Export PowerPoint Blank Slides Problem

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by aungpyae Occasional Visitor on ‎03-09-2017 03:14 AM



I tried to export to PowerPoint but it created blank slides. I can export to PowerPoint by using existing examples created by Power BI itself. However, for my own report, I could not export.



Status: Accepted
by Kermit Frequent Visitor
on ‎03-23-2017 08:43 AM

I´ve also tried the solution and it works sometimes but now error message.

Also tried new stories created in the latest version of Power BI Desktop but no......


Vi kunde inte exportera din rapport till en PowerPoint-fil
Försök igen senare eller kontakta supporten. Om du kontaktar supporten, så tillhandahåll följande information.


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TidThu Mar 23 2017 16:31:05 GMT+0100 (Västeuropa, normaltid)



by NagaDivya Frequent Visitor
on ‎03-24-2017 01:39 AM

Hi All, I Still face this issue. Does any one got update about this as when it can be solved?

by gsalas Regular Visitor
on ‎03-24-2017 12:02 PM

I am also having this issue.  Inconsistent between different reports.  HELP!

by gsalas Regular Visitor
on ‎03-24-2017 12:09 PM

For this kind of issue, please "Edit Report", then re-save your report. It should work properly when exporting to PPT. I found this solution on another thread and it worked perfectly.  Please refer to issue below;







by v-haibl-msft Super Contributor
on ‎03-26-2017 03:16 AM

The exporting to PowerPoint issue (CRI 30720419) is still active, and the team is still investigating on it.


Best Regards,


by daveelliott Visitor
on ‎03-29-2017 02:40 AM

Is there any update on this issue?  I'm at a customer site today and experiencing the same issue.  What are

the expected timeframes for resolution?

by danielH Frequent Visitor
on ‎03-29-2017 09:32 AM

Same Issue Here .. status from today 29.03.2017

by sdurga Occasional Visitor
on ‎03-29-2017 11:12 AM

Hello Everyone I am trying to export my dash borad to Powerpoint but it is  giving me blank pages may i know how can i fix the issue 

by jdugas Regular Visitor
on ‎03-29-2017 11:44 AM

Same issue. Cannot export to PowerPoint when publishing using the latest version of Power BI Desktop. Reports published prior to Power BI Desktop upgrade appear to export just fine.

by Tas1 Frequent Visitor
on ‎03-30-2017 03:33 AM

Hi, I;m having the same issue here, I tried the solution suggested, I edited the report and moved back and forth with view mode and it gives me this error "Unable to export to powerpoint".


Please solve ASAP!!!