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Error messages when refreshing a dashboard

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by chatelainsamuel Frequent Visitor on ‎03-17-2017 02:47 AM

When refreshing a budget dashboard linked to an Excal worksheet, I obtain the following erreor for the following tabs


All Budgets tab
"OLE DB or ODBC error: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040E4E"


Overview tab
"Column 'Tab' in Table 'Overview' contains blank values and this is not allowed for columns on the one side of a many-to-one relationship or for columns that are used as the primary key of a table"


CNCF tab
Tunnel tab
CNCF Events tab
Regular Events tab
Generic tab
Design tab
Digital tab
GTT & Overseas tab
New Museum tab
Overheads tab
PR tab
Public Affairs tab
Research tab
Social Meida tab
Training tab
Docklands tab
Recruitment tab
Brand tab
Unallocated tab
"Load was cancelled by an error in loading a previous table"



Can you help?


Thanks in advance

Status: Needs Info
by Community Support Team
on ‎03-20-2017 10:17 PM



If the report is published from local PBIX file, could you please check that Power BI Desktop does not return any error message when you click Refresh button?

Please also go to Query Editor, select the table that has the error, and then select column which gives the error and in drop down filter select "Remove Empty".


Best Regards,


by Vicky_Song Established Member
on ‎03-20-2017 10:18 PM
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