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Get data from web: table is null



I'd like to get data from websites where data is already under the "table" form, but it happens quite frequently that Power BI couldn't convert them to table. Do you have any idea how to get around this issue ?



There's a website that just a day ago, I was able to extract perfectly a dozen tables. But this morning, I could no longer import data; I get the same issue as the screenshot above.



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Re: Get data from web: table is null

Hi @zzzzoooo,

This is not a issue of Power BI Desktop, it is related to the design of your webpage.

As per this official article, Power BI Desktop can import data from tables on a web page. However, in your scenario, the data in the web page is not stored in a table. You can compare the elements of web page( introduced in official article and your web page(


Lydia Zhang