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Push data through API

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Today i continue my adventure trying to use Power BI with "live" data. Or something close to this.


Im following this tutorial


Based on what i see using the sample of this application for awhile, please, correct me if i'm wrong.


- Push data only works for datasets created through API.

If i already have a dataset created, even the GetTables method will return a "Not Implemented" error.


- If so, what is the purpose of this tutorial? I cant see where i can use a dataset created through this API? How can i link a report to a dataset created here? What is the correct place to consume a dataset created through?





I found this topic on SO. That was not by me, but i believe we are tring the same thing:



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Re: Push data through API


It seems that REST APIs can only manipulate the datasets and tables also created via REST APIs.
You can check this idea Push data via API into an existing model and vote it up.

Based on my understanding, so far the purpose might be simple, you could create report in Power BI Service and add rows as refreshing via REST API.

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Re: Push data through API

Hi Jhonatas, I agree with you. It works fine when PUSHing into Power BI Service report, where the dataset is created through Power BI API. However, it is not possible to use API method AddRows to datasets which were not created via API. At least, this is what I have experienced so far. I am able to GET the dataset, but its "addRowsAPIEnabled": false is blocking to PUSH the data via the Power BI API.


The problem in my case is that it is not possible to embed Power BI Service report using the Power BI REST API & Azure AD. I can only embed it using iFrame, but then everyone in the world would be able to access this report. Therefore I would like to embed the report using Azure AD and Power BI REST API (Power BI Embedded).


Has anyone managed to PUSH data into embedded Power BI report using Power BI REST API and Azure AD?

What about PUSHing the data into .pbix files?

Maybe someone has managed to change "addRowsAPIEnabled": false to "addRowsAPIEnabled": enabled for the datasets created via PowerBI Desktop or Service (not API).


Please share any other suggestions for the following scenario.


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Push data through API

We are still waiting this feature. It has been 2 years and a half, and still nothing. I don't think people want a new button or a new theme color... It's frustating when you build something and discovers the whole idea won't work because your provider doesn't provide that... These are fragile spots available for competitors like Tableau and Qlik to take advantage of....