problems seems to be that the ArcGIS Maps visualization icon gets placed on top of the 3 ellipses (you can see this as the page renders), but when the Visualzations pane is collapsed and re-opened, it correctly re-calculates the spacing of the icons.



Import Visualization is missingImport Visualization is missing




Status: Accepted

I have been awaiting this feature for a while now so I was relieved to see this implemented in the latest update.


However, I think I have found a bug. The word wrap resets when sorting on a particular column header. Please can this issue be investigated & rectified.


Also, could an equal column width setting be implemeted to satisfy my OCD requirements Smiley Happy

Status: Needs Info

Line Chart Bug

Status: Needs Info
by swaroop Visitor on ‎03-20-2017 02:21 AM

I encountered an issue with the line chart when drilled down multiple hierarchies, the Y-axis of the line chart gets scattered although all the values are 100%. Attached is a snapshot of the issue.Power BI - Issue.PNG

Status: Needs Info

After updating to October build#2.40.4554.463 64-bit Slicer failed to have Monthly data hierarchy. I tried with all the options of setting a new date column with only Month names and also with only date (without time information) and nothing worked. To make the slicer available in my report, I had to use a customer from 


Not sure if it is a bug and everyone else have similar issue?

What exists now:-
What i got in Power BI documentation:-
    ref url : 
"Tile Theming" option is missing in our environment which is currently in need for one of our requirement.
Please assist me on this issue 
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