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Sql server to dynamics crm to power bi

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Is possible to read SQL server database objects in dynamic crm,

and to use  dynamic crm as datasource (not sql server),

and get "direct query" thru crm (not sql) on live data?




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Re: Sql server to dynamics crm to power bi

You can read objects directly from Dynamics CRM but not sure if that will meet your needs, depends on what SQL Server information you are trying to read. There is a connector and a content pack for CRM. However, I do not believe either of those supports Direct Query.

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Re: Sql server to dynamics crm to power bi

Hi @sekic,


In Power BI, all supported data sources to use DirectQuery mode can't be used for getting data from Dynamics CRM. See: Use DirectQuery in Power BI Desktop.


Both Dynamics 365 and OData data sources in Power BI desktop to get Dynamics CRM data only support Import mode, as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM content pack for Power BI.


In one word, it's not possible to get data from the Dynamics CRM to Power BI directly in DirectQuery mode. Regarding the question to read data from SQL Server to Dynamics CRM, please post a thread in Dynamics CRM forum.


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