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quickbooks online

Customer full name does not seem to pull data entered as anythign other than general journal. is this correct/working as intended or am is there a particular expense/cogs item that must be used (i've tried them all at this point to no avail).


reporting seems to show the detail correctly in the column along with item/expense data but it doesn't seem to make it's way over to datasets

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Re: quickbooks online customer & reporting


categorizing data using Customer Name allows for income  but not cost/expense detail except for general journal transactions. Is this currently working as intended or is there a specific category i must use to get the cutomer breakdown for cost items. Now I only see costs that were entered as general journal entries, but not for regular expense or item entries.



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Re: quickbooks online

Hi @zkett4111,

How do you connect to QuickBooks Online? Using QuickBooks Online content pack in Power BI Service or connect to QuickBooks Online in Power BI Dekstop?

Could you please post a screenshot about your scenario with sample data and expected data?

Lydia Zhang

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Re: quickbooks online


Thanks for sharing your QB Experience  to us. I would also include some information it. When we transder all QuickBooks Online data to Quickbooks desktop this problem does'nt happens. In QuickBooks Online right side there is always a option Contact to our Support or Dial
1-888-771-0476 its a QuickBooks Official Number