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Please help us improve International Power BI quality!

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We want to invite all of you who can use localized versions of Power BI or any international data formats to participate in Power BI International testing. We appreciate any participation which will help us improve international quality of Power BI components. We will give Microsoft company Store credit prizes based on random drawing of folks who file bugs eligible for drawing.

Goal is to improve international Power BI quality and raise awareness of localized Power BI in the community.  


Any Power BI users who can use any of the languages covered by Power BI are welcome!


Target period for participation:



Winner selection and prizes:
We will select random participants regardless of languages and give Microsoft Company Store credit prizes (

Every week we will provide $100 prize each to 3 random winners for valid issues filed and $50 prize to 1 random winner for using any localized language, and we will repeat this for 3 weeks.


Participation guidelines:
- No filing of duplicates of bugs. Participants need to check first if the same issue is already filed.
- International issues that are eligible for prize drawing are below.

  1. Localization
    Language quality: 
    Country Standards, Grammar/syntax, Spelling/punctuation
    Accuracy/fluency of language:
    □ Incorrect Translation of Source, Omission of Essential Element, Translation Not Appropriate for Context
    Style/suitability of language:
    □ Awkward syntax, inconsistent within text, literal translation, tone, unidiomatic use of language. 
  2. Internationalization: 
    Data formats such as dates, time, numbers, delimiters are working according to the regional format. 
    Sorting or collation of data according to the selected languages. 
    Input, output, storage, processing, exchange of text working correctly. 
    Font mapping/fallback or corrupted characters
    Unicode is supported. 
    Geopolitical sensitivity 

Bug filing:
Bug description
- Please include "[Intl bash]" in the title when filing bugs so we can easily filter them.
- For linguistic bugs, please indicate what is the problematic string and what is the expected string (or better suggestions). And please add screenshots if possible. 

-Please file bugs here


References for testing scope:

Please refer to the attached PDF file (PowerBITesting.pdf) on how to install localized Power BI and change setting to get started.


Please help us by sharing this information with friends and colleagues who use Power BI!


If you want to fill out our survey and be eligible for winning extra prize, please go to this link.

Power BI Team
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Re: Please help us improve International Power BI quality!

For the week of 12/5, the winners are BobF, Vosaxalo, Hongju, Rayz. Congratulations!