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the latest rollout of a new feature (Analytics, Measure Drillthrough) has caused an additional section to show up on our embedded Power BI reports (we are using the filter pane). See screenshot with a dummy report embedded into our application - is there ANY way to disable showing the DRILLTHROUGH portion? It is already confusing our end users because they don't understand what to do with it (and they don't have the ability to "drag drillthrough fields here"). Please help!drillthrough showing in filter pane for end user.JPG

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Hi Team,

We're running into what appears to be a rendering issue in slicers. For example, if you select an item, change your mind, deselect it, then close out of the box and reopen it the slicer options show up blank. See attached images.

The only remedy to this seems to be resizing the screen or choosing a different option and forcing the slicer to refresh based on another selection. It should be noted that this is running from an SSAS Tabular Cube. It's also an Embedded Application, but we've confirmed the behavior is appearing in both the Service and Embedded, so it's not a result of the Power BI API.1.PNG2.PNG


Please assist!


Kyle Williams

Select query in odata v4 is ignored

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by agur Frequent Visitor on ‎01-31-2018 04:16 AM

When using $select in the query string for an OData v4 service it is ignored.

For example:

= OData.Feed("https://<org>$select=name,actualrevenue")

This returns all opportunities with ALL fields, not only name and actualrevenue


= OData.Feed("$select=id")

This returns ALL fields, not only group ID


This has a HUGE business impact, as this makes loading data in PBI reports extremely slow. The consensus in the Dynamics 365 environment is to export the data to an Azure database before loading it into PBI, which breaks security hierarchy and makes everything less user friendly.

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The site (on all browsers) is not working.



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I've noticed that the right-click drill-through is no longer working in published reports.     The menu doesn't appear on right-click.      It was working fine last week I believe


It works as expected in Desktop and also PBIS



Many of our users rely on the drill-though functionality to view line level detail


Hopefully it can be corrected soon







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Web API data source refresh issue

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by SowjanyaK Visitor on ‎04-13-2018 01:16 AM

Hi Team,


I have created a web api which validates the http header and gives the response in Json format. I have added this api as a data source for a report in power bi desktop which is working fine. But when i publish the report to it fails the data refresh with an exception "Invalid Credentials" and the configured header value is not available in the data connection. need help in fixing this issue




We have an web application with embed (via iframe) PowerBI reports. Last week we took an issue with "..." menu on all visuals:

1. Chrome - menu does not appear at all.

2. Safari - menu appears for 1-2 ms

3. IE - works fine Smiley Happy


In PBI Desktop and at all works correctly with all browsers.

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I'm not able to sign in to Power BI Desktop after Jan 2018 update. I'm getting this error:


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Menu missing when switching from View to Edit mode

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by cheld Visitor ‎03-27-2018 09:48 AM - edited ‎03-28-2018 01:56 AM

Instead of being displayed in edit mode and hidden in view mode the menu (appBar) is no longer visible when switching an embedded report from view to edit mode with 


Embedding the report in Edit mode shows the menu correctly on start but after switching from edit to view mode it turns black and all the file menu is empty.


Are there new APIs to control the menu visibility or is this a bug?


unable to sign in in PowerBi Desktop

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by ankku Regular Visitor on ‎01-09-2018 06:50 AM


Me and My Team is facing a starnge issue in connecting to Power Bi desktop. Whenever We are trying to Sign In it doesnt sign in. I tried resetting the password , uninstalled and installed Power bi desktop but all have been in vain. We are unable to sign in Power bi desktop. The Sign In windows prompts to enter credential but nothing happens after that.

If there is a issue please fix it asap.

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Slicer Scroll Bug on user selection

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by donquijote Frequent Visitor on ‎01-03-2018 12:15 AM

On Power BI embedded report (based on azure workspace) I see the following behaviour on my slicers.

The slicers contain relatively long list of items so that they require scroll.

Multiple item selection is enabled in the slicers.

When the user selects a couple of items in the higher part or the list, the slicer will automatically scroll somewhere unrelated down the list. What is more problematic is that the slicer doesn't allow to scroll up again to the top of the list.

The slicer goes again to the top of the list if the user interacts with other visual in the same page of the report.

When the user what's to slice the data often this bug produces a painful expericence.

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PowerBI Online & PowerBI Embedded

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by timwilson Frequent Visitor on ‎01-08-2018 03:51 PM



This morning we have experienced issues with reports in the online service and embedded, the data is not returning the correct results from the DB (directquery), e.g. if i open the report in the desktop client, i see the correct data, when I run the embedded or online version it returns no data or very little data.



In a Power BI embedded (via azure workspace) I get the following error on some visuals:

"Custom visuals have been disabled for your organization"

The visuals are not custom visuals from the custom visual gallery but very simple standard visuals, for example a standard Card visual to display a string, referring to a measure with a simple IF statement to choose between two strings.

A common element to all the places where I see this bug is the use of IF statement in the measure that is displayed in the visual.

In all cases the visual is a simple Card.


Memory Allocation for Tier

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by darranm Frequent Visitor on ‎12-07-2017 07:59 AM

Hi all,


I have done a routine check of the datasets within our Premium EM1 Capacity and found a small number of reports (within the same App Workspace), have not been refreshed, some have.


The error is:

Processing error: You have reached the maximum allowable memory allocation for your tier. Consider upgrading to a tier with more available Memory.


This is a little striking, has anybody else seen this issue? We have an extremely small number of reports utilising EM1 Premium, with average to little usage (development phase), yet we have exceeded 80% memory thrashing 8 times in the last 7 days.


Are the particular reports failing at fault here, or have their refreshes arbitrarily been chosen to pause?

I tried the java script sample from github inwhich i tried to embed the dashboad into webpage but the problem is i coudent able to see the filter option when embeding into dashboard where as i could see the filter option while coming to embeding reports,is there any way to see the filter in embeding dashboard. i have attached the screen shots of the problem

  Embedded dashboard.pngEmbedded reports.png

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I'm having problems with the new version of Power BI Desktop, when I tried to import a new data base or edit a conexions betwing tha tables the window is not show correctly, there is a problem that I can't see the options and some times I can't close the window, getting stuck on that step.
I already tried to uninstal e reinstal, update e download again, but nothing worked.

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i have already using several times, just need add 1 link and get frustated since power bi app registration tool is down. i tried create one from azure ad and failed to put an app live from there.

note: i have power bi pro account, and normal azure tenant

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I built a report in Power BI desktop from excel table stored in Sharepoint.

I published this report in power BI service and created a dashboard. 

Everytime I am trying to update the report I receive the following error message : 

Failed to update data source credentials.Hide details

Activity ID:2e9a503f-01c4-429f-a266-e091d0b336b0
Request ID:176e7558-f852-d8bf-a2d6-6c9f0a04cf62
Status code:400
Time:Thu Mar 02 2017 10:22:45 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time)
Cluster URI:


Also I can not load my organisation Dynamics data. 


What can I do ? 


Thank you 





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Apps not showing icon for workspace

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by OneWithQuestion Member on ‎09-19-2017 11:46 AM

Apps no longer inherit the workspace icon and publish with the workspace icon.


In PBI if you go to workspaces, then members, then click the icon in the workspace you can upload a new icon.


However, it never syncs back to the App when you deploy the changes.


Is there an estimate to when this will be fixed?



Status: Accepted

Image link: 




I have pasted a link to the image above, I could not embed it for some reason.


I am pretty new to PowerBI, so be nice. I have loaded some geographical data against the UK using a postcode file on a map.


I get a yellow warning error bar at the bottom of the ESRI/ ARCGIS map that tells me: "Failed to Locate 23 Features".


I cannot work out how to interrogate, review or fix these 'features'.


It would be really helpful if error reporting was able to be scrutinised a lot more clearly for a novice like myself.


Any comments and support would be welcome. 


Many thanks,




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