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Re: Possible to update credentials via REST API?

v-lvzhan-msft wrote:


I've voted for your idea


Before I acutally did some research and thought I was close as I find this api Set Credentials. The datasource_id and gateway_id can be found via calling Get BoundGatewayDatasources. However when calling the Set Credential API, I've stuck by a  "DMTS_InvalidEncryptionAlgorithmError" error. I'm going to escalate this internally and will post back if there comes any update.


By the way, I don't find any API to create a data source for a dataset in a gateway, even though above two APIs work, We still need such an API otherwise we may have to configure the datasource manually.





Here's the update from the Product team. The SET Credential API is for cloud datasources.


Based on my test, I can set credential with the API when the dataset is connecting to a Azure SQL database. 


to get the Datasource and gateway id the user should use this API:



and then to use the set credentials API.



I thought the gateway_id in the PATCH API was an real gateway. While I got the declarification that It's not a real GW in this case, but this is what the API refers to.



So if you're using SQL Azure database, then I think you can obfuscate the data source credentials from the end-user.



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Re: Possible to update credentials via REST API?

Thanks @Eric_Zhang. I'll give this a shot with Postman and see how it turns out.

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Re: Possible to update credentials via REST API?

After a few hours coding, I can say that I have succesffully written the code to patch credentials for a SQL Azure dataset in running in DirectQuery mode. I have posted a simple C# console application to use as a reference project at


You can see all the code required in a single C# file at here


First, you need to retrieve the Gateway ID and the Datasource ID for the target dataset to be updated.

















After that, you use the gateway id and the datasource ID to execute a HTTP PATCH operation to update the credentials.




After that, bob's your unkle and the DirectQuery report is able to connect to the SQL Azure database. For me, the confusing part is that you must reference a gateway ID even though there isn't really a Power BI gateway invovled such as a personal gateway or the On-premises gateway. I guess it's a conceptual gateway. It's also a bit ironic that it doesn't work yet if an actual gateway is involved Smiley Wink


The unfortunate part about this is that there is a handy .NET API that wraps all these Power BI REST calls and makes it much easier to code. But this API only works for Power BI Embedded and not for even though the underlying REST calls between and Power BI Embedded are almost identical. My guess is that Microsoft needed to get this API out the door in a hurry to give customers traction in getting started with Power BI Embedded. Hopefully, this Power BI .NET API will be modified in the future to use workspaces in additon to Power BI Embedded worksspces. Until then we will have to write our code just as I have in the PbixInstallerForPowerBI reference application.


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Re: Possible to update credentials via REST API?

Is it possible to update the connection details via the patch web request?