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Change the values manually at the abscissa line

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by leocalegario Frequent Visitor Thursday

I have a normal bar graph, visually it's correct, but the values it's not so correct (Proportionally it is). So, it's easier just the values of abscissa line, than it will be correct (I don't really need to change it in, but if it's possible...).


By now, Grats.


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by v-haibl-msft Super Contributor



The values in the abscissa are based on your column data. It cannot be changed manually in the visual. I'm not very clear about your issue here. You said that the values are not so correct. Could you please provide some details about it? Screenshot is also preferred.


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by Moderator Vicky_Song
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by leocalegario Frequent Visitor
18 hours ago

It's correct, you got right. But also, i cannot change in excel what i want, if possible just put it like 0 to 1 line.

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