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Access Database Download Error

Can someone please help? I have until March 31st to complete the paid course, but cannot even get past Lab 1! I have downloaded all of the necessary software, but whenever I download the Access Database and try to open it in Power BI, it just will not open. I have watched the video over and over to see how he originally accesses. I have downloaded the 32 bit and 64 bit versions, uninstalled, and redownloaded them again. to continuously get the same errors when trying to open the Access Database. Is there anyone that could provide a step-by-step of how to go about properly downloading and accessing everything?

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Re: Access Database Download Error

The open access database step as below:

1. Donwload Access database and Extract the file to "C:\DAT207x"



2. Open Power BI Desktop, and Click Get Data drop-down list on Home tab, select More.. option.



3.In new window, select Access Database and click Connect button, In Open window, find your access database file and click Open button.




4. The file be loaded, and open new window named "Navigator".