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Lab 2 - Exercise 2

As of this posting the Total Sales and Total Revenue are the same amount for Lab 2 - Exercise 2.  It's impossible for these two figures to be the same.  Aside from that my YTD Sales and LY Sales also equal this amount

What could I be doing wrong?


Total Revenue is given

my DAX formulas (measures) are:


     Total Sales = SUM(Sales[Revenue])

     LY Sales = LY Sales = CALCULATE([Total Sales],SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR('Date'[Date]))


and because they are all the same amount there is no variance or variance %.


Thanks.  Steve


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Re: Lab 2 - Exercise 2

"Total Sales" only a variable name, you also use "Total Revenue",  like "Total Revenue = SUM(Sales[Revenue])". Besides, YTD Sales and Total Sales are different if refer to DAX expressions for exercise