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Lab 2 Exercise 4


after typing in the following measure:


% Sales Market Share = IF([Total VanArsdel Sales]=0,0;DIVIDE([Total VanArsdel Sales];[Total Sales],0))


I'm getting this error:


The syntax for '.0' is incorrect. (DAX(IF([Total VanArsdel Sales]=0.0,DIVIDE([Total VanArsdel Sales],[Total Sales].0))))


I've looked at the hint at the bottom of the page, and adjusted it accordingly but still get the same error


Here's the hint:


  • % Units Market Share: % Units Market Share = IF([Total VanArsdel Units]=0,0,DIVIDE([Total VanArsdel Units],[Total Units],0))

Any help?

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Re: Lab 2 Exercise 4

The hint is right, You can refer the formula below:

Measure 2 = IF([Total VanArsdel Sales]=0,0, DIVIDE([Total VanArsdel Sales],[Total Sales],0))