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Strange behavior with drilldown mode

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by marco6 Frequent Visitor on ‎06-09-2017 08:28 AM

Hi! I am currently developing a custom visual. One of the features that I need is to drilldown on click of a data point. A behavior like the "histogram" default component would be perfect (the user can select data, then if [s]he clicks on "drill mode" can drill down contextual data).


Trying out the sampleBarChart component from the Microsoft's tutorial, I get a strange behavior:

- In PowerBI Desktop everything works as expected.

- In PowerBI Online (IE11/FF/Chrome) it does nothing.


Strangely enough, if I manually force the refresh of the data (by for example resising the visual - edit mode only) I get the right data! For this reason I guess a possible workaround would be a simple refresh... But AFAIK it is not possible to trigger a refresh on a visual by code...


I am attaching a pbix with a dumb dataset to reproduce the issue. I had to enable drilldown on the sampleBarChart visual: I simply added

"drilldown": {
	"roles": ["category"]

in the capabilities and built it.


Can anybody help? Is there any workaround?



- PBIX (I could not upload it here...)

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by BrainGrind Occasional Visitor on ‎06-15-2017 06:35 AM

Hello Power BI Community,


As some of us have already experiencd, ArcGIS map screen remains blank.

The issue has been around for awhile but it seems that no robust solution has been implemented yet.


Clearing the chache, closing browers and restarting does't work for me.

I am using Power BI desktop Version: 2.46.4732.581 64-bit (Mai 2017).


I went through all the already exisiting threads and posts but nothing seems to work.


I am wondering whether I am not following the proper procedure to fix the problem or

whether there are other users who are completely stucked as I am.


Thank You for any clue you can provide.





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Incorrect Map of India

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by wfhitesh New Member on ‎06-11-2017 10:02 PM



India map used in PowerBI is incorrect. In India it is an legal offense to use incorrect map.


PFA - Pic of the same.


Request you to get the solved asap.





large.jpeg+91 97421 44966

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From Wikipedia: When the borough incorporated in 2013, it took area from the Hoonah–Angoon Census Area and the former Petersburg Census Area.


Power BI recognizes "Petersburg Census Area, AK" as a 'county' but does not recognize "Petersburg Burrough, AK". Can you adjust the shapefile data to recognize the more modern version of this 'county'?

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Counties work slightly differently in Peurto Rico, with 78 Municipalities covering all areas of the island. However, when using these municipalities Power BI maps do not code anything under the 'County' level. Anything the Power BI team can do about this?

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Map: ICAO/IATA airport codes

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by amirulmanaf Frequent Visitor on ‎01-05-2017 01:49 AM




the above images for reference.  when referring ICAO airport codes to the map, VOGO and VTUI appear to be located in africa, but the real locations are India and Thailand respectively.  any way to fix these ourselves?  thanks!

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Hello, I'm playing with MaxMind database worldcitiespop, a database that has a record for all cities in the world.

I know, more than 3M eneteries is too much, but the problem seems happening just with a few thousands.


I have no problem listing more than 4000 cities for New Zealand or Switzerland:



New ZealandNew ZealandSwitzerlandSwitzerland










































Problem starts with Australia, 20,000: location are all listed down a certain parallel:















France 60,000: same problem













And so on with, Italy, United States, Spain, Mexico or whatever. After a certina limit of pins the map just cannot hold it.

I found the same problem with ALL Custom Visual maps except for GIS.





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Customize Tile Fonts With JSON

Status: Delivered
by dalltron Visitor on ‎04-03-2017 04:58 AM

It would be great if we could customize font by importing a .json file in addition to being able to customize color.

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Hi, I am not able to increase the size of the search bar in attribute slicer, previously it used to scale as per the text size. did anything changed recently ?? 




I am having trouble getting a plotly to work in my custom R script, although it runs in R studio. Many hours of searching has yielded no help. Can we get a tutorial on how to implement a plotly graph in powerbi? 



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Can’t debug custom visuals in power bi Web

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by sujith New Member on ‎05-21-2017 11:47 PM

In Power BI web we could test custom visuals (while being developed) by simply enabling ‘developer visual for testing’ setting. However that capability seems to be broken in May release. Now it says ‘Can’t contact visual server’ whenever we try to test a custom visual. I’ve checked this with some other custom visual developers and they are facing the same issue.





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Clustered Column chart not pulling data

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by ClaraGV Visitor on ‎03-01-2017 01:28 AM

Hi, See picture below, I have a clustered column chart pulling data from 3 measures. In some cases, even though there is data to be shown it's not pulled.


Image with a) title selected in the left slicer b) at the top you can see the measure used for '2017 Budget dark purple in the chart) c) the chart doeasn't show any 2017 budget but there is 27K budget. See second image with a snit of the data set where it shows this 27K.






For other titles in the slicer the budget 2017 shows ok:



Do you know why in some cases 2017 budget it's shown ok and in other cases it doesn't?






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We are a large enterprise and admins have decided we don't get to connect with the MS Marketplace. When you move custom visuals out to the marketplace- we will be cut off from this great feature!!!!

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So I've been trying to sign up for about 3 weeks now, and I keep getting the same error message "Sorry, that didn't work. There's a problem on our end. We're working on it, so try again later."

This problem has been persistant for 3 weeks and I'd like to sign up so I can buy PRO and continue. 
I signed up, got the verification code, put it into the field and continued. |





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In the attached picture, these two tables have the same color gray visual background on a black page background. The former has the default background color (no color) for all of the headers and values. The latter has the rows, columns, and values formatted as the same color as the desired visual background.


With the first table, it would be nice to have the Header/Value default color resort to the desired background color, rather than "Seeing through" to the page background color.


Currently, to have desired Table Background color, Several formatting options must first be changed for each table. Especially very helpful is the desired visual background has any transparency value % (as the same transparency % is not offered in header/value formatting).


Table Background.PNG

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I'm having an issue with this map where I have thousands of data points all throughout the US, but for some reason only certain data points are showing up. My peers and I started having this issue a week ago and none of us did anything to change the graph. We just came in the next day and it looked like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Imagem 2.png

I made an update to online just to get new data, but my slicer stoped working correctly. As you can see if I select 8.3.6 it seem I have to much data, but the slicer does not have that option selected. (the image on the center is the slicer on the desktop version).


Where there any changes on this?

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The active user count by product and user location graphic is not displaying correctly. Shows USA users in Europe per the attached  image. Capture.PNG

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visual has exceeded available resources

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by gsingh2020 Occasional Visitor on ‎05-18-2017 08:22 PM

Power BI Visual coming up with error message


Resources Exceeded

This visual has exceeded the available resources. Try filtering to decrease the amount of data displayed.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
More detailsResource Governing: The query exceeded the maximum memory allowed for queries executed in the current workload group (Requested 1048579KB, Limit 1048576KB).
Activity ID3063c74c-eacc-420b-8535-aaa9d59e0892
Correlation IDd3fe4aa3-b52b-efe0-9e45-c6ad7fa18274
Request IDd46f830f-2b56-a59a-8cbc-25a0f299432e
TimeWed May 17 2017 14:44:59 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time)
Cluster URI

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Windows Defender is not letting me download a .pbix from my OneDrive folder, because it claims it contains trojan Win32/Sprisky.D!d.  The WD report says it's coming from the Timeline slicer, from the Custom Visuals gallery.  This is the Timeline published by Microsoft, not a third party.


Any idea if this is a false positive, or if the Visuals Gallery has been compromised, or if Microsoft is intentionally trying to plant a trojan on my machine?

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