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Custom Visual tooltips not shown on dashboards

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by FP Occasional Visitor on ‎04-21-2017 05:31 AM


When a custom visual is pinned to a dashboard tooltips are not displayed on mouse over, while native visuals can display their tooltips correctly.

In all other contexts (included dashboard in focus mode) tooltips work as expected.


We noticed this issue testing our custum visuals and also pinning to a dashboard the sampleBarChart visual provided by Microsoft.
Debugging the code we noticed that the method is called as usual in tooltipServiceWrapper.ts, but nothing is shown.

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April 2017 update - import custom visualization option missing on first run

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by AnthonyB New Member ‎04-14-2017 09:56 PM - edited ‎04-14-2017 09:57 PM

Since upgrading to the April 2017 update (Version: 2.45.4704.442 64-bit (April 2017)) I've noticed that the three ellipses for importing a custom visualization is missing if you also have ArcGIS Maps preview enabled until you collapse and re-expand the Visualizations pane.


The problems seems to be that the ArcGIS Maps visualization icon gets placed on top of the 3 ellipses (you can see this as the page renders), but when the Visualzations pane is collapsed and re-opened, it correctly re-calculates the spacing of the icons.



Import Visualization is missingImport Visualization is missing




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I noticed today that ALL of my attribute slicers are now set to 'highlight' other visuals rather than 'filter' them. I didn't make this change. They have been set to filter for 2 months. Perhaps this was triggered by the January update? Lots of rework involved to set them up to filter again.

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Timeline Slicer Issue

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by maddy Frequent Visitor on ‎12-18-2016 07:21 AM



Between option on dates is not working on timeline custom visual nor in timeline slicer once we import data from direct query. 




What exists now:-
What i got in Power BI documentation:-
    ref url : 
"Tile Theming" option is missing in our environment which is currently in need for one of our requirement.
Please assist me on this issue 
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KPI visual doesn't display time values

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by atapia New Member on ‎01-30-2017 03:24 PM



I'm working on a dashboard for my team on a Call Center, I'm looking to show their AHT against the goal in a KPI visual, However, it displays correctly in the Desktop app but when I publish it, it will show a legend (Blank) for both, the current and the goal values.


This also happens with string values. With any other data type it shows correctly.


Any thoughts?



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Bullet Chart by Microsoft: Drill down not working

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by Sokon Regular Visitor ‎01-25-2017 07:27 AM - edited ‎01-25-2017 07:53 AM

I use the custom visual "Bullet Chart" by Microsoft: If one switches on the "drill mode" of the visual (the arrow on the top right is black), one should be able to drill down by clicking on any data point, if there is a hierarchy in the "categories" field.


But it dowsn't. The visual shows the same as before. The names of the hierarchy levels is added to the title each time i click on an data point, though. The button "go to the next level of the hierarchy" works correctly, too.


Before clicking on the bar "2016":


After clicking on the 2016 bar, it's selected and the hierarchy level name "Month" is added to the title. No drill down occured:




What do I do wrong? In case it's a bug - please fix it! :-)

Status: Delivered

After updating to October build#2.40.4554.463 64-bit Slicer failed to have Monthly data hierarchy. I tried with all the options of setting a new date column with only Month names and also with only date (without time information) and nothing worked. To make the slicer available in my report, I had to use a customer from 


Not sure if it is a bug and everyone else have similar issue?

Dev Tool is not Showing

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by pulkitbasia New Member on ‎11-16-2016 01:30 AM

Hi I am willing to devlop a New custom Visual but the Dev tool is not showing up while i register on PowerBI app. Below is the screenshot for the same. On the place of Circle there should be a Dev tool option but its coming up. Please let me know how i can access the Dev tools to create a custom Visual.



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Issue with importing R program into PowerBI

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by tejasnd Frequent Visitor Friday - last edited Friday

I have attached the R code and it is working absolutely fine in R Gui.

But when I imported it into Power BI, it is not working. Please help me with this.


for(l in 1: (length(x)))
for(l in 1: (length(x)))
for(l in 1: (length(x)))



z<-dweibull(x,beta,alpha,log = FALSE)

plot(x,z, type="b",col = "red", xlab="x value", ylab="Density", main="Comparison of t Distributions")


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Hi everyone, we are using the table heat map custom visual we got from the Office Store. 

It works really nice but it has the following issues:


1. When a cell shows a Blank value, one of its neighbors (most commonly the one avobe it) shows 0 instead of the current value. It works ok when exporting data though.




2. Depending on the data and the number of buckets, the limits are not shown completely. Maybe it needs rounding or a different number formatting?







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  • When testing a custom visual in the PBI web portal, PBI's JavaScript is exceeding the safe limit for total size of domain cookies.

How/Why is it bad:


  • Below is an example in Power BI code that is part of the issue.  This cookie is about 2k in size, but keep in mind the total for the domain is what causes problems.




Url:<some guid>/ReportsSection

File:  ai.0.js   (this is the minimized name)

Code  (line 24):

window.parent.powerBIAccessToken = 'eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsIng1dCI6ImEzUU4wQlpTN3M0bk4tQmRyamJGMFlfTGRNTSIsImtpZCI6ImEzUU4wQlpTN3M0bk4tQmRyamJGMFlfTGRNTSJ9.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.XBI2XdoKyrnSNecL69yh-fM-e772mIrAuL6vRPekAMQUfBtiv-kzLBJeuEm9DwH-r-geXv_Fcy6RE_0B4feu6k7iZBfuONGnQygrcGyExwpzUxlPy_l3T00KJhy93Fz9W_EjJQLByof-ZFm-7gCFb1wa4fdgvvBcafQvVvag5QA6LmgBhaaoY2pq238RWsILsmy1bkAIvSfaallLVYYtcrzJyyS9RqH_zKGV-sXTRbeZizvYiq8H_STVWNEccPflgHLqnwEZ2RRE_-g00VSKVkfSobTDqkGESGgtJ43yrXKs-on2qG328uoSKLmK8CEjWUcZHQFMs_h7lnR6OVVqKg';
window.parent.powerBIAccessTokenExpiry = '2017-04-26 14:42:26Z';

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We have a problem trying to recreate a performance matrix which was made in Excel to Power BI. The matrix has cells with values and a colour background which is set based on different conditions set. The matrix has KPI's listed row wise and countries listed column wise. As each combination of KPI and country has a different set of Target, it has become a challenge for us to incorporate the same in Power BI. We understand that this is very simple to perform in excel unlike Power BI.


One of the work around which we have adopted to perform this was by creating cards with states inplace of each cells and defining the value and states based on which the background or text colour changes. However since there are more than 10 KPI's and more than 10 countries to be incorporated we had to create close to 100 cards which had a huge impact over the performance of the report when it was published and shared online. Due to the inclusion of so many cards the report crashes oftenly whenever we tried to open the same in Power BI online. Each cards when alligned in the form of a table looked decent but performance is a concern.


We understand that the above work around is not advisable due to the number of cards used in the same report,however if you have any other ideas to fix this issue and recreate the same in Power BI,it would be of really great help.


We have also tried the table heat map in the custom visual gallery,however we do not have any control over setting the targets in it as we have a specific target for each cells in the table. Same goes with the use of conditional formatting in a table in Power BI.


Please feel free to give your thoughts on other work arounds or improving the performance based on the current method being used(cards with states).



Example -



Thanks & Regards,

Arvind Raj 



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Hi ,


I recently experienced a strange issue regarding a cumualtive table and viewing the correct results online.


I have the desktop version of the dashboard showing the exact values and when I upload it it shows the results as expected. But the problem occurs any time a refresh is applied to the data. The examples below will show the differences.


Desktop dashboard showing correct values




Online values are incorrect on same data.




Anyone have any ideas?


David Stuart

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Hi All

I am not sure if I am the only one experiencing it. But  the  new matrix's (with cross-filtering  functionality) columns still auto-resize even after turning this feature  off. 


Here are some instances when it happpens:

  1. Selecting a filter
  2. Clicking a category from a visual
  3. After applying  conditional formatting


Or maybe because  this is still a preview feature?

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I have dates in text format specified by a FORMAT function when adding a custom column

I tried to use the First aggregation in the values field and it returned the first based on A-Z order of the column.


I noticed that if I sort this column by the date column it sorts correctly

Sorted by column 

but when I aggregate to First 

it once again gives the first item based on A-Z order of the column instead of Sort by column order


The custom column function is



Seems like this could be a bug.

If this is intentional , could you make it a feature to choose between aggregating by sort column?



Status: Delivered
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Experiencing an odd issue using the Custom-Visual "SuperBubbles1.0.1"...


Data from an excel spreadsheet. Column of "Rep Names" all formatted First.Last


For only ONE of the Reps, "Aaron.Miles", the widget does not seem to like the ".Miles" and will not present any visual content when using a slicer to isolate that rep's data. 


To add context, in the matrix this rep clearly has data to present and fits the same performance criteria as all the other reps that DO show "bubbles" representing their performance on a customer-level.


I tested making a slight change to the values in the excel data set then refreshing. Here are the steps:

- Adjusted one row item to "Aaron.BURR", which immediately showed visualization once the report was refreshed. 

- Adjusted one row item to "Aaron.MilesS" (extra S) and it also immediately showed visualization once the report was refreshed. 


Curious if it's the word "Miles" that is causing an issue. Again, this is ONLY occurring in the "Super Bubbles 1.0.1" custom visualization. 

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since a recent update it appears our online maps are not functioning, although they work in Desktop


Has anyone else had this issue?

Status: Needs Info
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Custom visuals disabled

Status: Delivered
by wei Frequent Visitor on ‎04-19-2017 07:53 PM

Perhaps after the April 2017 update, some custom visuals could not been shown on our Power BI web which were working well previously,  please reference attached picture for error details. Help would be greatly appreciated!




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I was working with the Filled Map Visual yesterday, mapping out zip codes in OH, to see one of my branches coverage areas.

I refreshed the data several times, with no issues.

I added a few zips, and refreshed, and the next thing I know, the visual isn't mapping over half the zips in the list.

I figured, just close out and try again.

Well, closing out became re-starting the computer, and eventually giving up.


Today, I pulled the zips of a totally different branch, in a different state, and mapped out it's zips. Now, the data won't appear at all.

I went back to my data from yesterday, and it will map out the same as the day before, just a handful of the data, but not all.

I have also tried the Bubble map, and am getting the same thing, which would make me believe that there is something wrong with my data. But how can data work one moment, half work another moment, and then not at all?


What are some issues that would cause this?


The more I use the filled map visual, the less I like Power BI. Not only do my maps often display with holes in the zips (meaning that the shape of the zip code presented by the filled mpa visual is incorrect). I've raised this issue before, but it is still a problem.


For users that deal with coverage areas, and needing to see accurate data, this visual falls drastically short compared to the old MapPoint program. When checking around in the forums and help videos, it seems this visual is overlooked as a valuable one. 


Please assist. Thank you.


Status: Needs Info