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Lab 1 q4

I am struggling with Lab 1 Qu4 in regards to the csv file import....and the steps follolwing:

4. Edit the Sales Query from the US Sales.

5. Append the International Sales Query to the Sales query from the US Sales.

6. In the Sales query, add a custom column named Country Name which takes the value of the Country column when it is not null and the value of "USA" when the Country column is null.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Lab 1 q4

What's the problem that you're seeing?  Are you looking for assistance on how to perform some steps, or are you getting an error message?

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Re: Lab 1 q4

[ Edited ]

6. In the Sales query, add a custom column named Country Name which takes the value of the Country column when it is not null and the value of "USA" when the Country column is null.

Which formula can i use to solve that problem

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Re: Lab 1 q4

You can refer to video "1. Power BI Desktop Data Transformations > Transforming Data using Power BI Desktop > Connecting to Files in a Folder" from 4:08