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LiquidFillGauge - format error

LOVE this visual! But I cannot get my head around "refresh issue". Refer the 2 image I attach. As you can see I have set the convert 1.22 to 122% format.. However when I select from a filter the Visual returns 1.22% . Ideally it should remain 122% .. Please help as I have convince our organisation this is the best Performance visual. d5d8fca8-0009-11e7-8dc9-2a81a3894368.JPGd8ce8a54-0009-11e7-9e09-404a1e00e696.JPG

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Re: LiquidFillGauge - format error



As is Liquid Fill Gauge a 3rd party visual, for better response,you shall contact the author to report this issue and ask for support.