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Data gateway beginner questions

Hi everyone,


sorry if this question was already answered. I have not found the right answer yet.


Our company is trying to set up the data gateway. The IT department has created a service user, that has access to all needed data sources and has also installed the data gateway on a testserver.


I'm creating and publishing all reports with my own personal user. The question is, how can we manage to configure the data gateway for my reports? I'm not seeing the data gateway in the service because obvious I have not installed it with my user. The IT Admin is not seeing my reports, and therefore he can not set up the gateway for my reports.


How can we solve this?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Data gateway beginner questions

IT can set you up as a Gateway Admin under manager gateway's since they  are the owner.

If all the data connections you are using are available on the gateway  yoiu will see the gateway when

you click on your dataset  then schedule refresh you will see the gateway listed. If all datasets are not available it

will not show up.


Also see link below.